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Pinkly Smooth was the rather short lived Avenged Sevenfold side project featuring the Rev (as Rathead) on vocals, piano and drums, Synyster Gates on guitar, and former A7X bassist Justin Meacham (Justin Sane) on bass. They released one album with only six songs, but they were six awesome experimental metal songs that really bring out Jimmy's prowess as a songwriter and musician altogether. Let those six songs carry the legacy of the one and only James "The Rev" Sullivan (aka Rathead).

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1 Pixel & Nasal

I don't know what the hell Jimmy does with his voice at the beginning ^_^ but he does a great death growl into the song and he sings really great. Also, the guitar work is great, with Syn (or at least I think he did it) even doing a very country-esque guitar solo at the end. - MetalFoREVer1228

2 Mezmer

Syn opens it with an awesome solo followed by Jimmy's very unique voice. - MetalFoREVer1228

3 Necromance Theatre
4 McFly

What mc fly 4th? Is the best song for lyric and for syn solo

5 The Body of Death of the Man with the Body of Death
6 Nosferatu Does a Hefty Dance
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