Top Ten Most Poignant Smashing Pumpkins Songs


The Top Ten

1 Mayonaise

Obvious number one spot. Who honestly didn't see this coming? The song is packed with emotion and melancholy. - Pony

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2 Disarm

Followed very closely is Disarm, one of their most popular (and saddest) songs. I put Mayonaise over this song because it's way longer and more powerful. But this song is powerful too! - Pony

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3 Let Me Give the World to You

I'm talking about the Machina II version, not the 2014 re-master. Anyways, behind all of that fuzz and white noise, there lies a beautiful song. Actually, the production makes it even better, because it's much more vibrant and optimistic. - Pony

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4 This Time

Go back and listen to Machina I. Play this song. Watch as your tears flow. - Pony

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5 Soothe

This song is only a demo, but the opener to Pisces Iscariot will definitely make you cry. - Pony

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6 Tonight, Tonight

This songs sends chills up my spine, and for good reason. The orchestra is simply wonderful, and the song gives off a happy, yet tear-jerking, vibe. - Pony

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7 Once Upon a Time

This underrated gem off of Adore is simply gorgeous. From the very first second, this song will definitely make you cry. - Pony

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8 With Every Light

Another great song from a criminally underrated album. This song, like many of the others, gives of a happy/sad vibe. - Pony

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9 Wound

This song reminds me of a post-graduation song, specifically college. That, and how it's so damn happy it's kinda sad. - Pony

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10 Today

The opening riff alone is very poignant. The rest of the song is moving too, with excellent guitars and an amazing sound. - Pony

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