Top 10 Reasons to Hate Bayonetta

I am going to talk Bayonetta from Super Smash Bros, sometimes I'll talk about her game

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She's overpowered

Unfortunately, it seems the most recent Smash Ultimate update (the one that added the stage builder and Joker) undid any nerfing she may have had. I don't use her, but in CPU battles against her I've had to deal with her ridiculous counter move more than ever!

This was supposedly addressed with the most recent software update, but now we run into the "can't just not buy her" problem because now everyone's whining about how she was nerfed.

Before one of her daddies, husbands, sons, brothers, or lovers tries to "correct" this by whining that she was nerfed, yes there was that patch whose sole purpose was that, but it really didn't do that much good except to said fanboys and scrubs who use her and no one else.

Noobs abused the heck out of her, even morseso than Cloud.

They are other characters that fit better with Smash Bros

Sans and anyone else from that overrated Earthbound ripoff don't. I'm even angrier at that Sans Mii costume than I am at this psycho slt being (supposedly) voted in!

Someone from the Soul Caliber would have made a lot more sense, even. If for no other reason than bringing full circle the fact that Link was in one of their games.

That said, Cloud and Snake don't fit with Smash Bros, either.

Yes, but Piranha Plant isn't one of them

People are now happy to be able to use her to beat up undeserving characters

It's mostly the Peach, Zelda, and Rosalina haters who would think this, though Link, Mario, Dedede, Meta Knight, Paluntena, Wario, Yoshi, Marth, and Pit are also subject to being called "lame-os" or whatnot and yay now being able to have "sexiest/most badass character ever" beat up on them. Meanwhile, I can't even hate the Duck Hunt dog anymore, in Smash he's just too cute!

Previous commenter forgot Robin. Everyone ignores if not hates him/her, and now here's the great, wonderful, awesome, perfect Bayonetta to give that guy/chick a "well deserved" beating. Though at least I can say that the one time I've ever faced a Bayonetta online, the joke was on them because they had to hear the announcer say "The winner is... Robin" (played by me) and they ended up in FOURTH place.

Bad enough everyone showed this attitude with Snake in Brawl.

Worse, I'm sure more than a few people decided to buy "Smash" because they heard she was in it (or saw/bought at least one of her Amiibos depending on when you're reading this), then bought her upon realizing she was DLC for the sole purpose of beating up all the other characters in the game because they're all "lame" (yes, even Samus and Link) and she's so badass.

She ruined Super Smash Bros.

She opened the floodgates for more crappy flash-in-the-pan characters we all now have to pretend are "iconic"

Seriously, they might as well add Leisure Suit Larry or Naked General Custer at this point.

Not everybody hates her only for that. Why are you so doggone defensive? Her raunchy self brought nothing all that wonderful and new to the table as it was, there was nothing indicating or implying she or her games were so popular people wanted her in above literally any other game character ever even ones owned by Nintendo themselves, and did I mean her raunchiness thus ruining what's supposed to be an E10+ rated game (toning down didn't help, what if someone- possibly a kid- now wanted to go check out that "Devil May Cry Penthouse Edition" that is her original game where she's not toned down). Not to mention people who didn't buy her still had to waste time and disk space on an update solely for her- that's sounds like ruining to me.

If I wanted a game with a barely-dressed woman wielding actual deadly weapons, I'd play a Mortal Kombat game of my choice instead of Super Smash Bros. And I tried to get into the Bayonetta series itself but I couldn't, all I saw was a pathetic rip-off of Devil May Cry that people only seem to love because yay female protag who gets away with stuff a male character wouldn't have and other female characters somehow didn't before. A series whose existence I now can't just ignore because the fans swarmed the Smash Ballot and Nintendo gave in to them.

You can't "just not buy her"

Whether you download her or not, that stupid notification of her availability "in all her glory" still shows up on the main menu screen, and since she was the last DLC addition we're all going to be seeing that notification forever. Also people raving about her inclusion-- and judging you if you don't have her yourself.

How about the fact that those who did indeed "just not buy her" still had to install an update that was ALL about her?

Sure you can not buy her, but that doesn't stop her from appearing! It's like you're being forced to buy her just to stop all the nagging and bothering! It's like what Konami did with the Link Summoning, but as a violation of the ESRB ratings instead of a violation of the fundamental rules of trading card games!

Definitely true of Smash Ultimate. Not buying her now means not buying the game itself at all.

We now have to endure her being shipped with other characters who made it into "Smash"

Ugh I hate shipping aside from bnha.
Now there shipping her with WOLF who is a WOLF - JoPro

Earlier "Smash" games already spawned crossover pairings, most of which were quite random, many downright weird, and very few (like can be counted on one hand) that made a lick a sense AND weren't because of how they looked together. Now that Bayonetta's in there, SHE'S going to be paired with anyone and everyone else in the game. And knowing her, "paired" if we're lucky if you know what I mean!

She's being shipped with Pit and Palutena even though she'd sooner kill them.

All the Smash Bros crack pairings suck anyway, but still

Her "ask your mum" taunt

Several of the characters have "mums" that have died or disappeared (this explicitly being mentioned or shown in their games of origin) and in some of those cases their mothers' fates are what drives the plot of their original games/the character's actions in said games. Ness's mother may be alive and well but in "Earthbound" he could get "homesick" and not be able to do much if he hadn't seen or called her in a while. And while one of Lucina's potential mothers (only her father's identity is set in stone in "Fire Emblem Awakening", the mother could very well end up being fem Robin if the player so dictates) is actually in "Smash" herself with Lucina, but there's that whole thing about Lucina having traveled back in time to prevent a bad future where among other things whoever her mother was things did not end well for said mother. Of the remaining characters, best case scenario we don't know the status or fate of their mothers (or fathers) or even what kind of relationship they may ...more

Seriously it's just a taunt, characters are not programmed to have emotions in that game - DaisyandRosalina

Note to anyone about to use Smash Ultimate's video editor to make yet another video where your "bae" says that taunt and Lucas commits suicide: don't. It's not funny or even original.

If we really push the definition, Luma's "mum" is also present and alive, but of course the demise of Rosalina's own mum is a big part of her backstory.

Like she's really in a position to say that

What's really ironic is that Bayonetta lost her mother as well so I don't know what gives her the right to say that, since it comes off as hypocritical. - Mario8

Her clothes and her hair are one and the same

And of course that's even if you can even call them "clothes". Either way, creepy and actually kind of disgusting.

She gets a pass for things other characters are condemned for

Mai Shiranui: can't be a cameo (on Terry Bogard's stage) or Spirit because "Super Smash Bros is for good girls and boys"

Bayonetta: is a fully realized character in Smash Bros

Rosalina doesn't belong in the game because she's (somehow) "too sexy", you say? Peach's taunts are annoying and immature? Cloud too cheap? Cloud and all the "Fire Emblem" characters too violent for what should be a fun little game? Snake was too "adult" and violent a character for "Smash", that's why he didn't return after Brawl? Outside of "Smash": Mai Shiranui, Tharja, Morrigan Aesland, Cammy, Ivy Valentine, Lara Croft, and Chun-Li wear too little clothing or have too big whatever attributes (usually breasts but thighs and gluteus maximus apply as well) thus are offensive and degrading to women? Heck, you even go as far as to say games like "Dead or Alive" (especially its beach volleyball and "paradise resort" spin-offs), "Final Fantasy X-2", "Lollipop Chainsaw", "Final Fantasy XIII-2", and "Bikini Samurai Squad"- the games themselves, not just any specific character(s)- are grossly sexist and degrading?

If you do indeed say any or all of the above, yet also say Bayonetta is ...more

It's because she was co-created by a woman which in the eyes of today's "woke" generation automatically makes everything better.

Someone explain to me how the ever loving [he k] Bayonetta is "for good boys and girls of all agez"? Keeping in mind she's not toned down at all in her original games and not really toned down that much for Smash?

She doesn't deserve to win the Super Smash Bros. Ballot

No, I would not have wanted Goku or Shrek, though admittedly IF a non-game character had the slightest chance of getting in Wreck-It Ralph would've been okay; his original movie was about games after all.

No, I would not have wanted Lloyd Garmadon, but Lloyd IRVING (and not just as a Mii outfit) would've been awesome.

And besides Ralph and Lloyd Irving, I would have preferred K Rool, the Inklings, Soren, Daisy, Titania, Krystal, Paula, Ribbon, Anna (the Fire Emblem merchant not the character from the Disney movie no one's allowed to like anymore), Vaati, Dixie Kong, Hector, Groose, Virion, Agitha, Melia, Linkle, Fiora, Reyn, Medusa, Ghirahim, Caeda, or Lilina over Shrek, Lloyd Garmadon, Goku, Freddy Fazbear, OR Bayonetta!

One last thing: I'm getting really tired of Bayonetta fanboys insisting it would've been her or whatever (just as) dumb choice. Unless you were running that stupid ballot or have some inside information, you don't really know that, and if the ...more

Her winning the ballot and Nintendo going through with putting her in rather than consider the highest ranked character from a game rated no more than T just shows me that if enough people had voted General Custer with a... thing certain over-advertised perscription medicines supposedly help a guy with wearing nothing but a cowboy hat and bandana (and yes this was indeed from a video game) he would have made it in. Or if enough people had voted for the heroine of "Jungle Fever", a naked chick who lactates out a fire to save a naked guy being burned at the stake, she would have made it in without a second thought. That scares me beyond words.

She technically didn't even really win. Being "very popular in Europe" (the number three market behind the US and Japan) and "within the top five" (if she'd actually been number one they would have just said so) were the reasons given for her inclusion.

I'm not a huge StarFox fan or anything, but I could've sworn lots of people were hoping for Krystal. Did they just assume she'd win and not vote? How was she not "realizable" if that was the problem? I am not and will never be convinced more people wanted Bayonetta, especially since Nintendo didn't say she actually won.

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She is not for kids

Yet she's allowed- and as a playable character- in a game allegedly for "goid boys and girls". Meanwhile, a character whose game isn't one "let's push the boundaries of what can still not merit an Adult's Only rating" after another can't even appear in the background of a stage.

Just wanted to correct an earlier comment: she actually does need to be unlocked in Ultimate (along with 90% of the other characters *groan*), but unless story mode/World of Light is literally the only method you use to unlock it's far too easy to unlock her and she'll be one of the earliest "locked" characters you get.

Those who want to argue that she was toned down for Smash: she's still effectively PROMOTING her own games, which AREN'T toned down at all. Meanwhile, the only thing preventing people from checking out the games Mai Shiranui appears in (which are all actually rated a mere T) is that everyone recomends or gravitates towards Garou Mark of the Wolves as the Fatal Fury game to buy.

She is yet another waifu stealing a spot in smash that none of the main audience(10 year old kids) know who she is. They would prefer it if someone like Goku or eevee got in - JoPro

She's a genderbent version of Dante from Devil May Cry

Let's be honest, Dante and "Devil May Cry" didn't really bring anything new and exciting to the table themselves (not to mention Dante would also be a terrible ft for "Smash Bros." despite his popularity). Bayonetta- game and character- only get a pass because third-wave feminism.

More like a genderbent and sexed-up version of Duke Nukem from, well, Duke Nukem.

She's not boring, but is "not boring" for the wrong reasons

Reviving comment buried by Bayonetta worshiper: "Maybe her design is different, but at the end of the day her games really are just Devil May Cry starring a woman, and because it's a woman she has to dress in a way that just barely gets the game an M rating instead of an AO rating instead of getting her ow version of the most iconic red coat this side of Carmen Sandiego."

She rips off Zero Suit Samus' look

I'm pretty sure that's the real reason she supposedly "won". By "realizable" they meant "can just re-skin a model we already have so we don't have to build a new one".

Nintendo cut a trophy for being too sexy for Smash 4's E10+ rating yet included Bayonetta as a playable character without a second thought

And Smash Ultimate is still rated E10 despite her now not even being optional DLC. *rolls eyes*

You mean how one of the Assist Trophies in Ultimate is her lovechild with Mike Tyson?

They also disallowed an ACTUAL iconic character (Mai from "Fatal Fury") from appearing at all for the same reason they cut the Tharja trophy from Sm4sh. Yet Bayonetta remains in Smash Ultimate (and no longer optional) because "everyone is here" unfortunately includes her AND Tharja is a spirit (what replaces trophies in Ultimate). Effing hypocrities!

This is true. The 3DS Smash was supposed to have a trophy of Tharja from Fire Emblem Awakening (and indeed had trophies of many of the rest of the characters from that game), but it did not appear in the final product because while Awakening itself was rated T Nintendo still wanted Smash to be rated E10+. Then the Smash Ballot happened and they put in this playable character who's actually even more inappropriate than Tharja ever was even in her own game.

She is rated M

And Mai Shiranui, whose not allowed a cameo or "spirit" and who allegedly "really is literally nothing but sex appeal" (that's what her detractors say whilst defending their precious Bay-bae), is rated a mere T. Seriously, every game in the "Fatal Fury"/"King of Fighters" series itself- including the ones she's in- are rated T.

I'm sorry, but M rated games have no place in Smash. Even Snake felt oddly out of place in Brawl, and unlike Bayonetta is actually iconic.

To think Smash 4 has a *lower* ESRB rating than its predecessors

This is the main reason why she should have NEVER even been CONSIDERED!

Her home series is only popular because she's a female

More like, because the lead character designer is a female. Seriously, feminists who decried Bayo for being too sexy suddenly sang a different tune when they found out the lead character designer happened to have the same genitals as Bayo herself.

Those who don't love her for her over-the-top sexiness are those who still act like playable female characters are a brand new concept thus we must support any and all of them even if they are overtly sexy like Bayonetta.

Her overt sexiness is actually seen as a sign of independence by feminists who in the past have decried characters like Morrigan Aensland, Ivy Valentine, and Mai Shiranui.

Let's face it: had they starred a foul-mouthed, gun-toting, overly-sarcastic guy who flashed his privates people wouldn't have paid attention to those games.

The Smash Ballot was rigged in her favor

With the possible exceptions of Incineroar, Ken, Richter, and Isabelle, I'm 99% sure all the newcomers in Ultimate beat out Bayonetta in the ballot. But Nintendo had just bought the Bayonetta franchise, wanted to promote it, and needed an excuse to put her/everything else representing her series into an E10 rated game, so...

Yeah, funny how Nintendo's announcement of having acquired the Bayonetta franchise and the second game being Wii U exclusive just happened to "coincide" with the announcement of the Smash Ballot. *eyeroll*

Consider this: In Ultimate Chrom became playable yet Robin's Final Smash is unchanged. So it's possible Chrom got more votes but was deemed "unrealizeable" at the time because he was already Robin's Final Smash. Which we can now plainly see is bs.

Spirit battles in Ultimate

Nearly every Spirit battle that uses her should have used Zero Suit Samus or Female Robin instead

The good news: she doesn't represent Mai in a Spirit Battle

The bad news: there is no Mai Spirit Battle, not even an appearance in Terry's stage (yet bleeping ROCK HOWARD made it in there). Somehow Bayonetta is okay "for good boys and girls" but Mai isn't.

Person who thought she'd be the Gruntilda spirit: you were wrong. They used Dedede, this not representing Grunty's "bad ending" form. However, when Terry drops any female SNK character spirits we get could very well be Bayonetta (not *just* Mai- 99% of all female characters from both Fatal Fury and King of Fighters are... pretty front heavy), so...

We all know who will be representing Gruntilda when the Banjo-Kazooie DLC hits. *groan*

The way her fans keep insisting she really was the only legit choice as if they knew the full results of the Smash Ballot

All the announced newcomers for Ultimate to me further prove that the ballot was a crock of fecal matter from a male bovine. Simon and Ricther Belmont, King K Rool, Inkling, Ridley, Chrom- pretty sure I saw way more love for them than Sarah Palin as a bad Aeon Flux cosplayer while the balot was going on, and they most certainly are "realizable".

She looks shocking

When the "Tomb Raider" series started, much was made over the shocking sexiness of its lead, Lara Croft. It's like the creator of Bayonetta set forth to top that, and indeed Lara looks like a Puritan next to Bayonetta.

I guess the creator of Lara Croft must have snuck his way into sega.

The back of her dress is too revealing. She shows more skin as Wario's Skin.

Her fans make certain Elsa fans look sane

You mean the ones who keep saying "she's cool" at every opportunity and leave it at that? That say the haters make up lies while they make up lies themselves? That say she's only hated for being oversexualized and being in Smash Bros yet giving no compelling reason (or any reason at all really) why anyone should look past that and love her as much they do themselves? The ones that outright bully other users for daring not to like her? Yeah, I wouldn't go so far as to say they make the Elsa and Frozen fans look sane, but they are just as if not more annoying.

Note to fans: saying stuff like "Best female character in smash because the rest are garbage or can't fight." is not going to win anybody over to "your side". The other characters in Smash, male and female alike, are not "garbage" and *can* fight.

How is her presence in Smash Bros more overhated here or anywhere else than Elsa (as per the "most overhated things" list)? Oh yeah, because the Elsa fans surprisingly aren't getting hyper defense of her like one would expect while the Bayonetta fans are.

Maybe not "look sane", but, well, the likes of Caps Girl are at least good for a chuckle. Bayonetta fans, however, just plain frighten me.

She won't be optional in the next Smash game

Since a big selling point for Smash Ultimate/Smash Switch is "EVERYONE IS HERE"...

Worse, her awful, extremely overrated games now have even more representation. Not only are there plenty of "spirits" from them (for comparison there are none at all for any Final Fantasy let alone VII), but there's now an Assist Trophy that's her if she were a big scary bald black dude.

Didn't want her and didn't buy her? Hope you weren't planning on buying the inevitable Smash game for the Switch, because she'll be there and not as optional DLC.

Sadly she will be in the next game and the worst part is that (at the time of this writing) she STILL seems to be broken if that match against Ridley is any indication. If anything good can come out of this well at least I can beat her up in training mode but despite this it would have been better if she was NOT included at all.

Seeing her in group fanart of "all the Smash females" while other female characters in Smash get left out

There's this pic on Tumblr (possibly DeviantArt as well) called "Smash Princesses". This unholy abomination who never should've been in Smash at all was present but Lucina (an actual princess, mind you) and the female versions of Robin and Villager were missing.

Bayonetta looks like a nerdy person

With the glasses and the hair she reminds me too much of Sarah Palin

Bayonetta is very ugly

I guess nerds aren't cool :/ wow.. - yunafreya648

The glasses makes me think that she looks like a nerd!

She kills angels

Unfortunately that hasn't stopped people from shipping her with Pit.

As if there have never been evil angels before in anything ever, person who brought up "because they're evil in her game" as a defense.

That's supposed to be a good thing, but even though I'm not religious I don't think it is.

And yet nearly everybody on this site worships her as if she were an angel.

She's a Mary Sue
She is one of the biggest reasons why people are so pessimistic about who are the DLC characters in Ultimate

To the point I was actually *relieved* that the last Fighters Pass 1 character was the latest "Fire Emblem" protagonist, after two characters that were almost as inappropriate as Bayo herself, one not well-known, and one many had stopped caring about by the Brawl era.

On the one hand, the remaining DLC characters are (allegedly) from series not yet represented in Smash, so we're not getting anyone else from her series. On the other, her inclusion means absolutely nothing is off-limits, so we could very well be getting someone from the Grand Theft Auto franchise or some crud.

Given that Persona Joker is definitely 100% confirmed and Doomguy was discovered as future DLc by a dataminer...

Her game title is unplanned

Her game title is plain and just her name. Nothing special.

I don't care for Bayonetta, and could never get into her games even before she was added to Smash even though I did try after being told multiple times that I would love them, thus I am not here to defend her.

Still, I have to ask what this list item is supposed to mean.

Her game's soundtrack is awful

I agree that "tune" that plays during the Loki Spirit Battle does sound like elevator music, but there are others that are quite grating that aren't from the Bayonetta series (the one that plays during all the Rabbid Spirit Battles for example).

Really, most of the tracks that play on her stupid stage in Smash (and occasionally elsewhere thanks to "spirit battles") sound like elevator music

She looks like Sarah Palin

The beehive and the glasses. She also has a different type of but still apparently supposed to be endearing but just sounds condescending accent like Sarah Palin.

How? - yunafreya648

Her game makes no sense

It's not supposed to. Her extreme rudeness and... constant visual reminders that she is a woman were the big, and only real, selling points. The fans of course think that's awesome in and of itself, making me fear all the more for humanity.

So Cereza's both her younger self *and* her daughter? What?

Well it's not for you then :/ - yunafreya648

She overshadows everyone else in the game

With the possible exceptions of Cloud and (now that he's back) Snake.

She's one of the easier characters to unlock in Smash Ultimate

Not in Adventure/World of Light mode. If you're using the "new challenger every ten minutes" method, you will indeed encounter her before many of your favorites. And for the Classic Mode unlock, she can be the last character you unlock but only if you save Mario's route for last/don't beat Sonic when he shows up.

Even in World of light you'll find her before many other, better characters

Actually you won't find her until the final stretch of the game and even better she can end up as the very last character you unlock in that mode. (I made sure I unlocked her last and it felt very satisfying since I am still very bitter over that rigged ballot so I often use her as my training mode punching bag for that very reason) - Mario8

Odds of getting her before whatever other unlockable character you actually like (and all but a mere 8 characters have to be unlocked) are high.

She's getting an Amiibo

I fear there may be a connection between her Amiibos existing and Mario Maker 2 not supporting Amiibo/doing away with Mystery Mushrooms. People could scan the Amiibo, make Mario turn into her, and make a very inappropriate themed level to match.

Worse, she's getting TWO! And here I was hoping Nintendo had decided not to make her or Cloud into Amiibos after all.

Amazon, stop shoving this never-should-have-been-produced Amiibo in my face just because of all the other Amiibos (Smash and otherwise) I've bought. Show me the Chrom Amiibo that Nintendo promised at E3 and we'll talk.

Her part in perpetuating that "Villager is EVIL!" meme

That stupid promo poster that had the otherwise wonderful cast now sadly reduced to playing second fiddle to this obnoxious, overrated, word-I-don't-think-I-can-say-here split between a "good" side and "evil" side behind said overrated you-know-what? Villager was on the "evil" side even though neither they nor their game has anything "evil" about them. That "ha ha Villager's actually evil" thing stopped being funny very soon after it started and it sure didn't need a boost (especially not from that insufferable word-not-allowed who dear god I hope isn't in the next Smash game at all).

She is allowed to use guns yet Snake cannot despite often using guns in his home series
Metal Gear is better than her game

That may be, but Snake wasn't a good fit for Smash Bros either.

Snake may be from an M rated game but at least he wasn't a walking bad S&M fantasy.

Metal Gear is Snake's game but seriously, Snake is infinite times better than Bayonetta...

Oh wait, I thought I hate Rated M. I only like the look of Snake.

The Metal Gear series had a good plot and engaging characters, didn't feel like something seen many times before, and just on the whole feels like much more effort went into it (well at least the ones made with Kojima's involvement).

Whereas the Bayonetta games just scream "let's see what we can get away with and still get published".

She replaced Wolf in Smash 4

Wrong maybe she didn't replace Wolf since Wolf was already cut to begin with but as was mentioned elsewhere on this list she didn't actually "win" the ballot per se. Verbatim from the other comment: Being "very popular in Europe" (the number three market behind the US and Japan) and "within the top five" (if she'd actually been number one they would have just said so) were the reasons given for her inclusion.

Krystal should have replace Wolf

Maybe it's because he sucked? - yunafreya648

Evidence? - yunafreya648

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