Top 10 Reasons Why Obama is Better Than Donald Trump

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1 Donald Trump is an idiot and disrespectful person

I think that trump hates Indians and I'm an Indian. few days back trump called up India's prime minister Modi ji and he asked why India was giving Afganisthan free money and Modi ji said that the money was given to build a library Modi ji also said that India was the one who brought up Afganistan because of India Afganisthan is now having good education,health,food and money so Modi ji told trump to shut up.

Trump lies a lot, thinks he's the greatest human being alive (which many in comments sections online are also thinking), and has little to no respect for anyone who isn't a white man or a Republican.

Grow up and get over it! The election was over 18 months ago. Try getting a job and become productive! You might increase your intelligence. Comments from a normal person.

Donald Trump is less popular than George W. Bush and Obama. George W. Bush the Iraq war. Yeah originally no one knew there was no weapons, so that war was one of the stupidest wars of the century.

2 Donald Trump scams others

Man you people on this list have NO IDEA that the US government has been scamming you for more than 50 years.

"BUT OBAMA NEVER SCAMMED OTHERS!" I can hear the cries from here, no he probably has done something you didn't realize was not good for everyone. Obama would have been an excellent president if he fought the federal reserve, but that statement can apply to any president it's just that none have done so yet.

Obama does not fraud money. Trump has been accused of not returning his tax returns as well. He has also been sued by banks many times as he does not pay them.

3 Obama cares about the environment.

I hate the fact that he doesn't believe that climate change doesn't exist!

GOD said Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve but I will pray for you

No he doesn't, Obama is just lazy, Next president can be Ninja or Ali-A or Tfue for all I care

He signed the Paris Climate Accord.

4 Donald Trump acts like a 5 year old

Go to jail, Donald Trump! Go to Military School, Juvie and even worse, Hell!

5 Donald Trump is greedy, power-hungry and selfish.

How ironic.
Obama criticized and made fun of Trump's economic policies.
Until they started working, and then Obama started taking credit for them.

Literally everyone who has ran for president? Everyone who runs for president wants power

Yea. but of course its not like 90% of the rest of the world also is power hungry

6 Donald Trump isn't trustworthy

Donald Trump? How could I trust him? HA! Since he's a BILLIONAIRE, he's gonna show off his civil rights to the people he wants to like him. Such a moron

How can I trust TRUMP? Ha! He is showing off and lying to the people ... Not saying Fromer president Obama does not lie though ...

He is selfish and dumb

Neither is obama

7 Obama isn't racist

Obama has caused more racist problems than anyone with law enforcement and local communities. He has hired more blacks %wise than anyone. Trump has hired more women and non-whites %wise.

Only republicans think he's racist, but like to wave their Confederate flags on display, especially Trump supporters, even after the Dylann Roof mass shooting.

Clearly anyone who is setting to eliminate terrorism and stop drugs that kill thousands from coming across the border is racist.

8 Donald Trump is a celebrity president

No one outside America ever heard of Donald Trump until he blasted his way into American policies. Celebrity Apprentice wasn't a worldwide top rating TV program.

Except Donald Trump was world wide celebrity, no one outside America ever heard of Obama.

Obama was celeb too!

9 Donald Trump is racist

I've seen lots of Democrats who have been far more racist. What's odd is that they're erasing their own history by removing Confederate monuments when those Confederates were DEMOCRATIC instead of Republican. Yet they shift the blame on the Republicans. Lame.

Which presidential candidate has so many fights, beating the other candidates by a country mile? Who has people screaming "white power! " at his rallies?

Dear God, please give us a much better and meaningful president so that we could never see Donald Trump ever again!

Trump is the most racist person ever met. He has people shouting WHITE POWER at his rallies

10 Obama's hair looks real

Okay. I think Obama and trump both suck, but these aren't valid reasons. Looks and personality don't determine who's a good president or candidate. Its about their policies and proposals.

Hey, sorry about the rude comment. I had no idea what you were going through. What I said was really rude. I shouldn't have jumped into conclusions. I'm glad you're over the fighting. :3

Donald Trump's hair looks like a squirrel had made a nest in it.

Wow people actually care about someone's hair in politics

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11 Obama doesn't insult everyone

No Obama tortures american citizens. Be glad you have been given your reward. Just don't drag others down with you. I've tried to forgive.

Yes I rather have Obama back then The President we have now he is a complete idiot

Wrong. Every candidate ever has insulted every candidate ever.

Neither one is better they equally suck!

12 Obama can read and write

This list is sad and biased

Trump is literate right?

13 Donald Trump is so rude to Muslims

He's rude to their leadership alright. But that's probably because the leadership in Muslim nations is anti-LGBT and sexist too.

If you live in Canada, you have no more say about the US president than Americans do about your PM.

14 Obama can be nice

Maybe Republicans think he's the anti-Christ, but who likes Republicans anyway? They're lame anyway; the whole world knows that, especially since Bush ever stepped foot in the Oval Office. Not to mention Trump.

Obama is a lot better than Trump. Trump is rude and racist and Obama's nice and not racist.

When his minions are voting for him.I hate what you all have done. You will too.

15 No "Southern Strategy" from Barack Obama

Don't want that through. Only luckily it's out of my power though. Forgive them.

...while Donald Trump tries to get the racist votes in the South. a consequence would be endorsements from David Duke and the KKK.

No "Southern Strategy" from Obama! Can you say the same about the Bushes? Clinton? Reagan? Nope.

I'm glad whoever wrote this can see.

16 Obama supporters are more tolerable than Trump supporters

I mean, Trump supporters are like "the stupid Mexicans, Muslims, blacks, and liberals are destroying this country. We need to take back our country! " And then wave the Confederate flag for the world to see, not to mention they like to attack protestors that do not look like them [the Trump supporters]. They think that Al Sharpton is a bigger racist than Adolf Hitler and David Duke; they also think about Al Sharpton 24/7 as if he is the most revered figure among liberals.

I would also like to add that the Obama coalition is bonafide in diversity, unlike the "Trump Train." This is definitely a fact. You can't win a general election when you're hated by 80% of Hispanics, 90% of African Americans, and at least 60% of Americans in general.

Yeah, those violent riots in New York City were truly invigorating. "People have to die to make a change in this world! "

17 Obama isn't that stupid

At least Obama follows the constitution, but Trump doesn't even follow the constitution, he wants to ban Muslims when that is against the constitution, he knows nothing about politics. Even I know a bit more about politics than Trump.

Obama is way more stupid regarding anything to do with economics, and the economic situation in the country proves it. We can't even find out what grade he got in Econ101 in college, or if he even took the course, since his college records are sealed.

I'm not that into US politics (I think that the only way people get into power is by smack talking the other candidates), but I am informed enough to know that Donald Trump doesn't know what he's doing.

This item is a joke. If he isn't that stupid, then why hasn't he tAken out Isis yet? Why is he trying to destroy this country? This item is false. He's an idiot!

18 Obama cares about life

He gave us more affordable heath care. Trump is trying to take it away.

Who doesn't care about life? Well, it's Donald Trump! HA!

Explain why there were so many abortions

19 Donald Trump is gonna ban other countries especially the Philippines

Calm down, people. This has no basis is fact or likelihood. The US has long valued a working relationship with The Phillipenes and still views it as essential for national defense.

I hate it that he was so racist and banned people from China only because a few people were getting the flu or something.

Then...Jared and I would never be able to talk to each other again! That would be TERRIBLE!

Aye! See! Donald Trump is Racist! If I were his Father, I would not make him be president.

20 Trump's racism will stop him from "making America great again".

In my opinion Trump's racism will take down so many connections that America used to have with other countries which will prevent him from "making America great again". Those connections can provide plenty of stuff for America, with business and trading and tons of 'business' things can come. The root of those things are the (Connections) so if there is no connections there is NO things, why would would that happen? Donald Trump spitting out word within a second full of rudeness and 'racism' will take the bridge down.
I fully respect your opinion if it's different, at the end It's an opinion not a fact... And a man and his words won't let me hate everyone who agrees with him. Yes, we have different minds but we are all humans. I choose to be a #peacefulhuman.

Actually his administration has brought a lot of people together. Of various backgrounds and such. Record low black unemployment (before coronavirus) and a ton of other benefits. Of course the media never shows this.

Why would black people vote for Trump if he was racist? Tell me that.

Yeah that's why no black people voted for Trump

21 He didn't make Ajit Pai the FCC chairman

Obama only made him commissioner. Trump made him chairman

22 Obama does not send stupid tweets all the time.
23 Obama cares about people

The problem is that he only cares about the poor people and illegal immigrants and not the hardworking citizens!

24 Obama isn't an attention seeker

Donald Trump is happy when there are terrorist attacks. Afterwards he can say to the people that he will do something about the dangers of terrorisme because he knows that most people have fear in their comfortable lives. He's using the fear of people in his advantage. The truth is that he only do that to get attention and as an excuse to get the votes of the people. You think he really cares for the people in the street? He just want to be president for the power and using that power for his own sake and to become richer than he already is. Donald Trump is a fake, greedy crazy maniac full of irrational ideas. I hope that Americans will realize that this man is dangerous. Obama doesn't take racism as an excuse for protecting his country and his habitants.

Actually he kind of is. Crying multiple times in front of all the cameras is probably attention - seeking. Just a little bit.

He does use Taylor swift as a shield.

True. I hate trump

25 Obama has had 2 terms and Donald Trump won't

Does that really make one better than the other? I mean, I think Polk was a better president than the second Bush.

Of course Trump won't have two terms. Although this list is a little unnecessary, I'll still comment on it.

Trump is a one hit wonder for sure.

He won't need two.

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