Top 10 Private Detective Agencies in Delhi

Detective agencies are being searched these days in Delhi. There are more than 2000 detective agencies working in Delhi. However, few of them are doing really great & they are covering a long list of services. Hence it's very necessary to know them & their service area.
The Top Ten
1 DDS Detective

Delhi Detective Solution offers a wide range of services compared to others. They also have an office in Lajpat Nagar near Moolchand Metro station. They employ a good number of expert detectives who are skilled in delivering various kinds of services.

Personal Detective Services:
- Pre-matrimonial investigation
- Post-matrimonial and extra-marital affair investigation services
- Divorce case investigation
- Background verification
- Loyalty check
- Missing person investigation
- Spy gadgets and software debugging and sweeping
- Legal assistance

Corporate Detective Services:
- Corporate investigations
- Employee verification
- Background verification
- Corporate due diligence
- Intellectual property rights theft and pilferage investigation
- Audio and video surveillance
- Sting and undercover operations

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2 Sleuths India

Sleuths India Detective & Security Agency is a leading private detective agency in Delhi, India, providing services such as matrimonial inquiry and legal divorce cases.

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3 Venus Detective

Venus Detective is a private detective agency in South Delhi that provides pre- and post-matrimonial investigation services in India.

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4 Vrokx Detective Agency

At Vrokx Detective Agency, our mission is to provide reliable and effective detective services in Delhi. Catering to both personal and corporate requirements, we specialize in matrimonial detective work. We assist you in seeing the real picture behind every picture-perfect marriage.

We also take the lead in corporate and personal investigations, ensuring absolute confidentiality and transparency. With a comprehensive matrimonial check, we shed light on the facts and bring you the peace of mind you deserve.

5 AMX Detectives

AMX Detectives is one of the best detective agencies in Delhi, India. They provide personal detectives in Delhi as well as corporate detectives.

They are the best. Mr. Baldev Puri, Chairman, has been in this field since 1986 and he is the Deputy General Secretary of All India - APDI (Detectives Association). His company specializes in private investigations. They take on private detective work across India and abroad. Visit them at

6 Ascon Detectives
7 Discover Detective

Discover Detective & Security Agency is a leading private detective agency in Delhi, India, providing services such as matrimonial inquiry.

8 Spy Detective

Spy Detective Agency is the most popular private detective agency in Delhi, India, specializing in pre- and post-matrimonial investigations.

9 Impact Intelligence Services

Impact Intelligence Services is a private detective agency in India with many years of expertise in providing confidential private investigations and special investigation services to individuals, attorneys, corporations, businesses, insurance companies, governments, and financial institutions.

10 Alliance Detective Agency in Delhi

Alliance is one of the best investigation agencies in the Delhi NCR. We have successfully investigated many cases. If you have any cases you would like us to investigate, you can contact us by visiting our website.

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? Scorpion Verification Detective Agency
The Contenders
11 City Detective Services
12 Top Indian Detective Agency

Top Indian Detective Agency is one of the best and most professional private detective agencies in Delhi. We provide pre- and post-matrimonial investigations, family background investigations, surveillance, extramarital investigations, missing person investigations, divorce cases, and many more. Hire Top Indian Detective Agency, one of the most trusted private detectives in Delhi, India.

The best private detective agency in Delhi provides 100% results in private investigations at the lowest price. Thanks to Neeraj Sir, I am satisfied with your services. Your experience in handling matrimonial investigations is very good.

13 Forensic Detectives
14 City Investigators

Our organization is also engaged in detective work. We have a detective agency capable of uncovering any missing information and conducting personal investigations. Our team consists of the best military-trained investigators who are capable of solving small to complex tasks in less time. We are experts in all types of investigation services, all of which are available at market-leading prices.

16 Tejas Detective Agency

At Tejas Detectives, we live to unravel cases and solve mysteries. With decades of experience in a myriad of private investigation fields and a never-ending appetite for solving cases, we aim to debunk myths and explore a world of possibilities. We handle everything from post-marital and pre-marital investigations to various types of matrimonial investigations. We also specialize in financial and employment investigations, solving any kind of case to give you peace of mind.

- Personal investigation
- Marital investigation
- Detect missing people
- Financial investigation
- Employment investigation
- Corporate investigation

17 GS Detective Agency
18 Indian Detective

Indian Detective Agency India offers professional detective services. They are a detective agency in Delhi, India, specializing in corporate investigations.

19 Trident Investigations Network

Trident, a certified private detective agency based in Delhi since 1998, specializes in confidential verification and inquiries. Well-known for its honesty and the high number of cases solved since its inception, the agency has a dedicated team of professionals. It is also equipped with high-tech investigative equipment. Feel free to call at +91-98109-34570 or visit

Our company specializes in:
1. Pre-matrimonial verification
2. Post-marital inquiry
3. Divorce evidence
4. Asset verification
5. Legal assistance
6. Corporate intelligence & much more

20 Diligent Spy Agency

Call us at +91 8929637289. Diligent Spy Agency in India is one of the best private detective agencies in Delhi. We are proficient in private investigations, matrimonial, and corporate cases in India.

21 Track Eye Detective Agency
22 Intelligence Detective Agency
23 Live Detective Network India

Live Detective Network India is the No. 1 detective agency in India for matrimonial investigations, corporate investigations, background checks, loyalty tests, and spouse cheating cases. All investigations are conducted in a 100% confidential and discrete manner.

24 City Intelligence PVT Limited
25 Advance Detective Agency
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