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1 Final Solution Final Solution

I think that we really need to come together as a team and push for the best possible outcome. I think that if we start pushing really hard we could end up with a 5 point lead, but come on now this isn't rocket science. "Jerry pass to the wing" "ok coach, got it, thanks", "WHAT THE HELL". "but where shoes"

Hell that was so epic to read

That bass skills

Great number 1 song off.

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2 30 Seconds Over Tokyo 30 Seconds Over Tokyo

This surely should be number 1

This song is amazing, it is first for real!

Be this 1st, it a lot better!

Incredible song, it just getted stuck in my head all time.

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3 Laughing Laughing
4 Non-Alignment Pact

Yes, it definitely good an unbeatable classic no contest!

This song has to be included in the top 3 it awesome.

Great song.

I'm with you.

5 Street Waves
6 Chinese Radiation

This song looks interesting, I gonna listen all of this 10 songs I never heard about this music artist, so I will back and share more about my opinion.

Update: I listened only 5 songs for the moment. - 80sGreatestOffice

So magnificent song, it's hard to believe it is not number 2 at least! - Q-ube

It's a song with awesome riffs

Rock wasn't real, it was fantastic! (this song proves it)

7 Heart of Darkness
8 Modern Dance
9 Humor Me
10 Navvy
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1. 30 Seconds Over Tokyo
2. Heart of Darkness
3. Chinese Radiation
1. Final Solution
2. Chinese Radiation
3. Street Waves
1. Final Solution
2. 30 Seconds Over Tokyo
3. Laughing


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