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1 Cat

If you name your dog cat might as well name your cat dog and if your have a hamster...

I understand naming a cat kitty but seriously? A dog named cat?

Why why why is that even a name for a DOG!

A dog is not even a cat

2 Bitch

Well... female dogs are called that... but I would definitely NOT call a dog that.

How dare you? You can't say that about animals! You are the name! You are a son of the name

Who's cruel enough to do this?!

Try it in a sentence

3 D.O.G

Whether you spell it "Deeogee", "Deyogee", "Diogee", or any other variation of that, it's still not as creative as you may have initially thought it was (it is the type of name 14 year olds think up). Lots of people have thought of this and it has just worn out over time. No need to keep it going yall.

We know it's a dog and that particular version means
Dogs outnumber goats. Is that what you wan't to name your dog?!

Why would you name your dog D.O.G? That's the dumbest name I ever heard.

Why would you name your dog D.O. G

4 Buddy

Whenever I hear this name, it brings a mental image of a VERY grizzled dog (over 20 years old and very gray) hugging his owner... Not the best name for any dog that doesn't match that description in my opinion. Especially bad for rebellious dogs who bite/avoid their owners, or abused ones... You'd expect a dog with this name to LOVE his/her owner and be very loving.

Terrible name that makes your dog seem like the most loving thing in the world. It's most likely not!

Reminds me of that ugly gray Totodile from that Totodilia Pokemon fanfic, the one obsessed with hugging and kissing... Gross.

Don't bring up those atrocious puppies from Disney again...

5 Anus

Who would call there dog anus anyways
And why is the name cimba on here I think that's a nice name

Yes that's So bad

Come here anus

6 Lizard

I don't think I've ever met a dog named Lizard but since it's here I guess some actually have. I cannot understand why you would name a dog Lizard. It doesn't sound cool, cute, or masculine so what are you going for here? It isn't creative. The only redeeming quality to this name is the fact that you could shorten it to "Liz"

We just got a pup, and named her lizard. (It was better then dinosaur/minions/transformer..
Try arguing with a 4&5 year old... when you find something you can work and live with that their happy with, you roll with it) and we call her lizzy, liz, or lizard.
Ironically, it fits her.
She's "crazy as a road lizard! "... (shanghigh noon, if you need the reference)
Honestly, I don't think it's a horrible name... a little bit off the beaten path, yes.

I'm now going to name my dog lizard... so original and cute!

That is a stupid name

7 Fido

I actually like this name for a dog
by the way my neighbors named there daughter princess!

This is the worst name ever.

8 Poo

Why would ya call a cute dog that!

Yes, we know dogs go poo

Seriously you child!

9 Shoe Shine

Its from underdog

10 Cimba

It means lion, when it's a dog!?

Isn't that the lion king cat?

Its not cimba its simba

I like cimba it is cute

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11 Whatamess

This name is a mess.

12 Boobs

Who would name a god that! Come here boobs!

I love you, Boobs.

Better be female...

What the heck

13 Wave
14 Boomer
15 Knucklehead McSpazatron

This name is amazing, if you're naming a goat!

Spongebob likes this

16 Bob

Who names their dog after Bob Barker, Bob Crane, or Bob Harper?

Terrible name for both humans and canines.

Really bad name sos

17 Poopsie

My friend had a dog called Poopsie... I don't know what he was thinking.

Very good name. I like that name

18 Chocolate
19 Flea
20 Poochy

It's just as bad as the name doggy it's a pooch and all they put is an " y" on the end?!?!

21 Fart

Come here fart

Who names a dog fart well unless he/she farts a ton maybe two tons

22 Pookie
23 Beans
24 Bonnie

Sounds too much like a bonnet.

25 Bear

'Bear' is okay for appropriate breeds, such as Newfoundlands, but is often given to inappropriate dogs.

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