Top 10 Best Plagiarism Check Tools for Safe Writing

In today's digital world, everyone can write and publish content. But far from everyone creates original texts to share with readers. The issue of plagiarism is pressing as never before, which gives a revival to plagiarism check tools again: students, educators, professional bloggers, journalists, SEO-specialists, project managers, and web writers - they all use plagiarism checkers to protect their works and avoid accusations of plagiarism. Here go top ten plagiarism check tools that will help create original writings.
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Perfect for students and educators, this reputable plagiarism check tool is built on advanced algorithms. These algorithms allow it to detect not only exact matches and rearrangements in word order but also synonymization, paraphrasing, and changes in sentences from active to passive voice. Interactive results and permanent reports ensure the complete privacy of your work, as doesn't save your documents in its database.

I discovered on Facebook and gave it a try. I believe it offers the best price-quality ratio. It simply finds more instances of plagiarism while the prices remain more than affordable.

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2 Grammarly Plagiarism Checker

This automated proofreader and plagiarism checker compares your texts to over eight billion web pages. Using it, you have the opportunity to detect and correct grammar errors, thereby polishing your writing skills. Grammarly offers a free version, while the paid version provides additional features and ensures more precise checking.

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3 WriteCheck by Turnitin

The database of web pages allows for detecting exact matches in your paper as well as checking it for spelling and grammar mistakes. It takes about two minutes for this tool to check one text, and you will receive a report with highlighted issues within 24 hours.

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4 UniCheck

Previously known as Unplag, this plagiarism checker has changed its look and mission. They offer unlimited file storage for scanning your texts, but the free version of this tool only allows you to check 500-word documents. UniCheck is fast and safe, highlighting all the matches in your writings. It recognizes different languages (except for hieroglyphs) and provides reports with a complete list of matching sources.

5 Plagiarisma

Free access is what attracts users to this plagiarism checker. Like others, it promises not to save and reuse your documents but to scan them for exact matches and incorrect citations. Plagiarisma browses through Google and Yahoo search results and is available in more than 100 languages. Students, educators, and professional writers are welcome to try it to avoid duplications in their content.

6 Plagly

It's free to use, but you will need to register to get a report highlighting all plagiarism issues within your documents. Plagly compares your content to 20 billion sources online and is quite fast, receiving daily updates for more efficient results. The tool prevents duplications, eliminates stylistic issues, and identifies the sources from which your content was initially plagiarized.

7 PlagScan

With a flexible pricing policy, PlagScan is easy and safe to use. They describe themselves as the best plagiarism check tool for teachers, allowing them to scan students' essays and other academic papers for copying. The tool enables users to create their own platforms for checking documents in real-time and maintaining control over their texts from year to year.

8 Quetext

Developers of this plagiarism checker use their in-house technology, DeepSearchâ„¢, to check texts for similarities. You can download and scan up to five files simultaneously, but the tool supports only three types of files: PDF, MS Word, and plain text. Quetext allows for exporting PDF reports on plagiarism issues in your documents, as well as increasing the word limit for scanning if you are a PRO user.

9 Scribbr Plagiarism Checker

The Scribbr Plagiarism Checker is the best plagiarism checker for students. It is easy to understand and safe, as they don't store your document in a database. Additionally, they help you understand plagiarism.

It found plagiarism that the free tools did not detect. Therefore, I recommend this for important documents.

No subscription is needed. It operates on a single-payment basis.

10 Copyleaks

Suitable for both business and education, this platform tracks texts and detects plagiarism with its advanced cloud-based technology. It guarantees to find exact matches and rearrangements in word order, ensures authenticity, and protects your copyright by finding copies of your content throughout the internet. The free version has limitations on document size and processing time.

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11 PlagTracker

This plagiarism-checking service has been developed to assist with your academic writing. It scans papers for spelling and grammar mistakes and finds plagiarism issues in essays. No downloads are needed to use it. It's available in six languages and has a large database of papers for comparison. Both students and educators, as well as publishers and site owners, are welcome to try this tool.

12 Edubirdie EduBirdie is an online academic writing service that connects students with freelance writers to assist with writing assignments. Founded in 2015, the company offers a platform where students can get help with essays, research papers, and other academic tasks. Headquartered in Ukraine, EduBirdie serves... read more

Many websites require you to sign up for an account or pay a fee to use their plagiarism and originality checker. However, at Edubirdie, you don't have to do either. Simply copy and paste your document or drop the paper into the designated white box. Then, hit the button to have it scanned by advanced software.

The scan will identify any matches with other work and show you the originality of your paper. URLs and sources that match are listed below, so you can verify them and understand where you may have gone wrong. Of course, you will also need to make the necessary changes to your own coursework or paper to ensure it doesn't match any other document again.

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