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Queen are a seminal English rock band, formed in 1970 in London by John Deacon, Brian May, Freddie Mercury and Roger Taylor. Britain's most successful band of the past three decades, the band rose to prominence during the mid-to-late 1970s and still retain a large international fan base. This is a list of Queen's all time greatest songs.

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41 Seven Seas of Rhye

Freddie's piano riff automatically deserves a top ten spot!

Amazing song launching Queen as a quality band. Glam enough to fit the era; distinct by all means. Truly amazing.

Absolutely amazing song... One of their best hits, in my opionion.

Oh my god, 39th? It should be top 25 at least.

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42 Spread Your Wings

One of the sweetest Deacon's contribution on the band

The best version of the song! It's just so perfect! I knew It's a shame that no one knows about this version!

The most beautiful song queen ever made topped of by that lovely solo towards the end.

Always spurs me on when I feel down. Good old Deacs, a classic.

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43 Flash

Amazing song with epic rock beat and four crazy guitar solos one of queens best songs and one of their best

FLASH!... AAHHAHH!... SAVIOR OF THE UNIVERSE! This song is cool, heard it in Ted

This song is ridiculously underrated

OPEN FIRE! - Zwschuette

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44 Flick of the Wrist

The heart of a fantastic medley from Sheer Heart Attack, with a very climactic tone, and just overfall fantastic quality. It is certainly my favorite Queen song.

45 Dragon Attack

Definitely Queen's funkiest song, just listen to the bass solo, drum solo and guitar solo, this song is amazing!

Hey it should not be ranked #47, it is the coolest song of Queen with mind blowing funk. It should be among the top five. It is even better than "Another one bites the Dust". In fact it should be ranked after Bohemian Rhapsody.

Very underrated funky tune. Obviously it's not as well-known as Bohemian Rhapsody or Don't Stop Me Now, but I love it! - therootbeer

Nice surprise from Queen

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46 Ogre Battle

The Invention of Speed Metal

While most people who have heard (or not heard any song) of Queen will choose their favorite queen song " Bohemian Rhapsody".But PERSONALLY I like this song more than Bohemian Rhapsody. - zxm

Overshadowed, a really good song

47 My Fairy King

Such an AMAZING song. Roger's high falsettos are just beyond epic! Easily one of Queen's most underrated songs, as is with all the songs from the Queen and Queen II albums. :/

I Love this song! It being ranked #47 truly is quite wounding to Queen and their followers.

"My Fairy King" is the best Queen-song, I think. Just great!
I've listened a LOT to Queen since 1992...

48 It's a Hard Life

Freddie wrote deep inside from his heart.
"But I'll always live for tomorrow
I'll look back on myself and say I did it for love"
Pure genius

I would put this excellent track at number 4 - after We are the Champions, then Bohemian Rhapsody ; then Love of my Life. Number 5 is "jealousy". All piano led tunes written by Freddie. - Shugs

Ah come on! This song is pure Freddy in it's brilliance!

Please... Everybody hear this song till the end
This song is real

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49 Mother Love

I don't know why people don't put that song at the top of the best songs of queen, she's from very far the best amazing song of group!

Giving me the goosebumps every time! So deep, so sad...

50 Made In Heaven

What a awesome song. Shame nobody knows about it.

Definitely in the top 10. Absolutely fantastic. How do you fit all their songs in the top 10. There are too many great ones to choose from. The Greatest band in the world. Too bad I'll never see them live.

My favourite song ever, and for good reason. Amazing guitar, top notch singing, and it isn't even in the top 30. Really says something about the quality of Queen's songs, doesn't it?

One of the lesser known but still great.

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51 White Queen (As It Began)

One of the most enchanting, yet at the same time heart-breaking, songs ever written. Mercury's vocals are absolutely magical.

One of the best Queen songs ever... Shame that the song was never released as a single or feature any piano on the album version which would have made it an awesome song... One of the best.

How did this utter brilliance rank so low?
The haunting guitar and vocals and the fairy tale like lyrics (Brian may you genius)
It seems that with each version of this song live or otherwise I listen to, it quickly becomes my new favorite.


Just showcases everything that we love about Queen, awesome,haunting,unique and superlative.

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52 The Fairy Feller's Master - Stroke

My Favorite Queen Song EVER! And the story it tells about the painting is remarkable. Rarely played live. Recently released on Live at the Rainbow 1974

This is my favorite queen song ever. Listen to ogre battle first it flows into this song.

Original and brilliant.

No words to describe this song...really Magic vocals, absolutely one of the Most beautiful songs of Queen.
Queen II my favourite album and my favourite style.

53 Don't Try Suicide

Very insensitive, shouldn't be on here!

The song is amazing, it needs to be higher on this list!

Love the rock 'n' roll piano parts in this! - brutalmetalbloke

Let's all just take a minute to honor Freddy Mercury's deep and insightful take on this matter which obviously means so much to him. Take notes, Logic. Calling the hotline? Pfft, just don't try suicide, it ain't worth it! Ugh, so touching. I wish we can turn back to the deep days when music wasn't just black people rapping over fake instruments about having sex. Real issues, people! Queen knew how to handle it!

The generation these days... - ProPanda

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54 Sheer Heart Attack

NO WEAKNESS - izayaorihara

Queen goes punk rock. YEAHH BOY

55 Scandal

what a voice. what a voice.

56 Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together)

Beautiful. Stunning piece of music and the lyrics aren't bad either

The evidence of Queen's greatness in all around the world. - malamJONES

Should be way higher. Amazing song.

Best song ever

57 Staying Power

Great song! One of my personal favorites...

58 White Man

Not the best Queen song, but still quite awesome!

I like this one. I believe John Deacon wrote it. Not sure.

59 More of that Jazz
60 The Millionaire Waltz

Yeah, this is my favourite song. I will never understand why Bohemian rhapsody ended up being the most known queen song, while this one gets almost no recognition. I guess it must be because it came after BR... Oh well, let's enjoy it, we who can. Should definitely be in the top 10. This song shows what a mastermind John Deacon is. And Mercury. And May and Taylor. Most underrated song ever.

I don't know why these song isn't at the top 10, is like a "Bohemian Rhapsody" but more underrated.

A true classic rock ballad, beautifully music style changings during this song.

Pure, unadulterated genius. Uniquely Queen.

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