Best British Rappers Lyrically

The most talented british rappers. (The ones who write the best lyrics)
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1 Lowkey

Lowkey... The most real rapper in the industry (as well as immortal technique) easily the best british rapper there's ever been. He knows what he's talking about unlike other rappers/pop artists out there. Listen to Obama nation, voices of the voiceless, long live Palestine, dear England... Id say he's the new Tupac but not quite as good hahaa, defiantly in the Top 10 ever!

Lowkey is just realest rapper in the uk... Not the "i'm a gangster real" but the real when it comes to global issues, wether it be london, america or baghdad his music is on a global concious level, a person from london can enjoy so can a person living the ghettos of gaza... His lyrical skill and delivery are unmeasurable and leathal! With that skill and his strong political views Lowkey is the number 1 british rapper NO DOUBT!

Lowkey is the best rapper of all time nobody else is on his level and spits the same amount of content. Rather just mindless words about meaningless rap world fantasies filled with women and excessive amounts of money. Lowkey connects to his audience.

Lowkey is the best rapper I have ever heard! He sings about The Third World and its exploitation by First World. This is really impressive, that he can appreciate Third World's fight for freedom... - jakubkrawczyk

2 Tinie Tempah

His lyrics are sick! "I used to be the kid that no one cared about that's why you have to keep screaming till they hear you out" just shows how hard he had to work to make it to the top. Can you think of a rap artist who made a song that was even meant to be released but somehow got to no1? Yeah I'm talking about pass out! Big up tinie!

Are you kidding, 4th place! He deserves to be #1. I mean have you listened to Pass Out, Written In The Stars, Frisky, Wonderman. He should be #1 without a doubt.

The lyrics he spit in his songs like Pass Out and Written In The Stars had the flow of a true rapper

ONE of the GOAT's of U.K. rap; early 2010's unmatched. Worldwide success for a reason. Up there with Stormzy, Wiley, Skepta etc.

3 Devlin

Best UK Rapper ever, he is comparable to Eminem. His lyrical ability is impressive.

This guy is with out a doubt the best rapper in England. He is initiative and isn't like the mainstream rappers you see today! Top man

Devil is a sick English rapper listen to him trust

Level with Ghetts

4 Chipmunk

He's a lot better than all you give him credit for

He's suppose to be #1

Listen to him often not too bad

Lmao chipmunk is better than tinie tempah he proved that on his diss track towards him

5 Dizzee Rascal Dylan Kwabena Mills, better known by his stage name Dizzee Rascal, is a British rapper, recording artist and record producer. A pioneer of grime music, his work has also incorporated elements of UK garage, bassline, British hip hop, and R&B.

Is a pioneer to a sub genre of grime. Most critically claimed albums of any UK rapper ever. Great cross over appeal to America. In fact the first rapper to do it really. Inspired many new artists, widely respected and his boy in the corner album is arguable the greatest rap album critically ever. can't argue with facts... these are not opinions

Bonkers is an awesome song, but I didn't know that this guy was british. - Giusti97

This guy kicks ass!

He's still making songs nowadays, he is defiantly the most famous of English rappers, he also made the England 2010 football hit 'shout'

6 Giggs

The hardest ghetto rapper and has an official position in the game

Talking the hardest best track

Must of hit punier at 2! Kills every track he's on!

I, m a polish fan of him

7 Dappy

After Eminem, Dappy is the most emotional Rapper I know... He is simply Awesome

Dappy is the best

He is the best rapper
Amazing tunes
Should be the first at the top
A real rapper there are good rappers he stands out the most
Don't hate

Easily the most talented rapper in the UK of all time. Dappy has an amazing way with lyrics and his delivery is on point

8 Professor Green

Funny and creative lyrics! Especially in songs like Monster and Just Be Good To Green!
But some of his lyrics are quite heartbreaking, like in Read All About It and Never Be A Right Time.

Pro Green's such a great rapper, and he's so sweet and modest in real life, I just love him!

Pro Green should be number 1 as he has a diffrent vibe to the rest. With all he has been through in the past its lucky he has not killed anyone but he stayed strong and put his feelings into a rap there for he should be number 1

I've been to a concert of professor green and it was so live and I would definitely see him again

Giggs and tinie tempah better than this guy, what a joke

9 Akala

Akala should definitely be number 1, no-one is equal to him in terms of lyricism. Embarrassing how Dizzee Rascal is above him. Akala is both my favourite british rapper & my role model.

All round number 1 writing excellent not the cleverest though pip gets ma vote delivery is smooth as

Lyrically the best.. Gives the younger generation something else to listen to other than "bang bang on your door, 6 shots make you hit the floor" blah blha akala is really really talented and real as well check him out!

Number one on this list, for confirmation listen to his fire in the boots - all 4 parts. Don't need to say anything else.

10 Skepta

Skepta is way better than chip or any others


Skepta is personally the best in the UK making hits constantally. He is a beast with the mic and just rips every track lyrically with sick punchlines, bars, puns, methapors, innuendos and just craziness. He is probably a rapper who is consistent with quality and quantity who has an endless amount of skill. Listen to his albums such as Blacklisted for example and hear the talent in every song. He is currently doing it major getting recognised by a lot of huge megastars like Puff Daddy making songs with him, performing with him and making big money. He is a rapper that hasn't died or has lost hype he is someone I think she be first; I am a great big fan of rappers like Lowkey and Akala and Ghetts etc but Skepta is something that is a great thing for the UK Rap industry, Boy Better Know is big so recognise. No body matches Skepta the greatest MC in the UK

Skepta is a midadukin fast rapper aspecislly in bbk

The Contenders
11 Ghetts

Consistently good, his energy is so unique

HOW IS SKEPTA ABOVE GHETTS? honestly half of the guys above repeat basic bars ghetts is genuinely one of the best lyricists of all time

Ghetts is easily one of Englands best talents! Stop sleeping on him

Ghetts is easily the best mc and getto gospel is the best uk album since boy in the corner

12 Ashley Walters
13 Dot Rotten

Ghetts should be second

Wretch 32
Dot Rotten
P Money

14 Mic Righteous

A true artist in every sense of the word, makes other rappers look shallow and petty both in content and delivery! His first two fire in the booths will bring you to tears

Engaging and politically conscious but retains the celebrity and arrogance you need in this game.

Anyone that has heard his fire in the booth sessions and aj tracy disses will know that he will hands down bury any british rapper out there

He's just a realist and relevant

15 Wiley

Wiley invented Grime. Whatever you think grime is, you have to measure it to him. He is the benchmark rapper. Godfather is an insane album, his lyrics are amazing, his beats are so catchy and anyone in the UK wants to rap with him.

Wiley is the godfather of grime he should be number 1

King of grime

He is the best

16 K Koke

K koke deserves more respect than he gets, there probably more lyrical out there but not much realer, he keeps it 100

Talks about the real struggle, he still young and up an coming to

Every time he drops a song its fire

17 Slick Rick

Slick Rick is one of the greatest story-tellers within Hip-hop. How's he not listed as #, when mentioning best British rappers?

Slick Rick not even top 5, I don't understand other humans apparently

This is retarded Slick Rick THE RULER is not number 1


18 JarBag

He's a great rapper

He's awesome.
He's only about 14 now as well but he's mad!

Kinda bad with the rapping but you know ehh

Hiphop genius how is he not #1

19 Sneakbo

He's got some good tunes

20 Plan B

I think his ill manors album is pure beast! Could be the best UK rapper out there, knows what he's talking about and doesn't talk crap like most American rappers, he speaks the truth about life in the streets

Plan b has by far some of the best lyrics in the industry, he's a real story teller and should be number 1 hands down.

How had some one not put him on here, he's by far one of the best, with a huge range of talent. He can rap, sing and act!

Can't believe he isn't higher ill manors gave me chills.

21 Wretch 32

How the feck is Wretch 32 ranked 21 go listen to his fire in the booth's. He's pure genius him and Akala are on a complete different level to everyone else.

Should be at very least top ten, good confidence and lyrics

This list is a joke, wretch is easily top 5 if not top 3, his wordplay is unrivalled

Why only 58his lyrics and word play are good

22 Stormzy Ebenazer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Jr., known professionally as Stormzy, is a British rapper, singer and songwriter.

I'm from the US and I personally think stormy comparable to the pacs Nas and biggie talks over here if not better. Facts

Stormzy has to be up there, so much, soul, depth and emotion to his music

Should be top 10

Should be up there with devlin no doubt

23 Jehst

The fact that Chester P and Jehst aren't joint 1 and 2 is a piss take. Mystro needs to be in the 5 DOA still. - Nomad

Embarrassing the people who above him, sad state of affairs, fact he is a proper rapper and not a manufactured creation obviously goes against him. Some of us know. Also rhyme asylum, phi life and a lot more

The dragon of an ordinary family.

22? Who are we becoming as a people if Jehst is not regarded number 1? UK or world wide, this man holds water at ANY LEVEL

24 Scroobius Pip
25 Mike Skinner

He created two of the best conceptual albums ever made

Brought UK hip hop to the forefront! 5 incredible albums under his belt, plus he also launched the careers of many well known artists inc, example, pro green


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