Top 10 Canadian Stereotypes

As a Canuck myself, here are the top ten Canadian stereotypes.
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1 Eh?

OK, we do say it, though maybe not as much as some make out. Much like some dialects we switch it on and off, too- for example, when I lived in Mexico most English speakers I met were Americans or Brits and I hardly ever said "eh", but then an Albertan moved to town and all it took was watching a satellite feed of the NHL for a cascade of "ehs!" to pour forth from both of us... Eh?

I have heard this from a lot of people that canadians say eh a a lot, but I can never tell maybe because I am used to it.

Canadians say eh insted of right some times and also used for confirmation but it really only works when saying something like this "are you done your work eh".

2 We're extremely polite

Ok no, please. Being half Canadian and half American, Americans in general are way worse by far! But SOME (not all, or even mos) of the Canadian I know are some of the rudest people I ever met. I have one "friend" who refuses to be polite to any guests we have at our house because he's jealous. He can be extremely excluding and rude, we have to avoid him whenever we have guests. But for the most part, this stereotype true. Polite polite polite!

Guys... Everybody loves Canada. The only stereotypes I've ever heard are this one, maple syrup, and the hockey thing. But there's nothing really BAD about those things. The point is... You Canadians are so awesome and nice that we just are making friendly jokes about you. Don't worry, we'll always love you, it's just... A thing. I mean look at U.S. A's stereotypes. Would you rather be accused of being polite or being fat, stupid, and racist?

3 It's cold

I live in Australia... to me Canada is like freezing hell. I had a friend who was from Canada and where she lived her friends built this snowman that, for the whole year round, wouldn't melt. Summer - snowman not melted. Here, twenty degrees Celsius is cold.

Yo guys eh, it's really cold right now so do you want to ride my polar bear back yo my igloo... It's a-Boot 20 miles away cause we only have one road and stuff eh also lets go watch some Justin bieber or other stuff you can choose cause I'm really nice eh.

It is VERY cold in winter, but only hot in summer if you have never felt an actual hot summer. People in places like Dallas and Phoenix would laugh at them. If it's so hot, why does nobody install air conditioning?

4 We all drink Tim Hortons

Daily. It is better tasting and cheaper than Starbucks or second cup. Besides, with so many locations it's faster to grab on the way to the office.

Not everyone, but I am no exception to the majority that do.

I have tim hortons almost 10 times a week! It's my second home.

5 We say a-boot, not about

I read in a book that the main character described the Canadian's accent as skipping along quickly, and not the 'southern drawl' she was used to. As a Canadian, I would also like to agree and say that unless we're making fun of our own stereotypes or it's winter, we don't say a-boot.

It is not that bad. We say about...just you know really fast and all so it sounds like we are saying a-boot. We say things funny so what. So do Americans and British it is how I talk stop making fun of it or I'll start pointing out all the weird ways you say your words.

6 All that's watched is hockey

I've never played organized hockey. I've never been to an NHL game. I was born almost three decades years after Team Canada beat the Soviet national team in the 1972 Summit Series. But whenever I lace up my skates and glide across a new surface of ice, whenever I hack around with a hockey stick and an orange ball out in the street, whenever I see a picture of Bobby Orr or Paul Henderson celebrating a winning goal, a thrill of pride and excitement runs through me. Hockey is more than a game here. It's in your blood.

I guess I should edit this to say that I now have been to an NHL game and it was one of the best nights of my life.

7 There is only one road in Canada

South Park did an episode where they went to Canada and they wanted to meet the Prime Minister, when asked what road they should take, they were told: there's only one road in Canada... stupid and completely false, yes, but obviously some Americans somewhere, thought it was true.

Oh yes! I LOVE sitting in my log cabin with my polar bear drinking maple syrup while watching hockey and debating the best way to ride to Nunavut on a dog sled through the snow on the one highway in Canada.

Why would anyone think this. Come on. Greenland has more than one road. Really people.

8 It's winter all year round

I'm from New England and even here I've heard people say Canada's summer is like our winter. This is not true at all, where most people live in Canada the climate is actually the same as New England

Go to Vancouver in the summer. It is like Maine or New York in the summer. Up in the northern parts of Canada on the other had. It is like Alaska.

I have loved in Canada my whole life and I know that it is NOT winter all year long. It's actually pretty hot in the summer.

9 We love maple syrup

Maple syrup is on our flag and is a huge export. But the maple tree is only in eastern Canada! Well at least the one we use for maple. In western Canada we have mountains, prairies and one native maple tree. But our maple tree is not used for syrup even though it can produce it. As much as I like maple syrup, I don't crave it. Poutine is way better, eh!

Why is this a stereotype? Speaking as a Canadian, I LOVE maple syrup. In fact, my uncle is personally involved in the maple syrup process.

Ah. Maple Syrup, eh? I eat it aboot every day on my bacon! Sometimes, while drinking Tim Hortons. My favourite place to eat it is igloos, eh? My friend who lives there is a mountie. We like to watch hockey while eating!

10 All we eat is Kraft dinner

I'm just disappointed with this comment. I don't know HOW it got started but, everybody HAD to have eaten Kraft Dinner at least once in our lifetime so, that comment is WRONG!

Kart dinner is the best. I make full boxes just so I can shove them up my arse, Eh?

Again with the all... Also I'm vegetarian and Canadian. So I make my own food.

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11 We ice skate or ski to work

What is it with people who have obviously never been to Canada and assuming that we are an all winter country? We have summer, spring and fall just like the rest of the world does.

The only time we would ski to work is if we happen to be a ski instructor and we live on the hill. Get it together world.

Yes, 'cause in Toronto we can DEFIANTLY do that. It's not like there's a million stores, cars and people there. Honestly.

12 All we drink is beer

Really? I know a ton of Canadians who are old enough to drink but they don't, and although I'm not old enough to drink, I'm not even going to when I am.

Its not all we drink. But a cold beer after a hard days work? No one can complain about that.

You have to be at least 19 to drink beer (except in Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec. It's 18 there).

13 We all listen to Rush

Rush is like the best canadian band! I'm so glad everyone if so nice to my country! Rush is awesome! My favourite song by them is Lime light or Tom Sawyer.

Who or what is Rush? I've never heard of it/them. Is it a band? Is it a person? I have no clue.

Yes if you are into rock music and are from Canada, then you know Rush. I'm a huge fan myself.

14 We hate the U.S.

Well they criticize Canadians about Justin Bieber when crap singers like Rebecca Black Snooki Nicki Minaj etc. Are from the USA. They criticize Canada about clubbing baby seals over the head when U.S soldiers tortured people in Iraq and made Syria Iraq and Afghanistan are war torn countries thanks to the good ol' US of A. That's a good reason why over half the world hates the United States. Canada can no longer trusts it's closest ally USA because America's president Trump trusts evil dictator Kim Jong Un who threatened the world with nukes threatened to nuke the USA. Trusts him more than Canada's prime minister Justin Trudeau. I guess that part is only for show.

15 It always snows

Well where I live it snowed from November to early may this year and that's not unheard of. But we still have June to October to soak in the warmth

Here in Ontario it does snow but not always. And snow is not all that bad...I actually LOVE snow.

It snows in winter and is nice and hot in summer. That's about a 1/2 snowing and 1/2 melting/summer

16 We like Justin Beiber

Wow hilarious we are all laughing our heads off at your "funny" joke he came from Canada but he seems to like the U. S so America, you can have him

Yes, he is Canadian, but that doesn't mean we like him. Mostly little girls did now, no one really listens to him.

Yeah right that's a good joke! Just because he is Canadian doesn't mean we have to like him.

17 We wear toques all the time

Why, don't Americans wear toques? I wear a toque ALL the time cause they just feel so soft and warm. And there's something called Winter - one of the reasons why we wear toques.

Well I can't argue with this one. I love toques. They make me feel cozy. But like nobody else does so it's just me.

Some do some don't but the ones we wear in summer are for style. But Americans are so caring about that eh?

18 We always watch curling

Honestly, curling is sometimes fun. But I watch baseball the most.

I don't ALWAYS watch curling, but hey, if it's on..

I don't watch curling at all, l don't even know how to play or what the purpose of the curling is.

19 We have no telephones

This is wrong because Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone, invented the telephone in Canada and died in Canada, but he was British.

If Canadians have no phones, then how did Justin Bieber and other Canadian celebrities take selfies and/or have social media?
Oh wait! This stereotype is absolutely FALSE!
by the way I'm NOT Canadian myself, nor from Canada.

Umm, excuse me? Alexander Graham Bell? Heard of him? He's the one who invented the telephone, you know.

20 Tim Horton is our President

We don't have a president, we have a prime minister, and our prime minister* is not Tim Horton.

First of all, we don't have a president. It's prime minister. second of all, Justin Trudeau is our current present.

Wow Americans, you know nothing about Canada. You need to pass geography class.

21 We're all lumberjacks

Not true. The majority of Canadians live in the city so they don't know how to use a chainsaw. The only Canadians that could have experience in doing lumberjack work are the ones that live in the countryside.

Guys, this stereotype isn't even logical. We aren't all lumberjacks. End of story. No explanation needed.

What kind of stereotype is this? Not even a quarter of the Canadians I know are lumberjacks.

22 They say "supper" instead of "dinner"

I say dinner 50% of the time & supper the other 50%. I'm very indecisive.

Wonder how they got this one...I always say dinner. never do I say supper.

23 We all eat poutine

I eat it ALL the time! It's amazing! Who wouldn't love fries in rich gravy and squeaky cheese curds. And yes Americans, poutine is on our McDonalds menu

I personally prefer pancakes instead. With maple syrup of course.

Ok this one is on point. My friends always eat pouting so I'm not going to protest on this.

24 Sled dogs are the main source of transportation

Only the rich can afford sled dogs. The rest of us use cheaper forms of transportation such a Polar Bear Riding, Moose-Drawn Carriages, and Loon-Pulled Boats.

Yep! Sure do! We ride them on our roads of plowed snow, to our buildings made out of ice! Oh! We also wear our winter parkas in the middle of summer to!

Totally! And we say sorry and thank you to everyone we see and go home on the one road to our igloos!

25 We say pencil crayons (not colored pencils)

This is literally the ONLY one that is true! and I am Canadian! and if we take sled dogs as our main transportation what do we do in the summer when everything MELTS! And I could care less about hockey. and what did I eat on my cereal this morning? cause its definitely NOT syrup weird! I am offended by this. America is like our best friend and we do NOT live in igloos

At least We and Americans have the "pencil" part in common. And seriously, coloured pencils don't make sense. Pencils are meant to be gray.

I'm used to saying it as "pencil crayons" ever since I was in first grade. "Coloured pencils" sounds odd for me.

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