Top 10 Paranormal and Strange Aspects of Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona is one of the most mystical and fascinating areas on our planet. People travel to Sedona from all over the world to experience its energy and to see the unusual and fantastic sights the location has to offer. The following list comprises ten paranormal and strange aspects that occur in this southwestern region of the United States of America. Some are easy to believe, while others you may want to take with a grain of salt (and a shot of tequila). You be the judge.
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1 Vortexes

There are four vortexes located in Sedona: Bell Rock, Boynton Canyon, Airport Vortex and Red Rock Crossing/Cathedral Rock. A vortex is defined as a "whirling mass of energy" that spreads about a quarter of a mile in all directions. These masses of energy cause unusual sensations to those who are caught within their force. Travelers have experienced feelings of vibrations, surges of energy or are overcome with comforting and tranquil feelings. Additionally, people have expressed feelings of rejuvenation and awe.

Furthermore, these vortexes are located where ley lines converge. A ley line is defined as a location or crossroads of ancient holy places. These holy places were erected by the Native Americans who lived in this area for thousands of years.

The Sedona vortexes are responsible for several of the following paranormal occurrences, as many are connected in these intricate webs of spiraling energy.

2 Healing Powers

The vortexes of Sedona are known for their healing energy and powers. There are three types of vortexes, each with their own type of healing energy. One such type is magnetic, another is electrical and the last is balanced, which is a combination of magnet and electrical. Each vortex is comprised of either masculine energy, feminine energy or a combination of both. The magnetic vortexes are considered female or the yin and aid in providing energy for contemplation, meditation and reflection. The electric vortexes are masculine or the yang and aid in providing an exuberant amount of healing energy. Naturally, the balanced vortexes provide a combination of masculine and feminine energies and heal a variety of ailments.

Aside from the healing energy of the vortexes, the healing properties found at Oak Creek are significant as well. The waters have healing abilities that cleanse both physically and spiritually. A scientific explanation for such an occurrence is a result of the abundance of oxygen in the water.

3 Vortex Stones, Rocks and Crystals

Stones, rocks and crystals taken from inside of the four vortexes contain power made from the swirling tornados of energy. The ancient fragments, of all different sizes, come directly from the earth and the red rock formations. They are millions of years old and vibrate with both spiritual and psychic energy. Additionally, these magical rocks are known to enhance dreams making the more vivid and understandable. They can also induce a dream-like state that enables the person touching the stones to tap into past lives and ancient wisdom. Furthermore, the rare stones and crystals are known to induce visions that are associated with masculine energy, which as we know, is an abundant surge of power.

4 Unusual Sounds

Both the vortexes and the rocks themselves make unusual and often unidentifiable sounds. The rocks make sounds that range from bells ringing to low rumbles of thunder. The sounds heard from the rocks are specific to the individual and vary greatly. An ear placed directly on one of the large rocks can result in hearing the sounds resonating from the formations, but this is not always the case. Sometimes the sounds can be heard from a distance and catch unsuspecting hikers off their guards.

The vortexes themselves have a sound of their own aside from the rocks in which they encapsulate. These sounds resonate from specific points of light that make up the energy of the vortex. The waves of the vortexes travel through the entire physical body and many believe these sound waves are responsible for causing euphoric sensations such as love and understanding.

5 Twisted Juniper Trees

There is an easier way to find the locations of the Sedona Vortexes besides relying on your psychic intuition; simply look at the juniper trees. Juniper trees, common in southwest America, have a half-dead, half-alive appearance with stout trap roots and a pleasant aroma. These trees survive well in hot, dry climates and can live up to 800-1,000 years. The gnarled look of the juniper trees is common, but in Sedona, and especially near a vortex these trees are twisted and wound in patterns uncommon to the species. The stronger the energy, the more twisted the branches of the juniper trees. The energy of the vortexes causes the branches to grow in an axel twist rather than in straight lines. The helical spiral has the ability to bend the trees branches in a way unique to the area. Is this occurrence a sign of powerful vortexes or simply a product of nature? I will leave it up to you to decide.

6 Spirits

It is not surprising to learn that vortex rocks have the ability to channel spirits. Bell Rock is considered a toning device that has the ability to regulate psychic concerns. If you touch the rock while meditating you will be contacted by spirits. It is unknown as to who these spirit may be. Perhaps they belong to the ancient Native Americans, who once occupied this territory, or perhaps they are not spirits at all, but the intergalactic travelers who wish to visit Sedona.

Similarly, the Yavapai Indians believe the First Woman was born in a cave in the Boynton Canyon. This cave embodies the mystical energies of these people and perhaps the First Woman as well.

7 Hauntings

Much like their spirit cousins, ghosts are also known to spend time in Sedona, Arizona. The Miller House is a private residence once own by Ann Miller, a famous Hollywood actress. She believed her house was haunted by the ghost of an ancient Native American warrior. Her premonition was correct. She hired a Hopi shaman who explained these events to the scared woman. He told Ann the house was built on a Native American kiva. A kiva is a sacred ceremonial and social structure that was decorated with colorful murals. Usually a kiva was round in shape and may have acted as a hub for political gatherings. During the construction of the house, the original owner's son was killed. Ann eventually got the house exorcised and declared it was no longer haunted. Hopefully she was right

8 Inter-dimensional Portals

The vortexes in Sedona not only administer vast amounts of energy, but are considered inter-dimensional portals to other areas in the cosmos as well. They are also known as portals that transcend time and space. It is believed that Bell Rock Vortex is a cosmic portal that opens during the solstices. Intergalactic travelers stop for a rest in Sedona before moving on to their final destination. Sedona is considered the "lighthouse" or a beacon for these travelers who have come to visit Earth from far away worlds.

While the vortexes are also portals, there is another location known for its intergalactic connections; Bradshaw Ranch. This ranch is situated on the outskirts of Sedona and is the topic of much discussion most of which will be reviewed in the category entitled UFOs; however, it is worth mentioning under this category because it is known as one of the most powerful portals in the world.

9 UFOs

UFO sightings are abundant in Sedona, which is a dream spot for ufologists. Aside from their abundance, what is unusual about these sightings is that they occur during the day and at night. The sightings during the day are referred to "lenticular cloud ships" because they resemble unusual cloud formations.

One of the first recorded sightings of a UFO in Sedona happened in 1947. An unidentified man reported seeing flying discs in the sky and a large ball of blue light, which shot straight up into the sky. In the official report the flying disc was referred to as a "spinning top." The FBI and air force took notice of the report and investigated the incident. It was only recent that this information was made public thanks to the Freedom of Information Act.

As mentioned in category eight, Bradshaw Ranch is a prime location for paranormal activity. Not only is it a portal, but it is a prime location for UFOs. In the 1990s, the U.S government took an interest in the ranch and set up undisclosed research activities on the mysterious property.

10 Sightings

Along with the massive amounts of UFO sightings, there are those who visit Sedona in hopes of getting a glimpse of the strange creatures that roam the land. Bigfoot has been spotted on several occasions rummaging through the garbage and upsetting trashcans. Aliens along with their UFOs have been sighted, but the most interesting and usual has to be the invisible porcupine men who startle unsuspecting travelers by sticking them with their quills.

It is hard to argue the strange red rocks of Sedona harbor some sort of power. Whether this energy is caused by the large quantities of electromagnetic iron embedded in the rocks or something inexplicably more, it is safe to say this is a place worth visiting. (Just to make sure).

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