Top 10 Most Damning Fox News Quotes Revealed in the Dominion Defamation Suit

In March of 2021, Dominion Voting Systems, a company that sells voting machines used in 28 states in the 2020 United States presidential election, filed a $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit against Fox News alleging that Fox and some of its pundits spread conspiracy theories about Dominion as well as allowing guests to make false statements about the company. In February of 2023, a Dominion brief calling for summary judgment was released to the public. That brief included numerous quotes, emails, and text messages from Fox hosts and executives that directly contradicted the messaging that was being put on the air.

Fox's legal defense is that they are protected by free speech, which is the only real option since it seems readily apparent that Dominion has proven that Fox knowingly, intentionally, and maliciously made defamatory statements about Dominion.

Dominion is saying they are owed over a billion dollars in damages. But how much damage has Fox really caused with their falsehoods? Faith in democracy is dangerously low in the United States. Believers of these lies attempted a literal coup on the steps of the Capitol. People have died.

Below are the craziest, most hypocritical, and most damning quotes revealed so far.
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1 "I hate him passionately." - Tucker Carlson about Donald Trump
2 "Sidney Powell is lying. F*****g bitch." - Tucker Carlson
3 "That's the last four years. We're all pretending we've got a lot to show for it, because admitting what a disaster it's been is too tough to digest. But come on. There isn't really an upside to Trump." - Tucker Carlson

I have to agree. The nation and the world are worse off as a result of Donald Trump. Few people who have ever existed can claim they have had such an impact on humanity.

National strife has arguably never been higher in anyone's lifetimes. We have active members of Congress advocating for the country to be split apart. We have a huge portion of the population that doesn't accept the results of a fairly conducted election.

A disease that Trump minimized in rhetoric and policy has claimed over one million American lives, with death rates being far higher in areas of the nation where he was most popular. The so-called greatest nation on the planet failed spectacularly with regard to dealing with the pandemic, and so much of that blame starts at the top.

Trump was terrible at dealing with the national debt. Trump was terrible at dealing with our allies. Trump was terrible at dealing with Putin. Trump hurt the U.S. image on the world stage. Trump hurt the U.S. image domestically. Trump has drastically changed the nature of political discourse for the worse.

Trump is and was a liar. Trump is and was corrupt. Trump is a thief, a thin-skinned narcissist, a serial adulterer, and a cruel vindictive little man who will eventually turn on anyone who dares disagree with him.

True. There really isn't an upside to Trump.

4 "This dominion s**t is going to give me a f*****g aneurysm - as many times as I've told Laura it's bs, she see s**t posters and trump tweeting about it" - Tommy Firth, Senior Executive Producer
5 "You keep telling our viewers that millions of votes were changed by the software... If you don't have conclusive evidence of fraud at that scale, it's a cruel and reckless thing to keep saying." - Tucker Carlson to Sidney Powell

Here's the full quote so nobody claims I'm omitting details: "You keep telling our viewers that millions of votes were changed by the software. I hope you will prove that very soon. You've convinced them that Trump will win. If you don't have conclusive evidence of fraud at that scale, it's a cruel and reckless thing to keep saying."

It's also cruel and reckless to give someone a megaphone with which to spread these lies, but here we are.

6 "More than 20 minutes into our flagship evening news broadcast and we're still focused solely on supposed election fraud - a month after the election. It's remarkable how weak ratings make good journalists do bad things." - Bill Sammon, Managing Editor
7 "Sidney is a complete nut. No one will work with her. Ditto with Rudy." - Laura Ingraham
8 "It’s unbelievably offensive to me. Our viewers are good people and they believe it." - Tucker Carlson in response to Ingraham calling Powell and Giuliani complete nuts

As if the hosts were forced to give these nuts airtime and were also forced not to contradict their obvious lies.

9 A statement from "our prime time three" saying "something like 'the election is over and Joe Biden won'...  would go a long way to stop the Trump myth that the election [was] stolen." - Rupert Murdoch

Probably too late anyway, but maybe if this had truly happened as Murdoch suggested on January 5th, 2021, the day before the assault on the U.S. Capitol, at least some of the violence, damage, and injury of that day could have been avoided.

10 "Please get her fired. Seriously....What the f**k? I’m actually shocked...It needs to stop immediately, like tonight. It’s measurably hurting the company. The stock price is down." - Tucker Carlson about a Fox News reporter fact checking a Trump tweet

Fire someone for telling the truth. That's when you know a news outlet has officially sold its soul.

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11 "What he's good at is destroying things. He's the undisputed world champion of that." - Tucker Carlson about Donald Trump
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