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India, officially the Republic of India, is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by area, the second-most populous country (with over 1.2 billion people), and the most populous democracy in the world. Its capital is New Delhi. Some other major cities are Mumbai, Chennai, and Ahemdabad. more.


I myself an Indian would work hard to make my mother nation to be the world superpower. It has been 69 years that India got Independence. Within this 69 years we developed more faster than the USA and China. It has been 240 years that the spying shameless US got Independence. So slow are the Americans. Its not about the population that we grew up it is because those few educated Indians who showed selfless love to its fellow citizens and spread education which lead to the increase in the quality of population. But most of the Indians went to US for settlement. Thus US developed in both economy and space research especially. More than 40% of the scientists in NASA are Indians. The US only knows to spy and plot dirty tricks on other nations like the former USSR. Now things are changing. Most of the Indian citizens are working for the development of their nation. I salute India. Vande Mataram. One thing the person who said this " I hardly think so, India is a very poor country and ...more

I am from Pakistan I believe that India will grow, in coming future skilled manpower and natural resources beside heavy industry will boost economic wheel. India has to settle all his disputes with neighboring countries such as Pakistan and China, Survival would be more harsh for economies in upcoming era, when only those countries will rule and lead having most stable economy. Disputes and clashes crush economic growth also discourage investors willing to bring FDI. As a economist my past experience says both the countries Pakistan and India has lost a lot by keeping clashes and disputes unsolved. Both the countries are equipped with atomic war heads any war would not be in favor of any nation. Growth rate of Indian Economy is magnificent which is major sign of its future direction, let it make it permanent and consistent unstable Pakistan or India both are not in favor of each other, we share border of 3000 KM and we have deployed a massive army on both side. Prosperity in the ...more

India is a very intelligent. I guess no one can beat them. I think India's going to be the top and the most powerful countries. They also have a really good prime minster. I would vote India, no matter what.

India without any doubt is soon to a superpower and may the most favourite nation to get voted for that by Western countries because of its balanced relations with entire world. The fast growing economy and strong military makes it ever more potential superpower. India as a nation have experienced wars, Economic downfall etc but it managed to achieve its goals. It's very tough for a country to sustain growth despite of being surrounded by all its enemies. A country which has single handedly achieve the win in all terms let it be economically or in war. China has faced the biggest ever defeat by Indians and poor countries like Pakistan have become habitual of loosing in all fronts against Indians. These things makes India a strong contender to become super power.

Yes India always had the potential since from early days. Just that it have not opened it full wings before Independence and also was in catching phase for some decades after Independence. Now it is again same old time. Where India will be dominant country. Followed by China will come, this is also same as old days. US as it has the wealth formed up. So will survive fine for some decades, may be max to an extent of a century. But then West will again turn back to poor countries and EAST will be the domination one.

No thought about it. 21st century is an Indian century. The world also knows that for sure.

Both of the countries I'm from (INDIA AND U.S.A) r @ the top of the list. I didn't know India or America are so powerful in this century. That's kinda cool. Person who said, "I hardly think so, India is a very poor country and China defeated India before. China has a powerful army and China has money." is just being rude. Rude, rude, and RUDE! All countries have money and power, even if they don't have a ton of either. That is not nice of you toptenners. Some toptenners, unlike Britgirl, are super rude and should be kicked out of thetoptens world. I hate best/worst countries lists and the most arrogant countries list. Just shut your mouth and go away.

Modi will make India Super power

It does have some major issues which almost all new countries have at first. But, slowly the problems are fading away. Once that is out of the way, India will become rich and powerful which then it can handle its massive population. Some people think that India is very poor but compared to some countries in Africa, it's not the poorest. Keep calm and handle the problems. Best of Luck!

India would surely become a massive power in 2050 because of its high efficient and skilled people and increasing turn outs from Indian universities and incomes would raise substantially. Due to higher level of educational institutions available in India the people would obviously increase the health and nutrition facilities and its economic level too. Lets hope all the Indians work for their country's development and raise the nation to the global standars jai hin

With declining corruption, increasing military power, extremely fast growing economy, increasing glorification of our nation's past and increasing success rates in almost every field ( space technology, nuclear power, agriculture methods, etc. ) our nation India would definitely became the most powerful and most sought after country in the world!

Yes, I think that India will be the most powerful country because it the most number of young hard working, intelligent and talented peoples. I hope that India will the most powerful country in the world of 2050.

Human resource is the greatest of all resources and it will make India the most powerful of all nations. World is safe in the hands of India for it's a peace loving nation.

Yes India would be a very right choice, India had a bright future they became slaves by the British. Now they wanted to learn well and soon overtake the British. India has a Large Population extended to have the Most Army/Navy in 2050. Booming Economies of India can most likely sustain it and extend its Militaries. So Yes, India Here is my Top 20 Militaries 1.India 2. China 3. USA 4. Russia 5. Japan 6. Germany 7. UK 8. France 9. Turkey 10. Italy 11. South Korea 12. France 13. South Africa 14. Indonesia 15. Mexico 16. Persia 17. Philippines 18. Brazil 19. Egypt 20. Thailand

Love my mother nation! I will try my best to make my nation The Best in the world! All the Indians whether in India or somewhere else come to India and prove to the world that it even if the nations of the world try to hurt the golden bird,the people of the country will still show the true colour to this world and no one can steal the true potential of this country! Come on every Indian support your country!

I myself an Indian would expect that India would become more powerful than those spying Americans in 2050 or 2100. India is developing very fast and received success at a very short span of time. USA developed so far in 200 years. So slow are the Americans. One thing, most of the population in US has been less dominated by the natives.

The Population which is now a barrier will turn out to be a boon in India's progress as Billions of educated and intelligent population will create the most powerful work-force on earth.

Thank you! Everyone for agreeing. India is my country and I agree with everyone who voted for India that India is the most powerful! Come on everyone, keep voting on India so it stays number 1. Again, Thank you.

Easily the most powerful as it's the fastest developing nation! India and Japan both show the world how to develop and dominate after being nearly destroyed! In India, the British robbed all the money and in Japan, the Americans dropped a nuke! The so called, most feared nation of World War 2 and World War 1, Germany, still doesn't have a nuke, but India does!

No one can expect India's efficiency. Everyone can talk about 2050... But India is the best place to live in world. consider human values & independency

We can reach reach this position but we have to work hard because other countries also be powerful. Our current goal is to be a corruption free country. If this happens, the result will be definitely good.

India is sure to become a superpower in 2050

India Will become the most populated country and its really becoming a rich country. I come from India and what I know is that Indians are really smart. They are growing and controlling

All Indians are very good in business skills, and very hardworking people even under the sun 100 % possibilities to become most powerful countries

Once India become energy surplus country then no country in the world can compete with India.