Top Ten Best Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn Characters

This is a list of the best characters from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn (playable characters only).

The Top Ten

1 Edward
2 Ike Ike

Was there any doubt? Ike is powerful, wise, funny, and all around well-rounded, as well as the game's leading hero.

He is not stupid strong and is powerful with a lot of care he is the reason I got the game so go ike

ike is as tank as the black knight, fast as sothe and as stupid as skimmir

Of course Ike - ParkerFang

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3 Micaiah

A Branded with the blood of beorc and heron in her veins, Micaiah is a user of light magic. When her homeland is wrongfully oppressed she begins a quest to right the wrong.

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4 Leonardo

Leonardo is awesome and calm
I like that about him

5 Pelleas
6 Soren

Ike's left hand and master of the magical arts, Soren is valued for his expert strategic ways and his realistic world view, as well as his fierce loyalty to Ike.

He's cute and I felt like crying because his childhood memories was very sad

Soren is my favorite character and is also one of the best mages.

Ike's sidekick who's awesome - ParkerFang

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7 Sothe

Originally a street rat from Daein, his time spent with Ike molds him into a formidable freedom fighter. He is essential to the story of Radiant Dawn.

He is really cool especially when he beats the knights up in the cutscene

8 Aran

He’s an amazing attribute to the game and he’s the best of his class he has higher attack defense hp and skill compared to nephennee and Danved/Devdan and he’s so cool looking he’s like the lance version of black knight

9 Nolan
10 Elincia

The Contenders

11 The Black Knight/General Zelgius

Arguably the most powerful antagonist in the series, The Black Knight is the apprentice to Greil and the eternal rival of Ike.

12 Tibarn, the Hawk King.

The king of the hawks, Tibarn starts off with a bias against the beorc but slowly comes around after Ike saves a dear friend of his. His strength is outstanding.

I always wonder why does he have all those scars on himself

He's pretty strong in my game - ParkerFang

He rules! 1rst MVP in each game I've played!

13 Haar

Haar is one of the best characters on this game. I'm on my 3rd play through and he is mvp every time.

harr had like over 700 kills on mine and I'm only half way through!

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14 Titania

She's pretty and I really liked the axe

15 Princess Elincia

Transforming from a shy, fragile girl to a competent queen, Elicia is fully deserving of fourth place.

16 Volke

A master assassin and enigma all around, Volke holds a secret far too important to even write down. A secret that he must pass on to Ike when the right time comes...

Volke is quite the versatile character in the story, and conplements versatile role on the battlefield. His abilities and mysterious side will make him a force to be reckoned with in any battle line up.

17 Ranulf

Ranulf is a personal aid of the king of Gallia. Perhaps the most powerful cat laguz in the world, Ranulf is loyal, tactful, and witty.

Makes the game really interesting. Not that they aren't in the first place. Just more interesting

Ranulf is just fun to use and never lets me down!

18 Nephenee

This list is tilted based on player preference... Neph is too low

Nephenee is extremely useful in every situation and she is a well rounded unit vote for neffie mcragemode!

19 Boyd

Before I used Boyd I thought fighters and warriors were the worst class in the series. Boyd completely changed that opinion. I also love his character and dialog with Ike and Mist. Boyd is also a great unit to take to endgame in both Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn.

20 Mist

Mist is the younger sister of Ike, the sole person able to hold the Fire Emblem without losing sanity. She starts off as a feeble staff wielder, but as time progresses, becomes a gifted Valkyrie.

Naesala is the king of the crows. Though his greed often gets in the way, he is a concerned ruler once all is said and done. In Radiant Dawn he is forced into treason by a foe.

She's like Snow White almost

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