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381 He's a Bad Man
382 He Acts Like He's a Gangster
383 He Ruined Skrillex's Song

How could Skrillex collaborate with this guy? He sounds horrible in the song - sryanbruen

Both artists suck.

384 He Hates Dragon Ball Z

You crossed the line, Bieber. Dragon Ball Z is one of my all time favourite animes, and you insult it! You're dead to me! - DaTrueSwagLord21

385 He Said "F Bill Clinton" After Peeing On the Bucket
386 He Brushed the Argentina Flag Off Stage
387 He Is Not Talented at All or Good Looking.

Why do you even know him? He's just famous for his girly voice and stupidity.

Now he's famous for a lot of things, HEINOUS things! - DaTrueSwagLord21

388 He Has Been Arrested Over 5 Times

He is constantly committing crimes and getting bailed out of jail! The man-boy doesn't even care, cause he knows some dumb fan will surely use all the money they have ever owned to get him out!

389 He hates Luo Tianyi
390 He hates Yuezheng Ling
391 He Avoided Deportation

He did not get deported despite the fact that many people call for Justin Bieber to no longer step foot in the United States. Yet people still call Mexicans (even the everyday people) rapists?

392 He Has Sex
393 His Pants Look Like A Diaper
394 He hates Spongebob

Spongebob is best. Justin must die - BorisRule

Well he's stupid and rude to think SpongeBob is a bad cartoon because he never seemed to like it

395 He Hates Family Guy V 2 Comments
396 He Hates Gravity Falls

What? He hates Gravity Falls? Bill should kill him!

Wendy should take an axe to him!

That is wrong!

So? - pcn

V 9 Comments
397 He hates Valve Corporation V 2 Comments
398 He hates Steven Universe

Steven Universe is best. He is no human - BorisRule

V 1 Comment
399 He likes Call of Duty
400 He has Forgotten the Lyrics to his Own Song.

I can remember all of his lyrics in 1day

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