Best Punk Goes Pop Songs

What is your favorite Punk Goes Pop song from all albums?
The Top Ten
1 Everywhere - Yellowcard
2 F*** You - Sleeping With Sirens
3 Somebody That I Used to Know (feat. Vic Fuentes) - Mayday Parade

Even better than the original and Mayday Parade took that stage.

I'm sorry but why isn't this first place its like the best song on the entire earth

Best sing ever 300 time better than the original

This song was made for mayday parade

4 Just the Way You Are - Pierce the Veil
5 Love the Way You Lie - A Skylit Drive
6 Glad You Came - We Came As Romans
7 Little Lion Man - Tonight Alive

Love this cover

8 We R Who We R - Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!
9 Payphone - Crown the Empire
10 Boyfriend - Issues

I love this cover I hate justin beiber but I love what issues did

The Contenders
11 Bulletproof - Family Force 5
12 Over My Head (Cable Car) - A Day to Remember

New pop goes punk songs have nothing on this classic

13 Call Me Maybe - Upon This Dawning
14 Right Now - Asking Alexandria
15 Runaway - Silverstein
16 Umbrella - All Time Low
17 I Knew You Were Trouble - We Came As Romans
18 What Goes Around - Alesana
19 Lollipop - Framing Hanley
20 Last Friday Night - Woe Is Me
21 Grenade - Memphis May Fire
22 Toxic - A Static Lullaby
23 Rolling in the Deep - Go Radio
24 Run This Town - Miss May I
25 You Belong with Me - For All Those Sleeping

This is just one of the most hilarious covers I've ever heard. I love it.

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