His Music


If you could call it music. His "songs" are boring, predictable and pointless. Not to mention they're all about the same thing. Girls. To make matters worse he doesn't even write the lyrics! And even if he did, it really doesn't matter. The lyrics are absolutely stupid and worthless.

He's an overrated piece of dirt that has done the music industry absolutely NO favours.
And to think he came from the same place Rush did :(

This guy is a sorry excuse for a musician. To this day, I don't see why anyone likes him at all! All of his music sucks horribly, but "Baby" is by far the worst. All he says is "Baby, baby, baby, ooh! " from the start to the finish. It's not even a song; it's just one really stupid line being repeated, over and over again. He makes me so sick! He SUCKS!

There's a reason why I hate him and his music. Every song sounds like he's either bashing someone or ready to have sex. It's gross. Love Yourself made me feel like a loser because of that contemptuous tone in his voice. Baby freaked me out because he sounded like he was ready for sex. He has NO PROBLEM with being labelled as a sex-addict and actually WANTS to be labelled that way. Does he even CARE that he has young fans? I wish in one of his songs, he at least provided it as a soundtrack for a kids movie. Can't he just make ONE PG song? Seriously. He's a bad role model for young boys because he's teaching them to be man prostitutes

His songs are annoying and ALWAYS. ABOUT. SEX. Name ONE song by him that isn't about sex. Now he seems to be good at dancing but his songs are literally TRASH. The videos are disturbing and disgusting and basically him sleeping around with nearly naked women, does he know that children listen to his music? He complains about everything yet all he does is sleep around, do drugs, and break the law. Despite boyfriend being the worst "song" I've ever heard the thing that does it for me about him despite his annoying jailbird image and poorly written lyrics is his annoying voice. It sounds like a donkey that's just addicted to helium.

That's music? I thought it was the sound of a cat yowling somewhere.

His songs are annoying and ALWAYS. ABOUT. SEX. It's disgusting. Name one song that ISN'T about sex...see? That's what I thought. Now he seems to be a good dancer, but his songs are TRASH. He only gets cash for his fake abs and sex appeal and how many girls he sleeps with. It also doesn't help the fact that he is naked on his purpose album cover. He complains about being treated like a zoo animal when he sure acts like one. He is so gross. And his voice sounds like I don't know, someone strangling a monkey

His music is soulless garbage that these stupid girls like to listen to. There's nothing great about his songs, no soul in it, just a 'good looking' boy singing a song written by someone else and stupid girls' ovaries exploding.

His music is honestly so boring and it feels like there's no heart in it. I don't know how other girls or guys like his music when it sounds so soul less. I can't believe he actually gets praised for his bad ass songs

His so called "music" I watched baby and my ears burned. A cat choking on mice sounds better. WHY DO GIRLS LIKE HIM!?!? And he is ugly as f#$= the only thing that will make look better is trash bag. And he hates his fans one thing they got u to where u are now and that's hot u repay them for making u popular!?!?!? If I ever see him will kick his a$$!

His music is terrible. I mean, like what you want, but this is absolutely terrible. It will soon be elevator music, and Justin Bieber will be a convicted rapist. So, just wait.

So overrated, unoriginal, such crap... I could go on for days. He has no talent whatsoever and is rude and ignorant. He honestly is one of the most hated in the world, and there are many reasons why.

It's all RUBBISH! Manufactured pop crap. He's not an artist - he doesn't write REAL songs (and he doesn't even write 90% of what he sings), he can't sing at all and he's an arrogant twit. Not only that, he disrespects his fans and commits illegal acts. What more can I say?

Try scratching nails across a chalkboard, the noise from that would be like how his singing is. Oh wait, my bad, his singing is actually worse than that.

I would say he sounds like a dying cat, but that would be an insult to (dying) cats all over the world.

This doesn't just apply to Baby. His other songs suck (well except for Company and some songs on Purpose). But the first time I heard Justin Bieber sing, was when I heard the atrocity known as One Less Lonely Girl. The song was super annoying and atrocious, just him repeating "I'm coming for you one less lonely girl." After hearing One Less Lonely Girl I was hoping not to hear Bieber sing ever again. But unfortunately that didn't happen. because then came Mistletoe. Then Boyfriend. Then more of his crappy songs. Heck, I even listened to Love Yourself which was supposedly his best song. It was awful. So were WDYM and Sorry.

Garbage total garbage first time I heard this I thought it was a joke

I was. In coma and I couldn't move a muscle. Right then the nurse came in and turned on the radio and his songs started playing. I had to get up and turn it off. So thanks to him and his awful music due to which I am alive today

He sings songs and always repeats the same line over and over again like just stop your career

His music is stupid. He thinks he can just try and take Michael Jackson's place? I don't think so. Everyone will want to destroy him and his music and acting careers. He should just quit before he faces his worst nightmare.

My friend and I have a hate club dedicated to Justin Bieber, along with Dora, Chuck E. Cheese, and Five Night's at Freddy's - kaitlynrad11

Comparing this goofball's "music" to nails on a chalkboard is an insult to chalkboards. Apparently, it isn't bad enough that pachelbel's infamous Canon in D is so annoyingly ubiquitous.

I imitated his voice today and I was so annoying I wanted to punch myself so I got his voice pretty much spot on.

His music is calamitous; its proper use is for torture, not for pleasure. His fans are masochists.

His music stinks, I can't believe he's famous for THAT!

He thinks he is the Kurt Cobain of this generation


If you think Lady Gaga's music sucks, then you've never heard Justin Bieber.