Top 10 Forgotten PlayStation 2 Games

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1 Time Splitters
2 Second Sight
3 Gitaroo Man
4 TOCA Race Driver 3
5 Rogue Galaxy
6 Star Ocean: Till the End of Time
7 Outrun 2006: Coast 2 Coast
8 Spider Man 2

The freedom to swing anywhere in New York was the greatest.

9 Psychonauts
10 The Simpsons Hit & Run

Love this game SO MUCH I've played this for 2 years and still haven't unlocked everything

The Contenders
11 WWE Smackdown! Shut Your Mouth

I would spend countless hours playing this game. There are humorous lines and actions in season mode. The one problem is for every 1 week, your character gets beaten up for another 4. Still a good game though!

My also talk about here comes the pain and when I say www shut your mouth they never no what I'm talking about until I ay the one you can climb the fist

For every 1 week your character gets the upper hand. That's what I meant. oops. : P

12 Beyond Good & Evil
13 Nightshade
14 Crash Twinsanity

This is literally one of the best games on PlayStation 2, and one of the best games in the Crash Bandicoot game series. Many clever bosses, along with unique locations, many things to collect, and playable characters of antagonists and protagonists

I have played the first part of this game and it is really good. This should be in the top 10

My favorite crash bandicoot game.

15 Rise to Honor

Too bad, this game was great and Jet Li was fun to play!

16 Primal (PlayStation 2)
17 Culdcept
18 Klonoa 2 Lunatea's Veil
19 Jackass: The Video Game
20 Jet X20
21 Parappa the Rapper 2
22 Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven

Best Stealth game ever

23 Blood Will Tell
24 The Bouncer
25 Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex
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