Top Ten Reasons to Hate Angelina Jolie


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41 Openly dragging her (ex)husband through the mire.

Pitt may or may not have done wrong things, still I Denying him think she should focus on supporting her children through this harsh times. Denying him any access to them must hurt them as well as him. He should at least be allowed to tell them his side.

42 She does not seem to fight for her marriage.

Nothing that is worth something is easy.

43 She's a Big Hypocrite


Was a heroin addict! Now is imposing that Brad has to undergo random alcohol and drug testing in order to have visitation rights with kids. Just because she was a junkie, doesn't mean that the kids dad should be cut off from having a beer or a glass of wine or smoke a bit of weed, once in a while. - Nasty woman.

More holier than though attitude Although she had an incestious affair with her brother.

Evil, wicked vampire tendencies. Use to wear a vile of blood around her neck. Definitely mentally disturbed. Was into self mutilation practices also.

Now holding kids hostage - probably trying to brainwash them.

Very jealous and possessive of her Brad with other woman, although she's wrecked more than one marriage in the past and has been know to steel other women's men (major indication of being insecure) must make her feel powerful. Guess she thinks everyone's like her. Disrespectful, conniving, untrustworthy. I could go on and on. Poor Brad. Poor kids.

44 Said Charlize Theron was a bad role model
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