Top 10 Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 Plant Variants

These are the pvz garden warfare variants I have seen to be efficient in the game.

The Top Ten Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 Plant Variants

1 Vampire Flower

Despite only 85 health points, she is a vampire and is really good.

Da best hero of all in plant vs zombie GW2

2 Jade Cactus
3 Fire Chomper


4 Toxic Pea

He. Is. Awesome

5 Plasma Pea

Basically a peashooter Mystic Flower. He is awesome.

6 Sun Pharoh
7 Agent Pea

I can say he's likely the most annoying Plant variant, along with Frost Rose, Sunflower, Stuffy Flower and Fire Chomper. I HATE HIM!

8 Future Cactus
9 Stuffy Flower

Adorable and good gameplay

10 Citrus Cactus

The Contenders

11 Zen Cactus

Very strong with great damage.

12 Iron Citron


13 Power Chomper
14 Frozen Citron
15 Commando Corn

Their needs to be a leader of the group

16 Teddy Bear Sunflower
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