Best Pere Ubu Songs

The Top Ten Best Pere Ubu Songs

1 Final Solution

I think that we really need to come together as a team and push for the best possible outcome. I think that if we start pushing really hard we could end up with a 5 point lead, but come on now this isn't rocket science. "Jerry pass to the wing" "ok coach, got it, thanks", "WHAT THE HELL". "but where shoes"

Best song yet, one of the best songs in rock, with the best bassist's job.

This is even the best song I've heard.To me! of course ya'll don't have togett offende by this, it's only my opinion.

That bass skills

2 30 Seconds Over Tokyo

Flew off early in the haze of dawn
In a metal dragon locked in time
Skimming waves of an underground sea
In some kind of a dream world fantasy
Sun a hot circle on a canopy
'25 a racing blot on a bright green sea
Ahead the dim blur of an alien land
Time to give ourselves to strange gods' hands

David Thomas' apocalyptic lyrics take a pilot's-eye view of The Doolittle Raid, an air raid by the US on the Japanese capital Tokyo and other places on Honshu island during World War II. It was the first air raid to strike the Japanese Home Islands and was the result of a desire expressed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, that Japan be bombed as soon as possible to boost public morale after the disaster at Pearl Harbor.

I can't believe that this song is not even number 1 on the list! If I were the creator of this list of the supposed '' best songs of Pere Ubu '' this would undoubtedly be the best song and I also consider it as one of the most solid songs that exist.

Best song with ''30'' or refering to Tokyo on the title. One of the best Classic Rock songs ever in earth!

3 Non-Alignment Pact

one of the best songs in earth I can perfectly understand why is it so hight such a great memorable song with awesome bass and lyrics

I feel like this song just should be the absolutely number #1. best Pere Ubu song of all time!

OP Said once ''the Non-Alignment pact song by Pere Ubu has one of the most incredible riffs with Iron Man a song by Black Sabbath with a similar riff to that one.''

This song should be number 2 and added on the list of ''Coolest songs of all time''

4 Modern Dance

one of the best songs I've ever heard, Pere Ubu is a master of music

This song is powerful, I know it can climb up so high then it could be considered as the song who reach the top spot come on.

better than Street Waves ¿y'all don't believe me? ...just listen the climax of this song.

Yea, a simply magnificent song that could be number 1 indeed.

5 Street Waves

this is clearly the best song ever performed by Pere Ubu and recorde by Sebastian C. also one of the most underrated songs I've heard from this great band what also none know to the moment. just read the lyrical content and make a more complex discussion later!

Best street song un rock


Lol streets always. Clean

6 Chinese Radiation

Better song than the boring Final Solution
Don't take me wrong... But Final Solution voted as the number 1 song on the list.?
That doesn't sounds good, well maybe it could if this song were much higher at least below Final Solution, but there's no problem at all.

This song looks interesting, I gonna listen all of this 10 songs I never heard about this music artist, so I will back and share more about my opinion.

Update: I listened only 5 songs for the moment. - 80sGreatestOffice

So magnificent song, it's hard to believe it is not number 2 at least! - Q-ube

this song should beat 30 Seconds Over Tokyo for the second place on the list!
I just believe in Chinese Radiation more than that one.

7 Laughing

This is the perfect Pere Ubu's song to laught on your worst enemy's face

"Laughing" as written by Michael E. Abel, Kevin Ingleson, Mark Thompson and John Andrew Wilson. is one of the best songs ever

why this song ain't get first? it's the most awesome song of pere ubu's songs.

Perfect song

8 Navvy

Better than Humor Me and; I also feel bad to myself for hated this song before. now it's a mental switch since it's now one of my favorite songs of all time. I love this song. pick it to number 1 Navvy for president of the list of best of Pere Ubu

one of the naviest songs ever also one of most well riffted Pere Ubu's songs ever

Why do this song got out of the Top 5?

Marines should love this song!

9 Heart of Darkness

the beat is absolutely catchy and the lyrics were just too stunning for their time.

I love Rock songs like this one.

Darkest song in Rock history!

the silent. sequence it's very priceless

10 Humor Me

one of the best songs of all time

This songs just Humor Me all day

Best a joke's song

why number 9? I tought this song gotta' be number 5 at least

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11 Small Was Fast
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