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61 Thank God it's Christmas

OH What a song lisen to it all the time gets me excited even in August got to be higher than 99th

62 Friends Will Be Friends

A great song. A recent discovery for me, but I consider it a classic in my playlist. The guitar solo at the end always moves me. LISTEN TO IT NOW!

Sure... Friends will be friends.. awesome lyrics. wish it could at least reach the top 15 of their list.. SIMPLy AmazinG.

Another classic. Great guitar. A really nice ballad with great lyrics.

Man it's their most underrated songs lets take it higher

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63 Sail Away Sweet Sister

I think this is one of the most unrated song, I think it's a good song, however its not as popular as Bohemian Rhapsody or We Are The Champions. So, I think you will never disappointed if you listen to this song

Beautiful song. That's all I can see

An underrated rock ballad from the period when all rock bands were transitioning to pop bands. It never got the attention it deserved.

I love this song SO much! It could easily outrank many of those ranked above it!
Also, this song was dedicated to "the sister I never had" just another reason to LOVE Queen!

64 Dreamer's Ball

People, don't follow the what people have already done. Bohemian rhapsody and the toppers are truly unique, but one must have a broad-minded attitude, especially to Queen's Songs. Dreamer's Ball is a song that requires such a perspective, if it is to be appreciated out the wealth of amazing songs by queen. It takes time to find a song like this, it took me 2 years, but it was totally worth the wait. I can't seem to move past this song. Its rating is understandable, but in terms of what a queen song does, Its equals, or even surpasses all of the top 10.

Shouldn't be on here, let alone at 56

65 A Winter's Tale
66 Khashoggi's Ship

Really cool guitar, and the intro is just so awesome!


67 Don't Try So Hard

The voice of freddie is so perfect and amazing in this song

68 Heaven for Everyone

Beautiful and optimistic song

Why this song isn't in top 20?
Because they only like queen before freddie died.
Can't you see that? The guitar solo?

I think this song can be in top 20

69 Play the Game

Even though in album version I think that there are other better songs from Queen, this one on live stage is just SICK! Seriously: Montreal 81, Sao Paulo 81, go take a look. Super vocals.

I can't believe this got left out

I great song if bohemiam wasn't made this would be the best of queen should be closer to 1 and I love the guitar solo in the middle also the start bit just brings u into the song

Can't help but love this song.

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70 Man On the Prowl

I love the lyrics and tunes... Another perfect song from Queen!

Has a Elvis feel to it... I just love it

71 Let Me Live

Brilliant vocals from Mercury, Taylor and May. I think it should be in the top 10 as it is just such an amazing song, and it is one

This song with too much love will kill, is the songs were you can hear mmost feelings from freddie, and hearing this I kinda feel is struggle in that time of he's life (when he was sick), basicly this is a song about his hardest times of his life, and there for you can also feel him more, absolutely the best queen song have ever made. Bohemian rapsody is absolutely the most revolutionary song from them, but that's not the same as the best song.

Are You joking this song is very very good why so low? Listen to this song and then start voting..Should be in top ten...

So underrated song from so underrated album

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72 Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Queen

What the heck!? 72? that's impossible


73 Some Day One Day

What a sweet Brian May composition...simply beautiful.

74 Ride the Wild Wind

Roger Taylor = Badass

75 Fight from the Inside
76 Get Down, Make Love
77 Rain Must Fall
78 Nevermore

The only bad thing about this song is that it's too short. Other than that It's one of the best songs by queen ever and for me should be placed on number 1. It's freddie showing every side of his voice guided by just a piano, it can't get better than this!

Excellent song. Deserves to be on the top 10 list. Please appreciate the good music people!

One of the most beautiful songs ever written, sang by in my opinion the greatest voices ever.

Great harmonies and vocals. You can really see Freddie´┐Ż's song writing ability in here.

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79 Was It All Worth It

This song is just so amazing! I was very dumbfounded when I first heard it! It deserves a higher place

This is Queen's most underrated song. period.

80 The Invisible Man

great song, you cannot beat this one if you were looking for a good rock song with a danceable beet - mscott1

This is the most underrated Queen Song.

That's right! This song has wonderful beat and powerful! It should be top at all, right? - gyungmin

Come on people. This song should be at least in the top tens

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