Top Ten Reasons to Adopt a Dog Instead of Buying

Pet stores are cruel. The adorable dogs you see in a window are actually from the hell total torture zone that is puppy mills, a commercial dog breeding facility that ignores the health and well being of the dog in order to make the most money possible.

The dogs in pet stores have health and social disorders, we need to end them! Adopt a dog, it's free and the dogs are healthy!
The Top Ten
1 Puppy mill dogs are more likely to have social and health issues
2 Breeding dogs are treated poorly

They are bred over and over in unhealthy amounts of times until they can't breed anymore, then they are killed. Dogs need time to rest up after giving birth, but millers need to keep up with the demands of a pet store, so they put wealth over the dog's health. Guys, we need to create a more humane future for dogs! Don't shop until they stop! Let's not limit it to just dogs, let's also not buy anything from them!

3 Newborn puppies are treated poorly

They get removed from their mothers way too early and are shipped off to the pet store in trucks. Some don't even make it to the pet store and die along the way. Dying as a puppy! There is no way to justify that!

4 Puppy mills have terrible living conditions

The dogs live in wired cages so that their business falls through the wires. This also causes their paws to get injured and their legs could fall through, imagine sleeping on wires! And they are often stacked up in rows. Dogs in puppy mills never go outside, breathe fresh air, play with toys, get walked, feel the sunshine or grass, or even get petted. They are not treated the way dogs should be treated!

5 Malnourishment of breeders

The dogs' basic needs are ignored. There have been countless reports of dogs resorting to cannibalism and being in inches of feces-infested water. The fur overgrown, no veterinary care, overgrown toenails.

6 Reduces the number of deaths in shelters

Millions of animals are killed per year in shelters. If we stop buying from breeders because you want a certain breed, then many lives will be saved.

Everyone wants to buy from pet stores for some strange reason, so shelters get overcrowded and dogs end up dying. Get your dogs cruelty-free and save lives!

7 Puppy mill dogs receive minimal human attention

The dogs often have no interaction with humans except for brief handlings. The millers don't even make sure the dogs are in good condition.

8 Pet stores will sell sick dogs

The ASPCA has a page where people share puppy mill stories. Apparently, they bought a dog knowing he had a cold, but figured it was just a cold. Harley, the dog, was very thin and wouldn't eat, so they fed him through a syringe. Eventually, he got better. But then he got a 106 fever and they took him to the hospital. He was very sick with parvo, weighed 1 pound, and died. The store knew about the disease but continued to sell the dogs. How could they?

9 Millers have no experience in dog care

They are basically USDA licensed individuals with a backyard, a few dogs, and a barn. Why should we trust them?

10 Dogs in shelters want homes
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