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The United States of America, or the U.S.A. for short, is a federal republic composed of 50 states, 48 of them are contiguous states. There are two other states, Alaska and Hawaii, which are north and south of the contiguous states, respectively. The United States declared its independence from the ...read more.


Usa is nothing but a BIG BIG BULLY!. They create their own demons and fights them. They intervene in all conflicts not for the restoration of peace or any democratic bull but for the lone sake to sell weapons. Has any matter the US intervened had a positive result... i don't find any. Uncle Sam still thinks of his old days when it can dictate none more than a few puppets in Korea or Europe. Before a few years we had the Commies of Soviet Russia who played such a sport but they were little lacking in business skill than our beloved Sam Uncle. Look where are they now, once a world power but now nothing more than a third world country which boasts with its still left military goods of cold war era. A mafia world filled with drug lords and escorts ruled by Czar Putin. Usa too will have the same fate just like USSR and if needed to say like former British empire which blundered a few months ago with a plebiscite. - kattapa

The USA is definitely the most powerful country today. It has the most powerful military and is one of the most influential. Because of the US, democracy is the go-to form of government. If you say the US is corrupt or whatever, go live in a dictatorship and see if you can say that now. (okay, that was a little rude, but still). The US definitely has problems, but guess what, so does Canada and the UK. Hey, being in the spotlight makes the US both famous and infamous. People who turn up their noses to Americans are being hipster snobs that no one really likes.

Wow, am I salty today.

But still, don't believe the stereotypes. Of any country. The US is neither the worst country in to world or the best country in the world. So stop treating it like it is.

All Products come from the United States, If the US falls, The World Falls. United States has many Allies, UK, France, Turkey, India, Japan, Korea, Many Powerful Allies to help. United States has also created a Large Military Army/Navy because if its Population, It wouldn't lose to any powerful countries. Many American People from US are also very Smart, Where are Scientists Born? When are Great Leaders Born? , Simply, In ths US. If the United States States' crumble, I think that would never happen, As Soon as People learns being a True Blooded American with a Heart on God, That would never crumble. Though many Crisis are facing the US, I think the one way to solve this is that to vote for the right president, Because in the End, Those People who voted for the Wrong One, It is there fault, America is Democratic, Not Communist, Plus America is very great, China, a Country Estimated as Same Size of America only took cared of the Beijing and Shanghai Part, The Xinjiang and Tibet Part ...more

Sure it has some political problems but otherwise, it's pretty powerful. We currently have the world's most powerful military. We are the world's largest manufacturer of automobiles, sea crafts, and aerial vehicles, save for Japan and China. Despite having some of the lowest scores in Common Core subjects there are some truly innovative people that come out of America. We may also have the largest number of nuclear weapons as well, other than Russia. We also have the largest number of diverse races than any country. Freedom of speech. Freedom of armament (Weapon ownership). Freedom of religion. FREEDOM FOR ALL!

I am a pure filipino but with a heart of American. I'm pretty sure that USA should in the first place because when I observe USA they control countries problems like war so USA can stop them to bringing US armies to their countries especially in the part of Middle East. So that's why I better like USA. For me India should not in the first but in the third. It is okay that China will number 1 because I will bet them because I am in the Asian region. But USA should the strongest country and no one can beat them than others. It should forever USA number 1!

China and India follow the Asian model of explosive growth and then stagnation. Look at Japan. China and India have huge ethnic minority problems, education and a host of other problems such as pollution etc. They both also suffer water and other resource problems on a much larger scale than the US.

They still lag behind the US on education and innovation. Look at a list of the best universities in the world and the lion's share is in the US.

The Chinese military says it will take them 20 years to be where the US is today.

United States Will Drop Consistently Until 2050, With Rapid Modernization and Wealth moving to Asia there are doubt if USA Will Be on Top 10 By 2050, After All USA Will Have A Fairly Considerable Economy to Control the Western Part of The World. USA Will still be the Regional Superpower of West.

Despite all its problems and short comings the United States has huge advantages over everyone else. The United States has abundant natural resources, the most educated workforce, has the largest companies, attracts the best immigrants from other nations, encourages innovation and has the most powerful military in addition to a strategically advantageous geographic location. Also, I'm not American, I'm Canadian.

Sure, sum me up as overly patriotic, but the USA isn't going anywhere in this next century. The US has always stopped other countries from messing in the Americas, and now Europe. US has the population, industry, resources, and will. The military wont downsize quickly, and it has a messed up, yet stable government system. The US wont go anywhere soon, but if it does, have fun without Hollywood, Fast-food chains, and Walmart.

How is INDIA First. So they growing to become a superpower. But still they are the strongest nation in the world. There strong militarily, economically and there my have the third largest population and 4th Largest size and is the second most visited country and INDIA? They are strong militarily but it is 4th in military. 7th in size so they have the second largest population but how many visit there? I don't think it should be first.

US and It's Allies Surround Russia, Moscow is only a Few Miles to European Countries while American Military goes to Alaska to settle there Army, Russia is surrounded, Russian Allies are also surrounded lie China surrounded by Japan, Korea, India and Taiwan and Syria beside Turkey and Iran beside Pakistan. America is also a very Friendly Country

Consumerism and exploitation is the current standard. The bigger the population, the bigger the exploitation and of course the profits. The strength of a country should be measured by its technological and scientific achievements. As such, USA will lead, while countries like India can be classified as imitators and will fall far behind much smaller countries.

They have literally been saying we were due to decline every year since the 1970s... Well it's 2014 and we are STILL at the top. Every era a rapidly developing third world country comes in place and everyone says that county is gonna take over us and they never do. This era its China maybe next era it will be India who knows

The American economic beast will not be stamped out by Chinese, or Indian expansion.

With the largest military on earth, they will do anything to remain at the number one spot.

Including crippling countries and breaking war-terms.

The only reason India is above us and Pakistan is in the top 20 is because there are mostly Indian voting here. If anybody here looked at any military superpower lists you would see that 1.America 2.Russia soon to be relaced around 2020 with #3 China

With the USA's great allies and their powerful influence in world affairs they will remain a major of the world. This wealthy country with wealthy people and great innovation in technology will triumph over the Eastern powers.

America is the best country, America has the strongest military, highest economy, it is the most powerful country. I'm glad to be living in the strongest country US, USA will be the strongest country of all time.

In God We Trust

I really think the U.S. will have at least a stable chance. War helps the economy, and I think world war 3 is going to take action very soon. When that happens, all hell breaks loose!

The US has abundant natural resources, a well-developed infrastructure, diverse economy, and high productivity. The twenty-first century will be an American century.

You have a lot of freedom in the US. We have a system of government called capitalism where we can have our own business and the government does not have to take full control.

Actually, projections show that the US, China, and India will be the top 3 by 2050 with there being a huge gap between them and the 4th most powerful country.

The USA has the largest economy, and it is expected to stay that way for a long while (2030 definitely, maybe beyond 2030) and it has the largest air force.

Oh yeah we used to love the USA before that duck became the President-elect and slaps "Trump" on everything he can see with his fat piggy eyes.

Until the dollar is the world money america will be always most powerful nation by far in everything

USA is the most powerful country ever even thou the China and the Russia have so many population than usa. USA will still remain..