Top Ten Best Things About Vientiane, Laos

The city of Vientiane in Laos is always an appealing place to visit, offering many attractions for the visitor. Some of the main reasons why this city is so attractive to visitors are listed below.
The Top Ten
1 The locals are friendly

The people of Laos are friendly and cheerful. Wherever you go in Vientiane you will be greeted by the word 'Sabaidii' and a friendly smile. Although the country of Laos has experienced a turbulent past and remains a poor country, the people are always warm and welcoming. No wonder that this nation has been called the land of smiles.

2 The city is clean

Visitors will immediately notice the clean and tidy nature of the Laotian capital. Rather unlike other cities in the region, Vientiane looks immaculate with its meticulously maintained gardens and neat shrubbery. In fact it may well be that this city is the cleanest metropolis in the entirety of Southeast Asia. The people of Vientiane take pride in their capital city and the impression it makes on visitors.

3 Good accommodation

In recent times Laos has become a noteworthy tourist destination, attracting a multitude of visitors from abroad. In order to cater to this influx of tourists an array of quality hotels and other accommodations have sprung up, with the result that good accommodation is easy to find. An attractive place to stay in the capital would be serviced apartments Vientiane offers like the Somerset Vientiane. This attractive accommodation features well-appointed rooms in a convenient location.

4 Inexpensive french food

Colonial French rule has brought European food to Laos, as you will see in Vientiane's restaurants. In the mornings you will find copious amounts of croissants and baguettes being baked in the city, all at very reasonable prices. Make sure to try out the city's wood-fired steaks, pates, souffl├ęs and wines which are sure to satisfy the expectations of the food lover.

5 Beer lao

No visit to Vientiane would be complete without sampling the excellent Beer Lao. Unquestionably the beer of choice in the country, this well-brewed tipple will satisfy the expectations of the beer enthusiast. Brewed in light, dark and lager varieties, this fine beer ranks amongst the best available in the region. A cool Beer Lao in the hour of sunset is sure to be a pleasant choice.

6 Riverside night market

Visitors should make it a point to experience the quaintly charming night market on the Mekong riverfront. Make sure to take the opportunity to savour a freshly caught grilled fish at this captivating night market; you can make your choice from the catch displayed on the riverfront, after which it will be grilled to your instructions and served with rice and green vegetables.

7 Colonial french architecture

During the colonial era a host of impressive constructions were made in the city, much of which can still be seen today. Today many of these striking buildings house embassies and museums, and are a noteworthy facet of the Laotian capital.

8 Interesting nightlife

Although Vientiane may lack nightlife on par with that of cities like Bangkok, you will still find interesting nightspots in this charming city. The Laotian capital has its share of attractive clubs and bars, so that you can enjoy an exciting night out in this city.

9 Temples

Vientiane features an array of engrossing temples that are always a pleasure to explore. Not to be missed is the splendid Pha That Luang, a much esteemed monument that is flanked by two handsome temples. Another sightseeing attraction is the what Si Salet, which features an array of Buddha figures.

10 The laidback pace of life

Vientiane, like other parts of Laos is very laidback and relaxed, with everyone taking their time to do things, without hurrying. Visitors should match the mood of the city, and above all take the time to enjoy their time in the city.

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