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1 Bohemian Rhapsody Bohemian Rhapsody

This one's a nice music... At first it's so sad... The music is sad, but the lyrics are a little bit confusing for me, but it's a nice intro... And then the music change into something a happy music that makes you want to join to sing, and then it turns to rock.. And then sad again... But it really is NICE! BEST!

Three words- Music's Magnum Opus

greatest song of all... always make me very... sad... R.I.P freedie

Gives me chills!

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2 Love of My Life Love of My Life

Love of my life, merit to be in the top 3

We still love real music, Queen saved my life.

Queen's best piece ever, hands down. There are no words who can make it justice, just listen to it and you'll get my point.

Makes me cry every time! I love this song so much and I would never be where I am now if it weren't for this song!

MOst beautiful song ever

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3 In the Lap of the Gods .... Revisited In the Lap of the Gods .... Revisited

This is the best song ever it made what we are the champions is today and when you hear it on the live albums amazing!

4 Killer Queen Killer Queen

This song is great, should be at least second on this list. Bohemian Rhapsody deserves every top spot it can get, but people seem to forget about Killer Queen and just how posh the lyrics are. How could you listen to it and not imagine you're on a yacht drinking champagne? Gorgeous song.

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5 Is This the World We Created Is This the World We Created
6 Friends Will Be Friends Friends Will Be Friends

Freddie Mercury vocals was his highest notes yet and this song sounds so beautiful the way Freddie sings the song especially at the end of the song when the guitar starts coming in and I'm just like wow this is a good song and one of his best writing skills ever by far.

Friends Will Be Friends is also a shared song by John Deacon. Happy Birthday Deacy!

7 Crazy Little Thing Called Love Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Everyone likes this song! That can't keep from clapping and singing along whenever, wherever it is played or sung.

8 Somebody to Love Somebody to Love

Number 6, huh? My favorite song by Queen overall, as well as Freddie's... Freddie, the world will always forever love you.

The world of music will never be the same without Freddie. This is one of his best songs. I know, I love Bo-Rhap, but I like this song a little better. It reaches out to me in a way Bo-Rhap couldn't. Maybe there's something wrong with me, I don't know. But I love this song more than any other...
Long live Queen. Long live Freddie Mercury.

It is the song which Freddie loved the most, this one and Bhoemian Rhapsody best represents the soul of Freddie and how he felt.I love them both so much, but this one may feel a bit closer to Freddie.

The story of my life
"Can anybody find me somebody to love"

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9 It's a Hard Life It's a Hard Life

Favorite Queen song in my opinion... Everything just...fits it is a masterpiece from start to finish... Long Live the Queen!

10 Princes of the Universe Princes of the Universe

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? Don't Stop Me Now Don't Stop Me Now

Oh please we all know what a genius Freddie was and not only in writing but performing. Ain't no one will ever come close.

It a great song

This song is so catchy

Such a happy song <3 very alive

? We are the Champions We are the Champions

A melody that just can't be forgotten. Since the first time you listen to it you feel like you've always known it

Superior melody to any other song except for others by Freddie Mercury. The genius of music and performing.

Great art and the words even today are real

One of the best and inpiring song of all time sung by the GOD of rock singing

THIS is the song that started it all for me as far as being a fan of QUEEN and esp. FREDDIE...This started out as a song that I loved because of my favourite College football team... But now it is so much more... I feel like FREDDIE'S SPIRIT lives on in this song...and it is definitely ONE of his signature songs, along with BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY...Love singing along with FREDDIE on this in the car...My sister turns the volume up and I am totally in a zone...with FREDDIE... :-) Loved seeing the video of FREDDIE singing this at LIVE AID at Wembly stadium in the mid-eighties...'85, I think?...He looked so sexy strutting around on stage...very handsome... And that is how I will always imagine him in my mind when I hear my fave QUEEN song on the radio... :-)

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11 The March of the Black Queen The March of the Black Queen

What the hell is this doing down here? It's the early history of bohemian rhapsody!

What the hell is this doing down here? It's the early history of bohemian rhapsody!

12 I Was Born to Love You I Was Born to Love You
13 Play the Game Play the Game
14 Death On Two Legs Death On Two Legs

The greatest opener on the greatest ever Queen album. The band had so much to say about a so called person and they delivered it with such class. It might be overshadowed by Bohemian Rhapsody in commerciality but it has the same amount of emotion.

Queen and especially Freddie, were way ahead of their time.. and songs like Bohemian Rhapsody, The March of the Black Queen, Stone Cold Crazy, Killer Queen and Death on two Legs is ample testimony of their seminal sound. RIP Freddie.

15 I'm Going Slightly Mad I'm Going Slightly Mad

Another underrated Queen song that many people don't even know or have ever heard or anything. Very sad. I truly love this song, and I love Queen.

Love it! Truly clever, unique, interesting and with a hint of humor yet it's classy too.

16 Let Me Entertain You Let Me Entertain You
17 The Miracle The Miracle

Very underated one of my favorite Queen songs!

18 Lazing On a Sunday Afternoon Lazing On a Sunday Afternoon

Miracle underrated? No, this is! I mean, I think I may be the only one who's heard of it. This is my theme song by the way. By luck I got it! AND I LOVE THIS SONG! Can't be any better.

I love this song forever. Best minute and eight seconds of my entire life.

19 Innuendo Innuendo V 1 Comment
20 We Will Rock You We Will Rock You

One of the first queen songs I have ever heard and it is not my last

Freddie never wrote this so why is it on here

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