Top 10 Private Detective Agencies in India

Private detectives companies are now popular in India with several competing with each other to offer a superior range and quality of services. These private detective agencies help you to gain important confidential information and have the required communication skills to securely communicate it.

We have developed the list of top available options of Private Detective Agencies in India. These agencies have higher success rates and some of the detectives have also succeeded in working with different officials which shows their approach and systematic way of doing the job. If you need court help, with nominal or no fees these Private Detective agencies helps to support your case strongly whether dealing with pre & post matrimonial, cheating, tracking of someone suspicious, or the acquiring of other not easily available information.

Check out the list of top available options of the best Private Detective Agencies around the nation with top reviews and recommendations from a varied set of service oriented people.
The Top Ten
1 Season21 Detective Agency

Season 21 Detective Agency is a leading private detective agency in Delhi. Specializing in matrimonial investigations, corporate investigations, and other detective services, the agency is ISO 9001-2008 certified. It has expertise in handling pre-matrimonial investigations, post-matrimonial investigations, divorce cases, loyalty tests, surveillance, extramarital affairs, asset verification, financial fraud investigations, background checks, and more.

If you are looking for the top and best private detective agency in Delhi, detective agents in Delhi, or pre- and post-matrimonial detective agency services in India, we are committed to bringing beliefs, honesty, and a sense of trust to all our detective services. We pride ourselves on offering a highly professional and careful service to all our customers.

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2 Top Secret Investigation Pvt Ltd

Top Secret Investigation Pvt Ltd is a professional private detective agency in Mumbai, India. The agency is particularly popular for its high-class service and client reliability. Top Secret Investigation Pvt Ltd has been instrumental in resolving many legal battles in court by providing proof, as well as aiding in other relationship matters through the help of our professional private detectives and investigations in Mumbai.

Each case is delicately handled by our private detectives in Mumbai. Our agency is also popularly known by the name Top Secret Investigation, because all our professional detectives undergo extensive training before undertaking any tasks. With many years of experience in detective work, our private detective agency in Mumbai has been satisfying clients year after year.

We offer a wide range of services, including pre and post-matrimonial detectives in Mumbai, personal detectives in Mumbai, divorce case investigations in Mumbai, loyalty test investigations in Mumbai, surveillance in Mumbai, background investigations in Mumbai, and corporate detectives in Mumbai. We have been in the detective field for the past decade, and Top Secret Investigation Agency believes in making its clients 100% satisfied.

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3 AMX Detectives

AMX Detectives (P) Ltd. is an indisputable and magnificent detective agency in Delhi, India. It was established by Baldev Kumar, who is one of the excellent and pioneering detectives in India. At AMX Detectives, we are actively engaged in delivering splendid private investigation services in Delhi and across all of India. Thousands of people have taken advantage of our services, and they are highly satisfied with our methods of executing investigations.

Our motto is to provide genuine peace of mind to our clients and bring happiness into their lives by offering verified details about suspected individuals. This information enables our clients to build strong legal cases against the suspects. We offer personal investigation services, such as matrimonial detective services, which include both pre-matrimonial and post-matrimonial investigations. We also provide services like divorce investigations and investigations into extramarital affairs.

In addition to personal services, we also offer corporate services like post-employment verification, pre-employment verification, employee theft investigations, undercover operations, and background checks. AMX Detectives is one of the best detective agencies in Delhi, specializing in matrimonial investigations and serving as a comprehensive private investigation agency in India.

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4 Confidential Detective

Confidential Detective is one of the leading private detective agencies in Delhi, India. We offer a wide range of specialized detective services tailored to the needs of individual clients. Clearly, we are a reputable private detective agency in Delhi, India. Confidential Detective has been continuously operating in this field for over 16 years.

We are undoubtedly a committed private investigator organization in Delhi, which has served countless clients successfully and provided them with a wide range of investigation services. These services include pre and post-matrimonial investigation, divorce case investigation, income proof, sting operations, undercover operations, surveillance, litigation support, pre- and post-employment verification, business interference, due diligence, asset verification, and much more.

We specialize in providing corporate and personal investigation services with genuine results. We are the most recommended detective company for those looking for reliable private detective service providers, as we guarantee 100% confidentiality. We are committed to our clients and always meet their expectations. Clients can fully trust Confidential Detective, as it is the most reputable investigation organization in Delhi and in all major cities in India.

5 Matrimonial Investigator is headed by Ms. Archana Srivastava, the leading matrimonial detective in India, with 15 years of experience in this field. She is supported by a team of dedicated, experienced professionals in this field. offers both professional and specialized investigation services. With the most extensive investigation network in India, we are the best private detective and matrimonial detective agency in the country for background checking. Our investigation agency will help you uncover the facts in fraud-driven cases with utmost confidentiality.

With teams of highly practiced, clever, and professional detectives, we are a well-known professional investigation agency. We use the latest surveillance equipment and state-of-the-art audio-video technology to unearth the truth. speaks only in the language of facts and figures. Headquartered in New Delhi, we are the leading investigation agency in India. Our network is well spread across India, Asia, Europe, and America, covering almost all important foreign destinations.

6 DDS Detective Solution

DDS Detective Solution is also one of the best detective agencies. I have used their services. I recommend adding DDS to this category.

7 Impact Intelligence Services

IIS is India's leading and most trusted private detective agency in the Delhi-NCR area. For the past 10 years, our agency has solved thousands of cases related to matrimonial, corporate, and many undercover operations.

Best matrimonial detectives. Impressive service with accurate results.

8 Top Secret Detective Agency

Top Secret Detective Agency enjoys the reputation of being one of the most trusted and reliable private detective agencies in Delhi, India, for over a decade. Our agency comprises highly skilled and experienced private investigators and detectives who hold significant expertise in solving cases related to matrimonial issues.

Our team uses the most relevant and scientific techniques while conducting private investigations, achieving better accuracy. The use of the latest surveillance technologies and equipment ensures quick results with precision.

Owing to our proficiency in handling matrimonial investigation cases to perfection, we cross-examine and verify all factual information to ensure that the investigation results are accurate and in line with our client's requirements. Our private investigators in Delhi make sure to consider the personal opinions of related individuals before taking up an investigation case. This approach allows our clients to receive appropriate and factual information related to the social status and understanding of the concerned persons.

With the help of both social perception and hard facts, we offer the best possible solutions to our valued clients, enabling them to make informed decisions.

9 Spy Detective Agency

Best detective agency in Delhi for personal and corporate investigation cases.

10 Adroit Detective

Adroit Detective is a top private detective agency in Delhi, India, with a team of professionals who have 36 years of experience. The high level of experience among Adroit's team members makes them highly skilled in finding solutions to a wide range of detective cases. Adroit Detective holds a top position largely due to its skilled team.

In today's hectic life, clients rarely have a moment to address their concerns, let alone solve them. Most people today don't even have the time to eat a piece of bread and butter amid their busy schedules. Given these circumstances, they opt to hire detectives to keep a watchful eye on what's happening behind their backs. Therefore, people hire detective teams to resolve their queries.

The Contenders
11 National Detectives

In Delhi, if you need a detective agency, they are the best. They solved my case.

Hired for a matrimonial investigation. Solved the case.

One of the best detectives in India.

12 VRokx Detective Agency

Welcome to Vrokx Detective Agency, the leading private detective agency in Delhi! Our professional team of investigators is committed to providing you with reliable, confidential, and prompt services.

Whether you're a business in need of corporate investigations or a couple needing assistance with matrimonial detectives, we go the extra mile to deliver the answers you're looking for. With our rigorous training and dedication to discretion, we pride ourselves on being the experts you can depend upon.

13 Top Indian Detective Agency

Top Indian Detective Agency is an outstanding detective agency in Delhi, India. We are recognized as the most in-demand investigation services because we are well aware of the situations faced by individuals undergoing high-stress lives. We are doing an excellent job as private detectives in Delhi, boasting expertise in managing matrimonial investigations through the most respected detective agents in India.

We conduct our investigations in a structured manner, ensuring that we provide solid proof to strengthen the case in court proceedings. We handle a variety of personal, corporate, and matrimonial investigation services. These include pre-matrimonial verification, post-matrimonial investigation, divorce case investigation, child custody investigation, and surveillance investigation. We strive to unearth facts from evidence, which can be a significant help for our clients to present in court for a strong legal battle. If you need our assistance, don't hesitate. Schedule an appointment with us. We assure you that we will provide world-class investigation within a specific timeframe.

14 DK Detective Agency

DK Private Detective is a well-reviewed and exceptional detective agency in Pune. It offers all types of detective services, including matrimonial investigations in Pune, corporate investigations, personal investigations, divorce case investigations, and more. In Pune, we are known for top private investigation services because we provide 100% satisfaction for our investigation cases.

Our private detective team operates in all areas of Pune, including Pune Station, Pune Camp area, Kalyani Nagar, Kothrud, Hadapsar, Wakad, Hinjewadi, Nigdi, Shivajinagar, Bibvewadi, Kondhwa, Koregaon Park, Mundhwa, and more. Our detectives have authored top articles in 2019 related to the private detective industry. The private detectives are well-educated and have extensive experience in the detective field. Our agency is available online 24/7, so you can reach out at any time.

Major private investigations in Pune are conducted by a group of private investigators or detectives. DK Private Detective Agency provides prompt and professional investigation services for individuals and businesses, using all methods permitted by law. Our agency collaborates with accomplished detectives and private investigators who have extensive contacts with other detective agencies to offer the highest quality detective services in Pune, India.

DK Private Detective Agency is based in Pune, and our detectives have comprehensive experience in both private and business investigation services. Our private detectives can successfully handle cases across India, as well as in neighboring cities like Mumbai and Bangalore.

15 Live Detective Network India

Live Detective Network India is the No. 1 detective agency in India for matrimonial investigations, corporate investigations, background checks, loyalty tests, and spouse cheating cases. It operates in a 100% confidential and discreet manner.

17 Sharp Detectives Pvt Ltd
18 Venus Detective Agency
19 Apex Detective Agency
20 Third Eye Investigations
21 Action Detective
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