Top Ten Intelligent Quotes from Evil People

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1 "It is always more difficult to fight against faith than against knowledge." - Adolf Hitler

This reminds me of a quote that goes something like "it is hard to change the mind of an intelligent person, but it is impossible to change the mind of a stupid person" or something like that.

Just because these people are evil, doesn't mean they're not intelligent. Hitler was evil, but he was intelligent.

Ain't that the truth...well, I can live knowing that I just complimented Hitler...back to playing Sniper Elite 2 then

2 "Hidden talent counts for nothing." - Nero

This is also true. if you have a talent, but you never put it out into the open, then what use is it for you? If you have a talent, share it with the world!

3 "Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas?" - Joseph Stalin

This one is notable in both being intelligent but also evil in it's intention. In general I would see this as a manifesto of dictatorships limiting the flow of information to prevent resistance.

Ideas are far more dangerous than guns, and war itself. If there is imagination and creativity, than there will never truly be defeat.

That's why we gotta be more careful about the ideas we come up with.

4 "Do not compare yourself to others. If you do so, you are insulting yourself." - Adolf Hitler

That's because by DNA level we're all different. So be yourself and love yourself for who you are.

This is a lot of people's problems.

I love this quote. Heil Hitler!

5 "In the Soviet army, it takes more courage to retreat than to advance." - Joseph Stalin

A very funny quote, but also very true and sad. Most of the time, if you began to retreat, you would be deemed as a "traitor" and you would be shot by your own comrades. While this is a very smart tactic, it is also very... Brutal.

6 "No, I think it taught me to be independent and to never expect a handout and never wait for anybody to hand you anything in any aspect of my life." - Jesse James

First off, I'm related to Jesse, blood related he's my cousin. He wasn't evil, I don't agree with almost everything he did. Alpha 101 is right about the union soldiers. Also in 1875, the Pinkerton detective service (which had been hunting the James Younger gang for some time) threw a bomb into the James home, it killed Jesse and Frank's half brother, Archie Samuels and maimed their mother Zerelda. Jesse and Frank weren't home at the time, but they declared war on the Pinkertons. He and the gang did the wrong things for the right reasons. Research on Jesse, you'll find out he wasn't that evil.

Jesse James was not 100% evil. if you do some research, he had a horrible life. The Civil War was underway, and one day Union soldiers come to question him. He said that he did not have to tell the soldiers anything, so they beat him. After the beating, he went inside, only to find that the soldiers had hung his father in law. So even though he was evil, you cannot really blame him.

7 "It's up to history to judge." - Pol Pot

Pretty much a different way of saying that history is written by the victors. For instance, if the Nazis won WWII, then Hitler would be considered a hero and a patriot. Though Hitler was a fantastic leader and very intelligent, we all know that, of course, he was one of the most evil people to ever walk the planet.

8 "Not believing in force is the same as not believing in gravity." - Leon Trotsky
9 "Death solves all problems - no man, no problem." - Joseph Stalin
10 "The world suffers a lot. Not because the violence of bad people. But because of the silence of the good people." -Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon wasn't evil!

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11 "Don't drink at all, don't smoke, you must exercise and eat vegetables and fruit." - Robert Mugabe
12 "I have sworn to only live free. Even if I find the bitter taste of death, I don't want to die humiliated or deceived." - Osama bin Laden

He died both humiliated and deceived. Then dumped unceremoniously overboard off of a US naval ship in the middle of the ocean.

This should be everyone's motto.

13 "History shows that there are no invincible armies." - Joseph Stalin

This is something that everyone should keep in mind. Remember the Romans, the most powerful military in history? They remained that way for a very long time until, one day, the Roman empire fell. So do not believe that you military is invincible. Everything, including the United States, will fall eventually, sadly.

Funny for Stalin to say such a thing, considering he tried to invade Finland during WWII. You can check the differences between military power from wikipedia searching Winter War.

14 "It may be good to have power based on guns. It is better and more gratifying, however, to win the heart of a people and to keep it as well." - Joseph Goebbels
15 "The nature of propaganda lies essentially in its simplicity and repetition." - Joseph Goebbels
16 "Stay in school, stay off drugs, don't make the same mistakes I did, respect yourself, and others will follow." - Ike Turner

Why exactly is he an evil person? I couldn't find anything about him, apart from doing drugs, which isn't inherently evil?

17 "A child laughs when it feels joy and cries when it feels pain. Both things... it does with its whole heart... We know so much and we have read so much. But one thing we have forgot: to laugh and cry like the children do." - Joseph Goebbels
18 "Workin’ together we can make a change. Workin’ together we can help better things. So let us put our hate aside and let us let love be our guide." - Ike Turner
19 "In life, one must always be decent, courageous and kind-hearted." - Heinrich Himmler
20 "Those who fight in God's cause will be victorious." - Saddam Hussein

It is 100 percent true

21 "Animal welfare is necessary not only to protect the animal; with it we fight simultaneously against impetuous apathy, human brutality, cruelty to animals, and their suffering." - Hermann Göring
22 "One death is a tragedy; One million is a statistic" - Joseph Stalin

In my opinion, this is the biggest problem with humanity. We care more about one death (especially the death of a icon) than the deaths of a million people. Ultimately, you have to come to the conclusion that we value some lives more than others. Stalin certainly was good as exploiting this, and heartless too.

This is the most powerful quote I've ever heard in my life.

This quote has always haunted me.

23 "If you want a do-right woman, you gotta be a do-right man." - Ike Turner
24 “Countless millions who have walked this earth before us have gone through this, so this is just an experience we all share.” - Ted Bundy
25 "I had to hit bottom. And when I hit bottom, it was like jail was the best thing ever happened to me." - Ike Turner
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