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181 He Is Annoying
182 He Said Whatever They Have in Korea That's Bad

All Asians should beat up this racist moron named Justin BIEBER! - MLPFan

183 Forced Ariana to Take a Picture

He forced Ariana to take a picture with him, but she refused and he demanded her. The picture was of him kissing her

Poor Ariana. She is not my favorite singer, but I feel bad for her!

Now they're both the crappiest couple ever.

The reason why Justin Bieber forced Ariana Grande to take a picture with him is to make Selena Gomez jealous of Ariana Grande so that Selena Gomez has a catfight/arch-rivalry with Ariana Grande over Justin Bieber's heart! 8O - The Ultimate Daredevil

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184 He only makes an album every 3 years.

1D and their carbon copy known as 5SOS are overrated pieces of talentless crap, too. But hey, they're still more diligent than Justin Gayber.

1D IS SO MUCH BETTER! At least 1D and 5sos make albums every year. Have you ever just bought a JB album and in a year you say OH ANOTHER ONE! NO! U don't DO U?! 1D AND 5SOS ARE SO MUCH BETTER! :) ya preimi

Great! So we don't have to listen to his crap music! 😄 - BubbleBear01

185 He Thinks He Can Get Free Gas Because He's Part Indian

...and you know where they can stick the nozzle.

WatchMojo added that to the underrated list of "Top 10 Reasons Why Justin Bieber Is Hated". - The Ultimate Daredevil

He's mad

Haha what? - ExxonWireless

186 He Likes Breadwinners

No way! He's a total kid! Didn't his mama teach him!?!?!?

He likes twerking green ducks - MLPFan

He's a Nickelodeon fanbrat!

187 He made fun of someone wearing braces

I wear braces! That's so mean of Justin to diss us braces-wearing kids!

One of my friends wears braces abd I'm getting them soon! D: God, I hate beiber. - TheAlbinoWolf

Sharon Spitz (Braceface) will kill you Justin Bieber

188 He is a Bandwagon Sports Fan
189 He's a Weeaboo

This bring me a lot of confusion - BorisRule

Wait, I thought he hated anime...

Huh? Weea- who now?

190 He is a Brony

There's nothing wrong with being a brony.

My Little Pony could be executed a lot better if it were to exist (by being for general audiences rather than just little girls/manchildren). I know sane Bronies exist, but Justin Bieber is a rabid fan/hater of everything. Arianators only exist to defend Justin Bieber. >8(

191 He hates DanTDM

Justin what harm did DanTDM to you. You hate him for no reason at all. - BorisRule

DanTDM did nothing to him but Justin hates him for no reason at all. - BorisRule

192 He is stupid
193 He is a Criminal

And people still like him? PEOPLE THESE DAYS - BorisRule

194 He is a Thief V 1 Comment
195 He Dropped an F Bomb to His Fans

Ugh, that's why he hates his fans. And other fans still LIKE him? Three words, PEOPLE. THESE. DAYS. - BorisRule

196 He Cancelled a Show Because He Had a Cold


197 He Wears Band Shirts Just to Look Cool
198 He is a Ripoff
199 His Mom

You're mom should have aborted you. You don't know the story behind it, and you're not a Christian so you wouldn't understand, unlike me and Pattie.

If I had a time machine I would show his mom what his daughter will be like in some years and tell her to get an abortion

How would you feel if you were aborted all lives matter... And bi I'm not Christian ir a bleeding heart liberal um a teenager

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200 His Motto

Believe. Such a epic fail. It is also annoying when his fans of his auto-tuned music call them self believers. Wow I just spelled it wrong but it auto corrected because it is now a word in the English dictionary.

I don't like Justin Bieber, but I think that his fans call themselves Beliebers. Correct me if I'm wrong, please.

Quotes by dictators are even better than his crappy mottos.

Drake's motto is better: YOLO

Hypocrite. He doesn't believe I n himself.

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