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201 His Hair

I'm a dude who loves hair a lot. JB looked not too bad in the first but when he changed his hair style, he totally looks ugly. I was thinking like, how can Salena Gomez go out on a date with this dude. About that, all we can say is that she has got no cool taste for MeN.

Justin Bieber's hair I can't understand it

Dude looks more like a Bird's nest to me

Well if he likes it...

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202 Tries to Be a Hero

He is no hero he's a pimp a dumb one who is a loser

He is Robin from Teen Titans Go in disguise - BorisRule

He is not a hero he is a dumpiest in the world

Try harder! :-(

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203 He Gives Canada a Bad Name

A twerp like that should be stripped of any type of citizenship because he would be a disgrace to any country. He is rude juvenile brat that obviously grew up without any form of discipline.

I'm from Canada and I think he's a disgrace (and I'm an 11 year old girl! )

He's a disgrace to his country.

GO TO GITMO BEIBER - lonewolfe12345

204 He Thinks Beiber Fever Is Incurable

IT IS, All you need is a metal chair, a ton of duct tape, sticky headphones and real music

But it is curable! Just listen to real music! - RiverClanRocks

It is curable. Blast out any song that isn't made by Meghan Trainor, 1D, Miley and Nicki Minaj.

It actually Is - MLPFan

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205 He Sucks

Even a screaming 5 year girl is less annoying

The most straightforward reason to hate him.

Boo Justin Bieber still sucks

206 He Called Indonesia "Some Random Country"

Justin Bieber ruin Indonesia Country just said "Some random country" That makes Belieber in Indonesian angry.

He better not make a concert in Indonesia or any other Asian country because Asians hate him! Not even in any country! He should have a concert in an asteroid - MLPFan

Did his parents even teach him at all about ethnic cultures?

Wait what? Now I hate him even more because he just called the country I lived in random country

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207 He Thinks He Is Bad Ass

By bad ass he means his ass stinks

He's the complete and total opposite of a badass. Point in fact, there is NOTHING badass about him. He's dumb and corny!

If you consider a douchebaggy ego and serving 2 hours in jail for underage drinking; badass, then he nailed it.

Because he is one.

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208 He Thinks He Is More Poetic Than Radiohead

Listen to break stuff Bruner. Let's call Justin Beiber Justin Bruner

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209 He Hangs Out With His Deadbeat Old Man


Seems to me his parents are sponging off this loser and won't bitch slap him for fear of being cut off the gravy train.

210 He Smiled In His Mugshot

What kind of person would SMILE at his/her mugshot. Sentence Justin Bieber to death by electric chair, let's see what his mugshot would be this time. - DaTrueSwagLord21

I want him chained up naked with a cam watching him - Nguyen0102

Mr bean also did that but at least it is for "passport" Justin's birth is worst mistake ever made. - BorisRule

I saw one person did that - Jessicarabbit

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211 He Cheated On Selena Gomez With Miley Cyrus

I never heard about this but if this is true it was good for all of them the only thing is if they reproduced what Monster would spawn - OneWayStreet

What did Selena Gomez ever do to him? Or Miley...

212 He's Like Gligar13vids

Watch Gligar13vids. Him and Bieber are basically twins.

Some guy who keeps hating on SEGA and Nintendo + Some retarded kid who sound like a girl

I can't imagine the results

He would love talking friends

Ironically enough, Justin Bieber also likes DarkSydePhil on his kidrauhl account... Back when he was still tone-deaf and ugly.

213 People Think He's Better Than Notorious Big and Big Pun

Well he is not better then them because Justin Bieber can't sing

Biggie has better talent. Justin is talentless.

Hell no! Justin should rest in piece for good damn reasons. Amen - waraypiso

Biggie smalls and big pun actually have talent compared to jb.

214 He's Sexist

He forces girls to fancy him

He sex with selena gomez

I know he is sexiest but his face look more like crazy dogs

True. His What do you mean music video was super sexist. He orchestrated an attack on a woman while they were having sex. Tell me that's not weird. Therefore he emphasizes the misogyny and sexist double standards against women in the music industry.

But hey, it's not just Justin. Music has been like that for a while. It doesn't matter if you can sing, or rap or not because of autotune/sex appeal. And it's been that way as far back as around the 80s. It seems talent is not important, as long as you're willing to drop your respect, compassion, and morals and oversexualize women in music videos and lyrics, you'll be fine. Not enough respect is handed to the men who CAN sing or rap, who respect women, and don't act like complete douchebags. Although that has been slightly changing as male artists such as Shawn Mendes and One Direction don't objectify women in lyrics or videos, and actually make quite empowering to women music (i.e. Shawn had Treat You Better which was to help save ...more

215 He Ripped Off Queen With His Song "Somebody to Love"

But didn't Queen ripoff Jefferson Airplane's "Somebody to Love" in the first place?

I hope he won't rip-off any songs from my favorite bands - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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216 He Destroyed a Lamborghini

Wow. Did he crash it or did he bomb it

Does he even has a drivers license?

He loss his money lol

217 He thinks he's as popular as Freddie Mercury

I don't think so. As the years go on people keep on rocking to the good songs of queen. No one will remember Justin Bieber.

Justin is popular because of his fans who are idiots. Those idiots made him as popular as Freddie Mercury, not the "music" he makes.

He is wrong, he is MORE POPULAR

The only thing Freddie Mercury and Justin Bieber have in common is that they're both gay. Freddie Mercury is so much better than Bieber, though.

218 His Date With His Dad

I feel nauseated - BorisRule

Wait what


219 Justin Bieber Fans Got Jealous of Anne Frank

Anne Frank is dead you retards!

220 His Song Boyfriend

One of the worst pieces of crap I ever heard in my life

Terrible music video. I swear it only got so many views so the girls would stay interested and the guys would take notes on how to over sexualize women

He would strangle his dick.

What's wrong with that- it's hilarious!

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