Top 10 Dumbest Big Brother Canada Moves

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1 Sindy nominates Neda

This is worse than her getting Jordan out. Had Brittnee, Sarah, Godfrey or maybe even Bruno won the HOH she could've been safe but in S5, taking out Neda meant she needed to win veto no matter what, she was screwed.

Sindy wanted to be on the good side of Canada otherwise she would've not nominated her alli.. although thrilling for the viewers but worst move for Sindy's own game.. and that's why she is on her way out right after Neda. Should've backdoored Ika.

Great move for Ika! Terrible move for herself! She wanted to impress Canada

2 Peter doesn't uses the POV on Topaz

Who knows what he was thinking! She was his only ally left in the house and he doesn't save her and he says he played a perfect game.

3 Maddy backdoor Loveita during the fake double eviction

Definitely one of the worst moves of Big Brother History. Not sure what was going through her head there, has she never watched Big Brother before? I think she was too much into just flirting with the guys thinking that would win her the game.

Oh my god! Unbelievable that Maddy is so crazy and gunn at Loveita-the person applies with her. Loveita is the strong person and Maddy will be regerted

4 Sabrina, Rachelle and Allison vote out Arlie

They could have becomed Arlie's angels and run the house but instead they vote him out and then regreted there decision.

5 Jordan Parhar volunteers to go on the block
6 Raul helps Jared win the Power of Veto

Honestly, that was the dumbest move in big brother history, He could won the power of veto instead of giving it to Jared, save one of his allies and guarantee his safety but he's just a puppet for Jared and Kelsey, that's why he was evicted that night.

7 Alec quits during the POV

He was one of the biggest target in the house, was on the block and he is leading the competition then out of nowhere he quits.

8 Emmett votes out Talla over Gary
9 Nick & Phil try to nominate themselves
10 The house evicts Jackie over Ika

What did Jackie even do to be so hated?

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11 Emmett nominates Talla during the double eviction

Is this guy crazy! He almost lost one of his closest ally in the game because of that. It's a good thing Peter is dumb.

12 Raul nominates Mitch

There was definitely bigger fish to fry, and when Kelsey told Raul that Mitch was a double agent he goes and confronts Mitch. A terrible move, he ruined his game but also Mitch's.

13 Adel nominates the Gremlins

He had the chance to make the biggest move in the game to put up the dynamic duo of Jon and Neda but instead he nominates the least strongest duo in Big Brother history.

14 Topaz messes up her vote on the finale night

The only person to ever do this, she should be at the top.

15 Paul accuses Andrew of being racist and sexist
16 Godfrey evicts Ashleigh in the final 3
17 Nick & Phil nominate Nikki instead of Cassandra

They are lucky they got this far. If they had been playing individually, or had been split after a few weeks, Phil would have gone home a long time ago. For some reason he doesn't get that in Big Brother you don't trust ANYONE, especially that close to the end! Poor Nick to have a bully of a brother like that.

They also got lucky that production switched comps.

This was Phil's mistake. It's always Phil's mistake.

18 Danielle volunteers to go up as a pawn

She was blindsided that week.

19 Arlie switches sides

I don't think he should have switched sides because 2 weeks later one of his best friends in the house backdoored him.

20 Neda waits to long to cut loose Jon

That shouldn't even be in the conversation. I mean first off Jon won safety in the "final 5, 4 and 3" you mention, so it wasn't even possible to make the move/no move that could be considered bad, as is the point of this, was or could be made. Ignoring that obvious error even the vast majority of fans didn't think Jon would ever evict her, so it's a stretch to consider it dumb in the first place aside all else and her intending to get rid of him.

She kept on saying to us that in final 6 she will cut him loose then it went to final 5 then 4 then 3 and then Jon cuts her loose. Well Neda do you regret waiting to long?

Lol, how could this possibly be in the conversation for "dumbest move"...even ignoring the fact that Jon just won safety in the "final, 4 and 3" you mention, so it wasn't possible. Sometimes luck isn't on your side.

21 Topaz lets Jillian win HOH
22 Sarah saves Pilar over Willow
23 Zach doesn't use the veto on Jordan

This move is worse than Jordan volunteering for the block. I don't know why that is so much higher than this, yes that was a bad call, but this move takes the cake

24 The House votes for Kelsey to return over Loveita
25 Anthony evicts Mark instead of Dane
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