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1 She's a homewrecker.

What a disgusting person. Every self respecting woman shouldn't support a woman who steals men, she done that countless times. A person that uses her kids (cover of magazine, are you kidding me? ) and 'charity' to promote herself must be really evil. And her charity is to give a bit to 'charity' and buy her million dollars things, plus her travels are only about her showing up and leaving in few hours or days, that's not helping anyone. If she gave her real opinion to governments she could change a thing or two, but if you hear what's she's saying are always trying to be liked and not face the enemies of these wars head on.

What sad, pathetic lives on display here. I'm so glad I have a life.

It's what she has always done and she feels no guilt over it, that is why people can't forgive her. Owning up to what she has done wrong and saying she is sorry would have helped years ago, but now it is just too late.

poor Jennifer! I hear lots of actresses don't even want thier man to star in movies with her. she's not to be trusted ladies.

She is the lowest of the low. No morals at all. Brad Pitt was married and she knew it. Mr and Mrs shots show it all! Call it chemistry all you want, it was plain seduction. This seemingly then beautiful woman thought she was so beautiful that she was entitled to everything including someone else's husband. No matter what so called humanitarian work she does are out shadowed by her low morals!

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2 Nothing special about her face. What do people see in her, anyway?

To be honest, she has a man face. Manlier than Aniston's. Aniston's is just long-chinned but Jolie? Ugh. Can't stand those huge lips. BTW, she looks FIVE to ten years older than her age.

Others say:
Big head, gross lips... nose job... -

I opened the? Which says: "No negative comments." ALL the comments are negative, let me add mine:
(We all agree about those lips. Looks as though she had a very bad filler.)
1/ She can't act to save her life.
2/ She so up herself it's horrible.
3/ The children collecting is a publicity stunt, I don't believe she loves anyone but herself.
4/ Her face is expressionless.
5/ I doubt if a conversation with her would be at all interesting.
6/ She's a phoney.

Jolie has the largest mouth of any human being I have ever seen. If you put her mouth next to a "large mouth bass", she would win. It is HUGE!

I just can't see why she is so called good looking - gruppenfuhrer

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3 She's overrated.

So overrated am I the only one who thinks this evil witch just wanted a boob job and exploited that too just like she does her relationship, her kids and her so called charity work?! She's an awful actress it's true the only roles she's good at are insane people. Hum life imitating art yup!

WAY overrated... but I picked this one because there was no "All of the Above" - VADERtheIMPALER

I am always shocked when I see her acting - she always looks like a sultry frog in all movies. Way overrated, but unfortunately this narcissist seems to get away with poor acting...

Agreed...used the cancer scar to get new boobs!, never rated her, but now I do a big fat 0!

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4 She is a weird psycho.

She was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder years ago which can instigate some very "off" behavior (even her father has talked about it).

The self-cutting and mutilating, obsession with blood, and shooting heroin has all been replaced by food deprivation (self starvation and anorexia - which is considered a psychological disorder that affects the patient physically as well).

That the "sheeple" buy into "The Emperor's Clothes Syndrome" with her is just as disturbing. She's no Mother Theresa and she hasn't a clue of how to cook for her kids let alone do the everyday things that Moms (and yes, even famous and rich ones) do.

I think Dr. Drew was right... They (Brangelina) are headed for a major nuclear melt down if she doesn't finally get some real help for her mental issues.

She kissed her brother mouth-to-mouth, had vials on her neck containing blood, plays with knives, has those trashy, disgusting tattoos... etc. I don't know why the hell she became a UNHCR ambassador and a "good" mom if in fact she doesn't know how to cook, she leaves the babysitting job to Brad... -

I just discovered that she was once did pornography way back in maybe around 1990's or early 2000's! Plus, she took a dump in the park in public before she marries Brad Pitt! Disgusting! :P

Bitch should have stayed in the asylum she was in in changeling

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5 She's a terrible actress. Her only good roles are those mentally-ill characters.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Wanted, Tomb Raider 2... they're crappy movies. I don't have any idea why she is still making more and MOAR stupid movies. I dunno with her new film "Salt." She looks uglier there. -

I voted for this one because she tries to be so intense and dramatic. She thinks she's so mysterious. Sorry "Angie" but it takes more than comically huge lips and hollow cheeks to be intriguing. All her drama feels forced. She really is terrible at acting.

I agree with you. In Changeling she acted good because she always be a good mother and wants to be a mother for their children. So this is the only appropriate role for her. When I see the action movie that she has a role in that, I always laughing because her face and her acting were ridiculous.

Yuck in changeling she couldn't cry properly

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6 She is a hypocrite.

The reason Angelina Jolie has adopted all these children and done all this work in poor 3rd world country's is because it a way to fool people into believing she is a wonderful, kind, loving, and motherly person. This is a very typical trait of a sociopath. Before adopting all the children, she was on the path of self destruction. She had to change her image and how people saw her. Well what is something that would change people's view of her and over look her past. Charity work and helping children who needed homes. Most sociopathic women I have known all really seemed to want children. And determined to have them. I think it's for a few reasons. Most of the world doesn't view mothers as vicious, deceptive, home wrecking, life destroying, with no heart or conscience. Sociopathic women seem to fly under the radar and make lives miserable, and do underhanded, covert things and because society believes mothers and most women who look like They have their together and in public look like ...more

More importantly, a strategic fraud. She had platformed her relationship with Pitt to a calculated level of power.

She watches people in the face and lies. I seriously hate that because she is a UN ambassador. Plus she's a home-wreaker

Not true

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7 She has the ugliest features ever.

Hmm... what can we say...

Old-looking, huge disgusting lips, big head, flat butt, skeleton legs, protruding veins on her arms (well she states that this is the most favorite part of her body which I find it STRANGE, but that's just me. ) -

Does everybody notice that Angelina Jolie's silver wetsuit doesn't fit anymore? That's because she skinny and she has bony limbs like the monster from Cloverfield!

If she didn't wear makeup she would look like and old man. She has no femine features at all. And she is all plastic. She has had so much bad plastic surgery in her face. If I was her I would be ashamed to go outside because everybody can see she is all plastic surgery, it is so obvious.

This is not a good reason to hate her.

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8 She's only beautiful because she is waif thin and has huge lips.

Her own husband, Pitt has said, "She is a very shrewd woman." Her best performance is in creating her many different images for the public. Why do her fanATICS not see how skeletal thin she is and how her face has changed from so many cosmetic procedures?

She LOVED being the 'Rebel/Goth Woman' then, the 'Sex Nymph' with her 2nd husband. The cycles of drug abuse and starvation have been going on since she was in her late teens. Now, she's starving herself again (come on this has nothing to do with "being jealous" this is just clear as day how her big bony hands, elbows, shoulders, collar bone, knees, all jut out and she's lost all muscle tissue and tone that she once had while doing Laura Croft movies.

She wants everyone to see her now as a 'sexy Mother Teresa' but she still can't cook one meal for her own six children after being a "Mom" for 14 years. SERIOUSLY? She says she "makes cereal" by pouring milk on junk processed cereal ...more

Her lips are some of the most beautiful lips ever, and they're NATURAL. Unlike all these huge ugly lipped celebrities who look like they've been sucking doorknobs and their stupid looking plastic surgery lips don't fit their faces, Angelina's lips fit her face perfectly because that's the way they actually grew. You guys may be so used to Hollywood getting plastic surgery on lips that you can't understand that some people actually have natural large lips.

See that crease in her lip? It's always been there since she was a kid. If she had surgery it would have pushed that out and made her have sausage looking lips like most celebs do. Hers still are nice shaped because they are natural.

Do a little research and you will find pictures of Angelina when she was a kid. When she was only like 9 years old she had those huge pouty lips. She actually even has pretty large lips as a baby. You clearly see in her childhood photos that she's always had them and hasn't "messed with" ...more

The thing that is most irksome is that she has had several sets of implants way before she had the elective surgery to remove breast tissue and then, she just got even bigger fake boobs. Which, is very weird because if you are at risk for breast cancer, removing breast tissue doesn't guarantee that you won't still get the disease - it reduces the chance.

But, if she was really concerned, she would have opted for smaller implants or like some women (myself with same surgery) no implants so screening for cancer isn't impeded by huge silicone sacks.

St Jolie fans (there are some obsessed ones out there who sickly think they have some kind of "connection" to this strange woman and view her as some demi-God when she's really a mental mess, get really CRAZY when anyone discusses all the plastic surgery she's had done;
> Natural "B" cup breasts in movie, "Hackers,"
> Full "C" cup in movie "Gia."
> Super Full "" cup in Laura Croft
THEN, right after having ...more

She lack of inner beauty because the way she goes about her divorce on Brad. She is bean very mean and not have a heart for someone she spent more than 10 years together. She is heartless person without a doubt.

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9 She is never been in a romance movie.

If she was in a romance movie with ANYONE, it officially wouldn't be acting anymore.

Oh, come on. You know what will happen. -

Nobody is saying anything about the men? I mean, aren't they weak? It takes two, no matter what anybody says. She is doing so much for the poor and children of the world--what are you doing? She is using her money for good. Get over it. Jennifer Aniston is doing ok.

I don't like her, but what's wrong with not being in a romance movie?

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10 She's not the sexiest woman after all.

Megan Fox is GROSS. Funny that you pick her as your example of beauty. Megan Fox is the worst actress in the entire world, only gets jobs because blind people think she has a good body, and Megan Fox has this big square ugly head with manly features. Angelina used to be one of the most naturally beautiful people around, now she's gotten old like everybody does eventually. Wait until nasty fat plastic surgery victim man face Megan Fox gets older, that's going to be one sad sight.

Angie has turned into a granny with weak bones, wrinkled skin and her lip is like the size of a penis! She's absolutly not the hottest actress in the world! I'm sticking with Megan Fox! She's sexier than Angie!

Waif thin body with cup-C chest? That doesn't fit her. -

If she is sexy iam hitler - gruppenfuhrer

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11 She is a phony and so is the mastectomy stunt

Helping an evil generic corporation to put fear into women to get tested if they are "at risk" of getting breast cancer. It's a total scam and the company makes thousands of dollars from each woman who gets the test done. Meanwhile, the "risk" is only marginal to the chance of actually getting it. (False statistics) Also then the genetics company then can own human genes.
It's a huge rotten scam.

She has done more damage than that. On another forum. I spoke to a young woman who had the gene.. She was told that she would need "preventative chemo"and that she would have to have her breasts and uterus removed by age 29! This is being used by Big Pharma to scare women into treatment they do not need. Women who are not Sick.. And have No symptoms.. A Jolie is an Evil Witch!

I have had a mastectomy and I can tell you every thing she said and did is false. She clearly did not have a double mastectomy. Even if she had reconstruction you would be able to tell.. As a true Cancer surviver I am disgusted in her act. She shames all real breast cancer victims

She should just have told the world she wanted a boob job and it would all be OK. But NO she had to do his mastectomy too. Kate Hudson had implants. Geez Jolie get a grip

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12 She is jealous of Jennifer Aniston

She is still so jealous of her. Jennifer actually KNOWS what she's doing with her life and her career and from the start she showed her real self, she is the same person she was so many years ago when Jolie was a crazy psycho that now likes to pretend she's world's best mom.

Jen is definitely everyone's favorite. Jolie is nothing compared to her. - AlexHeiberg

Jolie is so jealous of Jen that her jealousy dictates everything she does. Jen has the power over Jolie and Pitt.

She doesn't care about Jen
Jolie doesn't like Hollywood

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13 She calls her children really weird names, because they think they're special.

correct. and she dresses shiloh like a boy. eew. - sdravenson

Poor Shiloh has been made to dress like a young male Brad since she was a baby! It was this FREAK Angelina that thought making her appear like a boy was precious! That kid is seriously going to be majorly wrecked in a few years...cocaine binges and heroin to come down!

A mum thinks that her children are special and You hate her because of that. I don't understand!

What a bitch all lies that child, doesn't want to be a boy. What a whore.

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14 She won't let her kids see their dad

How can keeping children from seeing their father be good for the kids? It's only good for Angelina. That she presents their well being as her reason is worse than selfish. She cut herself off from her father as punishment for him disagreeing with her. Now she's doing same to Brad and punishing her children in the process. She's handled this in such an extreme way the children will be forced to choose sides. That is so incredibly mean, self serving and shortsighted. The children will suffer emotionally and be damaged long term psychologically. Time will tell the truth of this story through the voices of the children.

She is the one who should not see the kids

That is very selfish of her not to allow her children to see their dad. Who she think she is?

He is not a threat to those kids and she is treating him like he is. That is bad for all of them. The kids need to know their parents love them and care about each other, even if they pursue divorce.
She is out of touch with her kids emotional well being. He may have blown it on the plane, but he did everything the Courts asked: got clean, tested, therapeutic visits. And, CPS did not pursue a case. He is not a risk to those kids and she just cannot see that.
Fiinally they are going private with this divorce and I cannot help but think she got a wake up call when everyone supported Brad at the Golden Globes.

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15 She makes out that she is a victim

When it was Jennifer Aniston that was the victim of Jolie and Brad Pitt

She is using her precautionary operations distraction to get people's sympathy, hoping to change her image as a home wrecker.

Yea I like jolie but I liked pitt and aniston together better

16 She is an image driven, calculating, cold woman

If she truly cared about her kids and their needs she would not use them to promote her image or further her political aspirations. I do believe she has some serious mental issues and is a time bomb waiting to detonate.

17 She is so egocentric she only thinks about what she wants, until she gets it.

Uses her kids and charity work to promote hrr films

Oh so your asking if I've met her HAVE YOU?!?

Have you ever met her?

18 Jolie and Pitt treat their oldest daughter like a tomboy

Out of all of their kids adopted and biological. Little Shiloh seems to be the most ignored. She seems to be thrown together in boyish clothes. She is not encouraged to be a little girl. Her haircuts are all tom boyish. She also seems to be pushed aside by her parents. I feel sorry for the kid. She has two parents that are famous and they allow their precious child to dress in dowdy attire.

She wants to be a boy herself that's why she dresses like a boy:/

Bad mother, what a bad way to treat and dress your daughter

Shiloh is being forced to dress as a boy. Proof: look up Shilohs first baby pics. She is a newborn wearing a boys shirt that has SKULLS on it. Jolie, you really did a good job proving that Shiloh wants to be a boy. You deserve the Nobel prize.

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19 She is annoying

Buying babies to adopt in Africa, that is just weird, even gross, behaviour in my opinion. As pointed out by Katie Hopkins in today's DAILY MAIL newspaper (22th September 2016)

Disgusting behavior

She always looks totally gacked out of her mind...

The most annoying bones on T.V.

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20 She is NOT actually exotic.

Come on, there are other exotic beauties out there... like Thandie Newton, Cree Summer... -


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