Top 10 Queen Songs Not Sung by Freddie Mercury In Lead Vocals

Of course Freddie was the vocal pearl in this band but drummer Roger Taylor and guitarist Brian May were pretty good singers, too. Queen members are very talented - the lead singer played instruments and the players provided lead vocals.

The Top Ten Queen Songs Not Sung by Freddie Mercury In Lead Vocals

1 The March of the Black Queen

All I hear is Freddie and Roger...
From what I heard from the song, Freddie provides the lead vocals and Roger sings the line "My life is in your hands, I'll fo and I'll fie". - Misfire

Outstanding singing by John Deacon

LOL, 4 out of 10 song samples don't work. Admin should remove all not working samples from the database of the site. - Metal_Treasure

Freddie sang this.

Nope. Guitarist Brian May in lead vox. Freddie provided backing vox. - Metal_Treasure

2 '39

Vocals - Brian May - Metal_Treasure

3 Modern Times Rock N Roll

Written and sung by drummer Roger Taylor (1973). I dig this song - so fast, so raw. - Metal_Treasure

4 More of that Jazz

Vocals - Roger Taylor. - Metal_Treasure

5 Long Away

Sung by Brian May - Metal_Treasure

6 Funny How Love Is

Vocals - Roger Taylor - Metal_Treasure

7 I'm in Love with My Car

It's just a bit weird, Roger. What exactly are you doing with that car? - Misfire

This song has the funniest fan base still a brilliant song, one of my favorites! - DaringXx

Stupid and brilliant in equal measure. - truckturner

A Roger Taylor song - Metal_Treasure

8 Leaving Home Ain't Easy

Vocals - Brian May - Metal_Treasure

9 Hijack My Heart

Sung by drummer Roger Taylor - Metal_Treasure

10 Father to Son

Vocals - Roger Taylor - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 All Dead, All Dead

I LOVE this song.

Vocals : Brian May
Fun ( or not so fun ) Fact : this song was a tribute to Brian’s cat, pixie. - DaringXx

12 Fun It
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