Best Nigerian Rappers

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1 Olamide

Olamide merit this, the guy got some kind of wordplay and head bursting rhymes,. If it's a lie go and listen to Jega, voice of the street, Eni duro, young erikina, light in the air, and so on.

He his great rapper, he has good lyrics... Which motivate me and everyone.

He soude like an sweet alame that wake a dead crowed he makes people never regret buying a ticket in advance for his show. Olamide still the best

He is a very talented rapper and make fans feel him every region.

2 M.I.

Mr incredible to me is the best rapper, he is a born rapper. Keep it up man don't disappoint your fans because we love you

Mr incredible the one and only the best I believe that there is no rapper like him he has seriously changed the game in naija music. you're the best man God bless

To be sincere, MI is good, but for Now, now Olamide made me to Love Nigeria Rappers.

MI is DE boss he raps like a foreigner but I can't belief he is a Nigerian. I respect that guy

3 Ice Prince

Hmm, whEn we are talking about the best rapper, you have to reasoning their rapping tones..a rapper must have a good lyrics to any beat highlife, hippop, RnB, solo beat and more...@ls fans listen carefully the lyrics of all the rapper listed here, you can immagine that icprIce blow out on a good and well vocabulary that is well meaningful and he doesn't pronounce the same word in a different tract, he give out a time to compose aNd I respect him for that...mennNn Ice Prince Zamani is a Mentol to many upcoming rappers..I hail you jor D boss of Africal rapper you are the king.give it to him jor he owns the best.

Ice! Mo Men.. Is a Coded rapper, no competition around his zone. Men... Shout out to <Super Cool Music Cat>

Best Rapper, in the whole africa, he is the Best, Muah ice prince, you are the best joor, God will continue to bless you in your career AMEN.. Massalam

He z super naturally fantastic he gat his raps in any tune... He z my mentor

4 Phyno

Phyno is the person who made love and believe in igbo rapping, I love phyno music and in my own side of view, should be regarded as the n0.1 best rapper.

Phyno is the total package... Sick flow, dope beats, major swagger, and easy on the eyes. Truly the man of the year.

Phyno thank You, thanking Olamide as well, You guys made me to Love Nigeria Music.

This guy invokes the spirit of rap. He is lyrically gifted and should be nos 1.

5 Dagrin

This countdown is Dagrin is a Rap God...who is olamde where there is reminise not to talk of barrack o green...this countdown is a big time

6 Neato C
7 Ikechukwu
8 Sauce Kid

Sauce Kid is the best because he speak the real ich, his rap persona lyrics are on point he is truly an king of rap music if you doubt me go and listen to AIRPLANE by Sauce Kid joor

9 Jesse Jags

J. Jagz his an incredible freestyle rapper keep fly can't wait for that Grammy nite

Lord jager I de hail

Best of all time

10 N**** Raw

Ya raw you d man

The Contenders
11 Vector
12 Lil Kesh

Lil kesh is the lord of rap..he raps as if he has experienced street life

He is a very good rapper, with an extreme knowledge of hip hop music

This guy is trash

13 Young Tizzy

U are the best ever

14 Erigga

Great guy. Cool lines

15 Reminsce

Thumb Up, for now you're of the best 5.

Very nice guy

16 D'Prince
17 Chinko Ekun

Chinko Ekun is a beat Murder...he is trying

18 Wizkid
19 Younglexxy
20 Falz

King of freestyle!

21 Chris Emmanuel
22 Miki Opara
23 BadeyB

His guy breaks it down

24 Little Cake
25 Rhoadust

This guy is so dope.

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