Top 10 Worst Ink Master Contestants

With the new season, Ink Master Rivals airing tonight, let's choose the worst of the contestants, whether they couldn't tattoo, or they had the worst attitudes. As the new season airs, there will probably be more to come and more contestants to add. Feel free to express your thoughts.
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1 St. Marq - Season 6

In all honesty I thought that he was pretty good but clearly nowhere near what he claimed to be. Yeah, he stirred the pot on the show but I couldn't help but imagine his whole bravado not rubbing people the wrong way.

If he is brought back for season 7 I won't watch it. He is a mediocre one trick pony at best. I was surprised he didn't choke on his own ego...I never thought I would see someone more annoying than Emily, but here he is!

This guy is such a delusional egomaniac! It was so satisfying to see Chris knock the self-proclaimed "tattoo god" off his high horse.

I cannot believe they're bringing him back for season 7! As if I couldn't already stand him and his massive ego!

2 Danger Dave - Season 9

Way too controlling. The biggest problem with Tri-Cities is that Dave kept changing the initial designs mid-tattoo. He tanked his shop with every one of these decisions.

He and Bang were in the bottom every elimination they were there. 4 times in a row. I would not let them get anywhere near me with a tattoo machine.

Simply not good

3 Mystical Mike - Season 3

I have no idea why Mike was even on Ink Masters. I have looked through his portfolio, only being able to struggle through roughly 15 photos, finding inconsistancies in each tattoo I viewed. As far as all of the Hoopla regarding his vocabulary, I am at a total loss. I fully believe he must have Word of the Day toilet paper, choosing one or two words to use per day, and obviously not looking at the definitions of these words in full, as he misused words more than once. As far as his looks, I suppose someone has to brag about him being a good looking person to try to convince others. I do not see anyone else banging down any doors to apply for the job of boosting his ego and narcissism, so I can only presume this is why he seems to be the only one continually patting himself on the back for his looks, his vocabulary, his tattoos, as well as being delusional enough to believe that he is (in his words) one of the best tattoo artist in the world. I find this nothing short of absurd, ...more

Pretentious AND misused vocabulary is always the first sign of wanting to compensate for a lack intelligence. Worst, it is always a vice born out of anxiety of people finding out where you're really at intellectually. It's always the use of simple language to express your grand ideas that best shows just how smart you are. Yes, substance. NOT wordiness. This clown is the living version of the 'In Living Color' sketch "Booked on Phonics".

All talk but no skills. Unlike the others on this list, he really did not try to do any better. Kay may have been big mouthed and combative but he did learn from the critics he received. Mike seemed to want his work to Mystically be great but he did not have the talent to back it up. What is Mystical about Mike is how he got on Ink Masters in the first place?

I hate him even more after the redemption episode... insulting the canvas for having someone else work the ugly-ass tattoo that he did... Claiming she needed his permission to alter her own body! Can't believe she let him touch her. Jimi was adorable in this episode, by the way. Incredible skill, patience and attitude.

4 Tuff Tito - Season 8

He is dreadful. I think the judges have been showing favoritism towards him.

Nasty, narcissistic attitude. Argued with judges

5 Sirvone - Season 8

Loved Sirvone! Spoke a lot of truth! Should not have been eliminated when he was!

6 Tim - Season 5

I really don't understand why anyone would get a tattoo from that guy. His artiatry just blows my mind (in a bad way). It just sucks. He can't draw porportion or good fundamentals tyat are appealing. Look at his pinup and geisha for example. Terrible face and hands.

7 Kevin - Season 8

He and the season 5 Mark have the worst competitive records out of anyone on the show. He has consistently been in the bottom yet he still manages to slip through the cracks every single time. How he's made it as far as he has is beyond me.

He outstayed his welcome.

8 Boneface - Season 8

Attacking others for their looks rather than just focusing on tattooing. He produces clean tattoos, but he definitely isn't an artist - he can't draw up anything that looks decent.

His arguments involved attacking people personally. He lacked the ability to realize his mistakes, although he was in the bottom a lot

As poor of a performer he is, you gotta admit that he said one of the best lines of the entire show: "Why do you look 50 when you're only 24? "

He's such a jerk! What a sexist ass

9 Josh - Season 10

One word description this guy just yaps and yaps. It's only 3 episodes and I don't like him already. Honestly if this guy even goes to the finale, I will quit watching ink master.

10 Emily - Season 5

Runs her mouth off like a complete brat but as soon as she messed up and people criticized her she couldn't handle it.

Had no sympathy for her when she was 'ill'.

After seeing her in the show I would NEVER set foot in her studio. With her on screen attitude I'm shocked anyone would regardless of what she's like irl.

every time she was on screen I wanted to punch her. If the rest of the show wasn't so good I'd skip until she got eliminated.

I hated her since the first episode. All she is is talk and run her mouth all through out the season. I never really had a problem with the other, but she really is annoying. I wished she was eliminated earlier in the season, so I did not have to listen to her talk. Sometimes I wanted to go through the T.V. and slap her.

My lord she is annoying she talks to everyone but the second she gets a bad critique she starts shaking and crying. I so hope she goes home. Her tattooing ability is average relative to the contestants.

She even considers herself the Wicked Witch of tattooing. Not only is she fully aware that her attitude on the show was abysmal, but she also has no shame about it!

The Contenders
11 Maddie - Season 3

Just checked out what she's been up to since I'm and whoa has girl been busy! Arrested twice on domestic violence charges against her boyfriend and thrown behind bars. I'm sure she's out now, but it won't be long given her track record. Maybe she should invest in some anger management therapy or some form of couples counseling

Really bad tattoo artist... I would be devastated if I had a tattoo from her.

She could not make a decent tattoo to save her life!

12 Nikki - Season 8

I hated her the most in Season 8. She constantly complains about her canvas. Her team tried to give her a canvas that they thought she liked but she still complained. She says that the better artist should be given harder canvases yet when she is given a hard canvas she complains and says that they should give the weak artist hard canvases!

This season was marked by a consistent whining and double standard by the "girl's alliance". It was okay for them to target specific people and gang up, but when others did it to them, it was "unfair". Nikki was the worst of this group. She complained about everything, and she was smug as well as arrogant. Probably my least favorite season.

Tired of the constant comparison of herself to the other artists, whining about getting "difficult" canvasses, followed by one after another types of tattoos she doesn't master needs to be able to do it all!

Irritating beyond belief. Nikki thinks she's the Queen of Tattooing, despite the fact that she's still got a lot to learn. Her nonsensical gender play made me want throw something through the T.V.! She has skills in the tattoo arena, but her attitude and her mouth are a colossal turn off. I'd never get tattooed by her.

13 Big Ceeze - Season 6

This dude is always complaining about the challenges, saying that they are not conducive to his style. It becomes utterly apparent that he is not a good tattoo artist.

Always making excuses for his poor performance. Glad we don't have to hear him complain about how the tattoos are out of his element anymore.

14 Kay Kutta - Season 2

I've never seen anyone else on the show as big-mouthed or insecure as Kay. He's all bark and no bite. All he would do is run his mouth, and he didn't even have the skill to back himself up. No way he should have made it as far as he did, and he probably would have been the first to go if Cee Jay didn't misspell 'Corinthians' on her tattoo.

I absolutely could not stand this guy. He kept talking about playing mind games but in all reality he was just pathetic. He thinks he's some big bad ass because he's been to prison before. But all in all he was a weak tattoo artist and I'm surprised he made it for as long as he did.

Worst dude, kept talking smack despite the fact that he honestly was not doing anything to back up all his bragging about how he was the best.

Big mouth ass hat

15 Sketchy Lawyer - Season 8

His battleship mouth wrote checks his tugboat tail couldn't cash! At that point in the show, he had to face the fact that his weak-ass work (like that horrid "Family" head tattoo) just was NOT going to keep him there... as evidenced by the critiques... and his mind games with the women weren't working either. Plus, he'd made so many openly misogynistic remarks that he just couldn't bear the thought of being sent home while there were still women there, kicking ass... so the whiny baby quit! Good riddance, I say!

He could not make a logical argument. He was threatened by the girls to the point of quitting. His misogynist ideologies is truly what held him back.

While the award for worst artist would go to Mystical Mike (seriously, it's like someone secretly stole all his talent and just replaced it with more ego), Sketchy is definitely the worst contender.

I mean seriously, quitting just because a couple of girls are doing something that most contenders have done throughout almost every season of Ink Master ever: using alliances as a strategy. Seriously, the noobs bonded against the vets, Chris worked with Tyler, Dave and Marissa to get perks, Allegory Arts with Unkindness a.o... But you know, the girls were mean to him, boohoo. What a wimp. He's worse than Josh (who lost 'cause he smoked pot which was explicitly against the rules, so the judges were forced to eliminate him). Josh was just stupid. Being weak is worse than being stupid. Go cry in a corner, Sketchy. Leave tattooing to actual badasses.
Seriously, even St. Marq, who is 'famous' for being douchy, at the end took is defeat, shook Chris' hand and said he respected his ...more

People have already commented about his misogynistic remarks, his clear insecurity with his masculinity, and the fact that clearly HE is the biggest bitch in the kitchen (for always remarking that women are so clique-y and emotional, he sure as hell got all out of sorts when Gian stuck him with a bad canvas). Besides that, he's a bad ass tattoo artist. I don't care how good his technical skills are or how artistic he actually is. He admitted that he was playing the game and that he was fine coasting along and not go 100% for any of the tattoos until he got called out on that. On top of that, he derided the other artists for being artistic or putting so much focus into their technical ability, bragging about how he was going to cash "his" prize money when he didn't need to make the effort. Sheer over-inflated, unfounded ego that led to a number of people that got his half-assed efforts.

16 Tatu Baby - Season 3

I say season 3 ONLY, because she was great during season 2. In season 3, she did good a few times, but other than that, she was consistently in the bottom, yet she still made it to the finals somehow. She even considered quitting in the middle of the competition, but the judges talked her out of it. No way she should have lasted as long as she did that season.

I agree totally. She lost the plot in season 3. They kept her ( I believe) to save face!

So can't even put together a tat machine. Come on people what.

17 Joshua - Seasons 3 & 5

Josh is extremely talented, and one of my favorite artists to ever appear on Ink Master. If he wasn't removed from season 5 due to smoking pot for anxiety issues, it would've been Josh vs Clean in the finale.

This guy is a douchebag, plain and simple. I can't believe they would bring him back for another season. Just goes to show you they care more about the drama than the ink.

18 Gentle Jay - Season 4

Good tattooer but has a horrible attitude. I've met tattooers like him. He's the type that would want to change your idea into his own. That's not what tattooers are supposed to do. The good ones admit that they want to bring your vision to ink. Not change it to their own.

Very whiny, I think he made it to the end based on luck. No way he was better than his rival in season 5, he just lucked out that Josh got sent home.

Says everybody is looking for a free tattoo. He is supposed to be there to show he's the best tattoo artists, not the biggest jerk

Bad attitude! I wouldn't let him near me and if he talked to me like he did on I.M.,I would have been arrested for assault.

19 Randy - Season 4

This ASS gives gays a bad name...when there is so much unreasonable prejudice out there, it really sucks that he would use his sexuality as an excuse and insinuate that the judges factored that into their decision. The fact is he sucked, and probably should have gone home sooner than he did.

His tattooing skills were lackluster enough, but then he insists on pulling the gay card on the judges the last time he was there. No one cares if you're a homosexual in the tattoo industry. If you go home, it's because you did a bad tattoo.

He keeps blaming the judges not liking him on being gay. No one cares that he's gay, he just kept producing bad tattoos.

I got the tattoo and I am not happy with it. Worst part the world knows about it

20 Roland - Season 4

The problem most people have is they're looking for overall skill across the bored. Line work, saturation, etc. forgetting that certain artists choose to specialize in one style. Roland is a bad ass Hawaiian tribal artist that is extremely popular on the big island. His work is impeccable. Just because he can't do biomechanical tattoos, doesn't mean he can't tattoo.

Not sure how he even thought he could make it through the rest of the competition. I've picked up a machine twice and executed better tattoos.

Why was he allowed to compete in the first place? Who thought it would be a good idea to let someone who lacks any artistic ability onto a show to show off skill when he lacks any at all?

He was treacherous! He lacked the artistic talent given to a kindergarten school child given finger paints. He should be banned from tattooing!

Like Maddie, he's been consistently in the bottom, and he just can't tattoo. Just look at the cat tattoo he made in the first episode.

21 Al - Season 1

Would never get a tat from this guy. How can you think those were gates!

He has such a big mouth, without the tattooing skills to back it up.

Big mouth dumbass with no skills to back it up.

He's rude, annoying, obnoxious and his style is so pedestrian it hurts

22 Katie - Season 10

She is so annoying, trying to shut down everybody about ego problems when most of them just have confidence which she does'nt. Wayyy too emotional for a competition like Ink Master, she isn't a good tattoo artist and she ain't a good person so I dislike her very much.

23 Ashley - Season 4

She needs to stop blaming her whining on the fact that she's a girl. No sugar, "girls" don't do that. YOU do that. Don't lump me in the same group as you because we both have a vagina. She was emotionally unstable and clearly expects to get a free pass for every failure because she's female. Just no integrity at all. Ugh.

She was in way over her head. She started crying and quit the competition before the judges gave their critique of her tattoo because she couldn't handle the pressure. Whiny and pathetic.

He was a weakling to begin with.

24 Dave - Season 8

Dave targeted the Girls Alliance because he was threatened by their talents. What Dave did after he won his first flash challenge was that he back stabbed Team Peck (mostly Ashley and Gia) to try and get in the way of getting the title of Ink Master.

Just a mediocre artist

25 Alex - Season 7

I hate this punk kid so much and will be clapping when he goes home. He's like some defensive 17 year old trying to prove himself to a bunch of adults who've been in the game since before he was potty trained. He can't take critiques without getting an attitude and blowing off whatever someone says to him (I mean look at his intro, he's even got the attitude there! ). He may have good technical skills, but without artistic talent it doesn't mean squat. The only time I've liked St. Marq was when he went off on him for being an outright douche to Sausage. Props to Marq for not smashing the kid into the ground because I couldn't have held back on his punk a**.

Sure St. Marq is annoying, but Alex is being overly hostile towards him, and he needs to understand that he needs to let his tattoos do the talking. He has been a consistently sub par performer and if he keeps that attitude up, that could very well cost him the competition.

He throws tantrums! He rolls his eyes and huffs like a child and he's subpar at best, it's actually sort of sad. Why are you in this competition if you're just going to show America how disgusting your personality is?

"I don't wanna work on a team. I don't often get along with other tattooers because I don't get along with people in general."
"I got into tattooing specifically to not do manual labor."
He's clearly in the wrong profession.

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