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381 He hates Spongebob

Spongebob is best. Justin must die - BorisRule

Well he's stupid and rude to think SpongeBob is a bad cartoon because he never seemed to like it

382 He Hates Family Guy V 2 Comments
383 He hates Valve Corporation V 2 Comments
384 He hates Steven Universe

Steven Universe is best. He is no human - BorisRule

V 1 Comment
385 He likes Call of Duty
386 He has Forgotten the Lyrics to his Own Song.

I can remember all of his lyrics in 1day

V 2 Comments
387 He Thinks He Can Beat Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterious can kick his butt

388 He Touched a Female Fan's Crotch V 1 Comment
389 He hates Sonic

Sonic is best character! Justin has NO good taste at all - BorisRule

V 1 Comment
390 He hates Water

Water is important. He doesn't know what he is doing - BorisRule

391 He hates his family V 1 Comment
392 He Speaks Gibberish

Nobody could understand gibberish - BorisRule

393 He Hates Japan He Hates Japan

That's Donald Trump but whatever. Because Justin hates Asia - BorisRule

394 He Hates Crystals V 1 Comment
395 He Almost Burned SpongeBob's Snail
396 He Hates TheTopTens

Lol. Did he saw this website then? - Neonco31

He hates Thetoptens? Boy that escalated quickly - BorisRule

Hating the website we are chatting now is qoest - BorisRule

397 He Loves 2 Girls 1 Cup V 1 Comment
398 He Lies V 1 Comment
399 He disappoints everyone V 1 Comment
400 His Birthday is in March
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