Reason Why Selena Gomez Is Better Than Demi Lovato

The Top Ten Reason Why Selena Gomez Is Better Than Demi Lovato

1 Selena Is Way Prettier Than Demi

Both are very beautiful. Selena has a more adorable innocence to her face but I think Demi has more of a mature beauty than Selena. It's really all down to which you prefer

How about this: top 10 reasons this list is untrue. Demi is better and beautiful.

Seriously, whoever posted this list is 100% insane, and totally biased. I mean, everyone has their own opinions and views, but to judge two famous celebrities by their beauty is just...seriously?! Everyone is beautiful, inside or out. And beauty isn't what matters in life. How many of you agree?

Demi lovato is also very pretty

2 Selena Is More Talented

Selena can sing for all those wondering. Listen to her cover of Mama Do for proof but yes, Demi is a much better singer. This doesn't mean that selena is bad, but Demi has the most incredible voice I have ever heard with almost a 4 octave range Most people have two octaves

Selena doesn't even have 3 octaves in her voice! Demi has 3, almost up to 4 octaves and that's amazing! Selena sounds like a male contralto, and Demi sounds like an Angelic Soprano (But they are both Mezzo's)

Demi is MORE talented than selena

Demi is much better than selena. She is way talented.

3 Selena Is More Famous

Cool For The Summer got more attention then Good For You.

Tell that to the way more awards and fans Demi Has than Selena

But She was many fans that like her.

Well Demi lovato has won 56 awards and Seelna Gomez has won 54 awards

4 Selena Makes Better Songs

Demi's songs and voice are amazing. Selena doesn't write her own songs and the songs which the media give her don't suit her voice. Demi doesn't use that much autotune- only in neon light because it's supposed to sound like that. Her live voice is pretty much the same-if not better. If Selena wrote her own songs, I think it would be better. She wrote 'I won't apologize' which I found was her best song. Because Selena doesn't have such a wide vocal range as Demi (Demi has 4 octaves) she should sing songs that suit her. Once she sang a cover of Mama Do and that suited her and made her voice sound like an angel but nobody can deny that Demi has the best voice ever and nobody can take that away from her

Selena makes better songs? Really? Laugh out loud

I think Demi lovato makes better song and you think Selena Gomez makes better song LOL

Its really an exact tie between them for singing ability, as both use Auto-Tune to the max.
Any random female singer like Rebecca Black also sounds exactly like them, again because of Auto-Tune.

5 Selena Has a Better Style

Selena sucks. Demi has beautiful style. Kim100, you are insane.

Well Demi Lovato has a wonderful syle

Selena is perfect; demi sucks

That is true SELENA SUCKS!

6 Selena Is a Better Actress

Demi is a far more better actress

Selena is a better actress and Demi is a better singer. They are both amazing at what they do so why compare them!

They are both good actresses.

Technically selena has better screen presence.

7 Selena Acted In More Movies and TV Shows

Demi left acting for her personal health, which is very responsible and mature of her.

Demi was smart by giving acting a break. Just look at her music.


8 Selena Has Better Shows

Wizards of Waverly Place was bad. Sonny With A Chance rocked.

Wizards of waverly place was BORING!

I love both the shows

But The Simpsons better than all of them...

9 Demi Has Great Mentality and She is Beautiful at Heart

Demi is good looking and she encourages all kinds of races and doesn't support bullying

10 Selena Doesn't Dye Her Hair to Look Good

For all you know, Demi doesn't dye her hair to look good ( she looks good without her hair dyed) maybe she does it just because she wants to.

Demi does it cause she wants to. Quit hating on her.

Don't be jealous idiots


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11 Selena Has More Fans

No she doesn't. Lists that say "selena is better than demi" get lots of hate (this one for example) while lists that say "demi is better than selena" gets lots of love

Kim100: Not everyone loves Selena. I don't,and neither does my cousin.

Okay kim I don't like her.

Selena very sucks - vettel7

12 Selena Doesn't Laugh Like a Dinosaur

How does the person that made this list know what dinosaurs sound like? Demi's laugh is beautiful, just like everything else about her.

Every one jealous cause demi sing better then that untalented selena

Okay whoever made this list is the biggest jack ass on the internet

Demi DOES NOT laugh like a dinosaur.

13 Selena Dated Justin Bieber

Kim100 is mental. Go to a mental hospital if you love Selena.

Thank God. Demi didn't date with Bieber. And you selenators are proud of that? Haha

This whole list is stupid.

I HATE Justin Bieber I do like Selena Gomez but I think DEMI LOVATO IS WAY BETTER THAN SELENA GOMEZ

14 Demi is fat

I will pull your brains out if your call an empowering women fat. You should be ashamed of yourself for body shamming a person. Cheer and admire your favorite celeb but try to be in your senses.

So What's Wrong That? Demi is not that fat.

Lol, demi is perfect


15 Selena Is Sane

So is Demi. Kim100, you're insane.

Demi Lovato IS sane.

16 Selena's less annoying on social media than Demi
17 Selena Has More Going for Her

Demi has a great Voice. But Selena certainly is more versatile, and has many talents, she also has friends and it's not throwing shade on Demi... Wich she defended when she was bullied when she was little. Demi rants sometimes... Against the help Taylor gave KeSha. Selena is making movies, in High Fashion Campaigns, she's original and intelligent. Ok Demi has a better voice but not everybody likes that kind of LOUD music... She needs to chill and forgive Selena has a good life. She's still not over the fact that Sel went on with her life... It's so onvious

18 Demi Lovato doesn't have a love affair with Nat Wolff

Crap. I thought I was adding an item on "Reasons Why Demi Lovato is Better Than Selena Gomez".

19 Selena never tried to bring Demi down while Demi did!

Naah. Like Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez is a whiny, sexist, stuck-up diva. >:(

Selena is much better than Demi! Selena is kind hearted! She is an angel on earth! ❤️

20 She's Friends With Taylor Swift


21 Demi punched someone on a plane, Selena didn't.

Whoever put this on the list is a serious cyberbully that shames people for praising artists that actually have a heart of gold and a LOT of talent.

22 Selena has her own band

Demi lovato is better at singing than Selena Gomez

And them she left them because she thought she was "too good" for them

Selena Gomez and The Scene

Not anymore.
Demi is much better be a single singer

23 Selena is Smart and Wise

She is by her personality

24 Selena Has a Better Personality
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