Top 10 Scariest Prehistoric Sea Creatures

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1 Megalodon The megalodon is an extinct species of shark which was about 59 feet (18 meters) long and hunted in the seas until about 1.5 million years ago. It was similar to today's great white shark-but three times longer and 20 times heavier.

Megalodon had more than 250 huge, razor-sharp teeth and its mouth was so huge that it could easily swallow a person. The fossils of its teeth were once thought... read more

This thing is 20meters long that's larger then a whale shark

A huge shark that can eat you whole.

If you think mosasaurus first then you're weird. if you watched jurassic world then the real mosasaur is two times smaller. Its teeth were designed to crush small ammonites and turtles. megalodon teeth were designed to kill animals two times its size in one bite. sooo...

2 Liopleurodon Liopleurodon is a genus of large, carnivorous marine reptile belonging to the Pliosauroidea, a clade of short-necked plesiosaurs. The two species of Liopleurodon lived during the Callovian stage of the Middle Jurassic Period.

Liopleurodon's bite force is 10 TIMES STRONGER THAN T. REX! And a T. Rex's bite is three times stronger than a crocodile, which is almost exactly 50 times stronger than a human's strongest bite! Which makes the Liopleurodon's bite 1,500 stronger than a human's bite. Whoa...

The Liopleurodon will forever be my favorite animal.

3 Mosasaurus
4 Tanystropheus
5 Thalattoarchon
6 Tylosaurus
7 Nothosaurus

You otherwise you could not comment on it

8 Thalassomedon
9 Dakosaurus
10 Shastasaurus

I mean, it is a filter feeder

The Contenders
11 Helicoprion
12 Dunkleosteus

This denizen of the Devonian is not the biggest creature on this list. It is, admittedly, probably not the most objectively dangerous. But what I find unsettling about Dunkleosteus is its beaklike jaws. Those could shear a limb-maybe even a head-clean off a hypothetical time-traveling scuba diver. In addition, Dunkleosteus seems just the right size to consider a human worthwhile prey.

Gigantic fangs that could easily impale you...

13 Anomalocaris
14 Eurypterid
15 Cretoxyrhina
16 Predator X
17 Kronosaurus
18 Basilosaurus
19 Livyatan Melvillei
20 Orthoceras
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