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1 Black Beatles

No type is more lit though

This and Powerglide are the only songs I like by these guys. - CharismaticKat

Definitely the best from Rae!

This is their only good song along with No Type and Perfect Pint (their best song) - venomouskillingmachine

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2 Look Alive


Lovely beat lyrics pre good all in all top 3

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3 No Type

Makes sense and not too much of obscene language is this track. This is really the best Rae sremmurd song. Anyone agrees?

No flex zone is not my jam and my parent don't like me to sing it niether does my boyfriend he likes taylor swift and I'm gonna break up and date another but t will be hard I am 15 and he is 18 and I'm in love. AND what NO FLEX ZONE CHAIN SAW CHAINSAW THAT IS SO STUPID THAT IS DUMMIES

Way better than any of Rae's STUPID SONGS

The best song ever

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4 One Touch

This is a very strong 1.5/5, which makes it one of Rae's best songs. Baauer and AlunaGeorge's contributions are solid, and would have been great if...Rae Sremmurd wasn't the worst thing ever. - WonkeyDude98

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5 No Flex Zone

This song sucks - venomouskillingmachine

The fact that this list exists... NOPE!

This list exists? - WonkeyDude98

I think no type is the bomb

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6 Up Like Trump

It is not as good as their others but it can get a bit catchy at times. Besides the obscene language and the not so good lyrics it is an alright rap song.

It a good song

I like that it refrences the ornge dude

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7 Swang

Really great song

Definitely top 5 - JoeBox

Awewome after hearing it for bout 5times...

Awesome follow up to Black Beatles. I actually like this song better. I've liked these guys since they first started back with "We" on Mike Will Been Trill mixtape. "Swang" again showcases Swae Lee's singing voice! Fantastic song! Chop the top off a Porsche, it's a headless horse... Sremmlife

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8 Powerglide

Too long but very catchy beat

Overtook Swang as best Rae Sremmurd song when this dropped without a doubt!

Flow, rhyme, beat strong! - baynaa

Their best song ever
Especially swae Lee verses

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9 This Could Be Us

Insanely good!

Amazing. These guys got TALENT!

Holy crap why is this 12? This is seriously an amazing song.

Should be way higher

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10 I Don't Blame Ya

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11 We UListen to Sample
12 Call the Rain
13 Now That I Know UListen to Sample
14 Safe Sex, Pay Checks

SO HYPE! Gets me going!

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15 Throw Some Mo

I don't really like it but I like that it is a collaboration with Nikki Minaj.

Good songs

<3 this song

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16 Come Get Her

This is the littest after close

This songs is the best song ever

Good song

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17 Too Dull
18 Gone
19 For the Time
20 Viva
21 Perplexing Pegasus

It’s so good why is this not number one?

It’s alright I guess. A bit boring but it’s got a decent vibe…2.5/5 - AlphaQ

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22 Love

Wow this is really good! This is the best thing they’ve done. - AlphaQ

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23 Set the Roof

No. -1/5 - AlphaQ

Crazy Tune

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24 Close

Has to be the best song ever and it features Travis Scott!

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25 Guatemala UListen to Sample
26 By Chance UListen to Sample
27 My X

Hell no. -50/5 - AlphaQ

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28 Lit Like Bic

This song is F-ing good I love it

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29 Just Like Us UListen to Sample
30 Stop
31 Listen To Me
32 Burn Slow UListen to Sample
33 Real Chill UListen to Sample
34 Lost Angels UListen to Sample
35 Yno UListen to Sample
36 Start a Party

Asom ass song

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37 Ayo and Teo

They are lit

38 Over Here UListen to Sample
39 Do Yoga UListen to Sample
40 Watching Me UListen to Sample
41 “42”

This is the best song ever

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