Top Ten Worst Hell's Kitchen Contestants That Got a Black Jacket

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1 Elise - Season 9

Her big mouth pissed everybody off and I can't believe that Chef Ramsay didn't do nothing about her big mouth (Well in one episode, he shut her up) and I think Carrie, Jamie, or even Monterrey should have got a black jacket over Elise.

If she made it to the finals and won, I would feel bad for the chefs working for her.

Sorry, but I disagree with her being this high on the list. Was she the best chef? Nowhere near it. But she wasn't a bad chef. She was very annoying, rude, and had probably the biggest mouth in Hell's Kitchen history. but she earned her black jacket in my opinion. In my opinion, she's only this high on the list because of her horrific attitude and her big mouth. If we are going by who was actually the WORST chef to get a black jacket, I would have to say either Robyn from season 10 or Matt from season 4. Because the former was mediocre and the latter was just...insane. Elise may have a bad attitude, but she's more trustworthy in the kitchen than someone like Matt.

Natalie, Elizabeth, and Jamie all deserved black jackets over Elise. Not Carrie though. Carrie was just as bad as Elise.

I hate her so much. She doesn't know how to cook fish and she keeps asking others for meat temps even when she has a black jacket. She is never the best cook in either of the seasons she has been on and she can't take criticism. She seriously can't shut up and I feel bad for her family.

2 Matt - Season 4

This guy is a professional victim. His signature dish made chef Ramsay vomit, constantly screwed up in dinner service, and got as far as he did by blaming others for his lack of skill.

His signature dish and the raw chicken are just a couple reasons why he should have not made it to the Top 6. He would always say, "Sorry Chef; it won't happen again." countless times.

People only voted Elise higher because of her attitude. However, she's not really a bad chef. Heck, on that last service in season 9, Elise was Paul's ace in the hole, switching her from station to station and she got stuff done.

Matt, on the other hand, really didn't have any redeeming qualities. Chef Ramsay should've sent Matt home over Louross, because Matt constantly made simple mistakes, and he was a complete basketcase. Especially on service. SO much worse than Elise!

"There once was a boy named Matt,
Whose kitchen performance fell flat.
He was far from neat,
Miserable on meat.
So I kicked him out, and that's that."- Gordon Ramsay

3 Robyn - Season 10

Personally, I don't think Robyn was that bad. She had an attitude problem, but at least she cared about the competition and didn't complain too much when she was eliminated. She was the main antagonist, but she's kind of in the Andrew Bonito category for me.

It was outrageous that she used her mouth to get a black jacket while brian stuck to his spectacular cooking

Robyn didn't deserve to have a black jacket but she doesn't deserve to be in top 2. MAYBE top 20

Robyn was a horrible person and she should have been kicked out a lot earlier

4 Sabrina - Season 8

She was a selfish idiot and she was clueless sometimes so I don't get how she got a black jacket.

Selfish queen. I hope she changes.

She wasn't so bad at cooking, just her overconfidence was annoying.

Man, shes pure evil. EVIL!

5 Jen - Season 4

This woman makes me want to promote violence. She has an overly high opinion of herself, thinks she's the greatest thing there was, once claimed that chef Ramsay "did not know who he was talking to" and yelled in an attempt to seem in control, even blaming her teammate for not lying to chef Ramsay in a challenge.

She was an upscale bully to Christina for no reason

She makes Elise look good

6 Josh - Season 14

He should have gone home at least 6-7 episodes before he did and definitely should not have gotten a black jacket. They said he had 9 lives, I think it was more like 12 considering he went home on episode 13. I honestly think Ramsey was blind, deaf and had no taste receptors where Josh was concerned. At best he should only be a line cook, but even that is too dangerous for him. What a wacko.

It was quite shocking to see him getting the black jacket instead of Alison. Granted, Alison's performance on E12 was a disaster, but Josh had far more poor performances than her and the attitude speaks for itself. Also had quite some hatred on Nick.

Josh was/is Josh's biggest fan. In his mind he can do no wrong. Delusional party of one.

This guy always blame others, doesn't admit his mistakes. Can't even lead a team whether red or blue.

7 Roe - Season 13

Yes, she should be on here. She had way too many mistakes and inconsistencies during her stay.

Should've been sent homer over Santos

Thank you that she didn't win

Shouldn't be on here

8 Josh - Season 3

This guy is utterly incompetent. Why he thought it was a good idea to cook risotto and spaghetti before the order comes in is beyond me. At least his mid-service elimination made for good entertainment.

Probably the chef that should be ranked no. 1 on this list. 0 good services and was the first chef to get the pink slip in the middle of service.

Gets a black jacket
Gets eliminated at the start of the first black jacket service!

What How is this guy not on number 1 he had no good services

9 Russell - Season 8

Acted like a sore loser when he lost to Nona and almost throughout the season he had a horrible attitude.

Russel should have gotten eliminated earlier and he got away with insulting the prom organizers.

He's the only finalist that don't get my respect.

If I see him, I will slap him

10 Kashia - Season 12

Horrible contestant who would put herself up then backstab others by getting joy to overturn the majority vote like when Rochelle had no idea she had been nominated for eviction.

I hated her and I hated joy, there's a theme of certain women having issues with good looking Chefs and it happens time and time again.

Kashia should never have been in HK, "i'm a underdog" got on my tits, no you were just a bully with joy and that's why when finally Ramsey fired her fat ass joy ran off crying next service

I would have to agree that she did blame everyone else for her mistakes. She would try to hide behind people until Ramsey calls her out on it. She would get so defensive when the team would talk about who to eliminate and they would bring up some points about her flaws. Joy didn't help the situation. "At the end of the day, she's my girl." The real question to that is: So?

Never once owned up to a mistake she made. Straight up lied to Ramsay in the last episode when she blamed Melanie for not running her lobsters. Always screamed at everyone else when she was in the weeds, then played the victim card. Admittedly she could cook but her temperament and attitude were terrible.

Her attitude wasn't awesome! It was unbearable! She blames others for her shortcomings, does not listen to others, and it annoyed the hell out of me every time she said she was "flustrated".

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11 Kimberly - Season 16

If she had competed in any other season, she would not have received a black jacket. I don't have anything against her, but I believe that there have been many contestants throughout the show who performed better than she did, and I think she only got her black jacket due to the bar being set so low talent-wise that season.

She was terrible

12 Paulie - Season 16

He is not even that good of a chef. He just blames other chefs for his failures and cannot complete a dinner service successfully. Andrew should have gotten his black jacket instead of Paulie

Out of all the other male competitors that could have gotten a Black Jacket, if it had to be only one, WHY PAULIE?!

To quote Devin, "Paulie, stop thinking that you're better than the rest of us. Obviously, you're not."

He was even worse after he lost. He tries to screw Ryan, just because of his failure and misery.

13 Virginia - Season 2

How on earth did this idiot be in the final 2, what were you thinking Ramsay. And how come Keith wasn't in the final 2?

Keith didn't commit suicide he drowned in 2012.

This girl shouldn't been on black not to even speak of final 2

No talent whatsoever. Cheated on the taste-it-now-make-it challenge. Should never have had a black jacket, let alone be in the finals.

14 Suzanne - Season 6

It is too bad Melinda messed up on pasta, because Suzanne was on a downward spiral when she was in later episodes, no way she should've gotten a black jacket. She had too many chances.

She outstayed her welcome and should've eliminated over someone else (being Melinda and Amanda).

15 Manda - Season 15

Keep in mind Season 15 was the worst season in hell's kitchen history, for this season Manda did deserve a black jacket but if it were any other season she would not have gotten a black jacket.

16 Jimmy - Season 1

Everyone in Hell's Kitchen was AT LEAST able to cook SOMETHING, Jimmy couldn't, he's like the The Private Pyle of cooking

He seemed like a cool guy, but I don't understand how he managed to get a black jacket.

17 Jennifer - Season 13

She can't go a sentence without using the word F***

She's annoying

18 Jared - Season 15

He was just so annoying. He didn't take responsibility for his own mistakes and blamed in others causing their eliminations. His attitude was bad and just not deserving of a black jacket.

If you think that he shouldn't be on here, then rewatch episodes 2 and 3. Never take jabs at a relatively strong team member.

He was stupid, end of.

19 Bryant - Season 13

Really? Despite his attitude, his cooking performances in the latter part were in an upward trend. Hard to say if he should have deserved to be in the finals instead of Sade.

I don't care what others say, he should have won

Ugh, this guy was a jerk to his teammates and blamed everybody else when he did something wrong. Horrible. Plus he looks like a serial killer...

What a jackass

20 Heather - Seasons 16 & 18

Heather played it safe, and she gets a black jacket. Kanae took a risk, and she goes home. HOW!

21 Trev - Season 8

Actually, Trev had a few good moments, but throughout the rest of season, both pre and post-black jacket, he sucked. Remember back in episode 8 when Ramsay had to kick him out of the kitchen for a while and he was the only member of the red team that episode to perform poorly?

To me that we was a wort chef because he need chef Ramsay p's help on the beef welligntons also been yelled at scott

Don't underestimate Trev as he's a great chef!

I don't agree he is good chef

22 Susan - Season 11

What a moron you can't cook lamb over and over again should been eliminated a lot earlier

Susan have an issues with cooking lamb, should be here

Anthony deserved a black jacket over her

Shouldn't be on here

23 Santos - Season 13

He's annoying and egotistical! That's why he's on this list!

Why on earth is he on this list?

24 Barbie - Season 10

Barbie didn't deserve a black jacket or a season 17 all star spot she deserves a spot in a psych ward where crazy can be kept safe.

BArbie didn't deserve to get a black jacket

Barbie didn't deserve a black jacket

25 Sara - Season 2

Who else should have been worthy of a black jacket instead of Sara. Granted her attitude stink, but everybody eliminated before the black jackets were very terrible except maybe Maribel. Aside from Heather and Keith and in the latter part Virginia, it wasn't the best year at HK.

Look, I don't care if she was able to cook. The fact that she actively tried to sabotage her team throughout the season is enough to land her a spot on this list.

Not all the chefs eliminated were worse than her, Rachel was a little better

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