Top Ten Reasons to Hate Kanye West

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1 His Ego

You know I've not hated somebody in so long as much as I do Kanye West. I think he's overrated. Some people call him emotional or the reacts to quickly, please please do us a favor and just drop off the face of the Earth. We don't need you here and we won't need you again ever again so go ahead and just ship yourself off to some of the country where maybe you can get more love going for you okay.

I couldn't decide what I dislike MOST about this guy, but I guess his ego is the main reason for his utterly disrespectful and despicable behaviour. Even if his music is good (it isn't), there's absolutely no humility in this man. The media love this man because he is a clown. No Kayne, they are laughing AT you!

I don't know why he's in a misconception that his music is great let alone good. I honestly hate his songs, lyrics and his voice. Why is he a rapper? The only qualification he has is being a grade A Douchebag with an ego as bloated as his retarded wife's ass.

How could someone do that? They were winning awards, it doesn't matter if you don't like them, that is selfish! There are more artists worthy of rewards than him and Beyonce. And how does Beck not respect artistry? -

2 He Upstaged Beck and Taylor Swift

When He Upstaged Taylor I Was A Bit Angry With Him But When He Upstaged Beck I Was Ready To Kick Him So Hard In The Nuts That He Would Be Forced To Do What Caitlyn Jenner Did.Or If I Couldn't Get Through His Bodyguards I'd Shoot His Sorry Excuse For Human Flesh With An AK47. Luckily I Cooled Off Before I Could Do Any Of That.

But Seriously. Upstaging A Guy A Nice As Beck Is Not Cool.

How could someone do that? They were winning awards, it doesn't matter if you don't like them, that is selfish! There are more artists worthy of rewards than him and Beyonce. And how does Beck not respect artistry?

For a guy who makes good music, it's inexcusable for him to do something like this. Funny thing about it is that he doesn't give a damn. Just listen to his song Famous.

He humiliated Taylor Swift with his Famous. That's why he is hated by millions of people.

3 He Told a Fan in a Wheel Chair to Stand Up

I mean, he couldn't handle ONE person not standing up? Why is that so important to him that he can't handle not having everyone stand up. I understand he didn't know he was disabled, but you're going to embarrass someone like that?

That's just retarded. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that people in wheelchairs can't walk!

Who the hell does that that's messed up I hate him now piss off kanye west!

The person with the wheel chair is disabled and can't stand up

4 He's an Idiot

He thinks AIDs is a man made desiese put in Africa to break up black community's. Which isn't true, because well...duh. Anyway, is every problem in the earth white people to this guy? Funny now he's married to a Caucasian, Kim Kardashian. And the thing about hurricane Katrina victims...NO! Even our pop princess air head Brittney Spears knows.more about the world than him.

Maybe he is related to the dumbest president on earth Jacob Zuma

I hope he looks at this website. What a ugly big gummed bastard.

5 He Has Terrible Lyrics

All of you voting for this must have never listened to Kanye's music. Come back after you've listening to Late Registration then tell me he has terrible lyrics... oh wait, you won't!

Listen to family buisness, hey mama, no church in the wild, ultralight beam, roses, through the wire, and everything I am then make your judgements

"It's amazing, I'm the reason everyone's fired up this evening" 808s heartbreak is filled with nothing but egotistical lyrics.

He Was Good Until MBDTF. But That And Everything After It Sucked Hard.

6 He Covered Bohemian Rhapsody

If you are going to sing Bohemian Rhapsody, at least know you have what it takes to do it; WHICH MEANS A GREAT VOICE! This is an insult to the beloved legend rock band QUEEN, what did they do for you to just get up and let the audiences sing for more than half of the song?! OH PLEASE, if you're going to pay respect to the beloved Freddy Mercury, LEARN HOW TO DO IT RIGHT! What a disgrace, I'm disgusted. And calling yourself as a "god" before the performance is a joke, GOD is a GOD, don't go anywhere near to his domain and called yourself a "god", you're nowhere near.

Another reason to absolutely despise Kanye West. He is a total joke if he thinks he is anything compared to Queen. He's nothing compared to them, no one could even touch Freddy Mercury. He destroyed the song, it was terrible. And he let the audience sing the high parts.

"Mama, I just killed a song" lol the audience sang better than him

Poor Freddie Mercury

7 He's Killing Music

Not just him, Justin Beaver as well. - DaTrueSwagLord21

The only good song he has is gold digger the one he does with Jamie Foxx.

So is lil Wayne too

Hell yeah

8 He Thinks that He is God

I hate him with a passion and should return to Africa or wherever he came from

He looks like Bubba from Forest Gump. Big gummed idiot.

He's not God. If anything, he's the devil.

He should make a song called, I'm bubba

9 He Can't Rap

He sounds like a chocking cow! He thinks he's the best rapper to live, when he's an overrated joke. He sounds like he has a sore throat, someone get this douche medicine!

He is ridiculous. Saw him on some award show couldn't understand a word he was saying and couldn't see him for the smoke. I don't understand pig Latin though.

A strangled cat sounds better than him

If you hate it that much don't listen fam

10 He Wants to Be the President of the United States in 2020

LOL I have that day on my calendar so I can see Kanye rage and say the N word at the crowd when he loses. Than everybody in America and Canada (except the Kardashian Family) will go out for cake and ice cream.

I mean, he thinks he deserves that and more. To be fair, He's better than Trump. Americans will probably vote for him lets be real

I hope he stays in loserville with his wife, WHERE HE BELONGS!

This would be so terrible

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11 He Married Kim Kardashian

They are both the worst celebrities in the world

These idiots make a horrible couple. - ThePwoperMuser101

The worst couple in the world

This should be number 1. The Kardashians all over the place, especially Kim. Now that Kanye married Kim K, the spotlight shines brighter for him. The Kardashians, along with Kanye, are egotistical, self-absorbed twits! - DaTrueSwagLord21

12 He is Racist

He called white people devils, or something like that. What a supermacist, I mean I hate the double standard, when famous white people make racist comments they are hated (and rightfully so, racism has no place in today's society) why shouldn't Kanye be treated the same? And he said that every time a crackhead buys crack, the white man gets paid. Oh, but I don't remember getting any checks because of people getting stoned.

Racist means judging colors of skin not calling them names. But I'm not defending this ass hole just saying that idiot I hate him and his rap crap songs

He could be stereotyping not being racist so make sure to know what you spitting before throwing Shame

He's married 2 kim kardashian how could he be racist

13 He Named His Kids North and Saint West

And their classmates would make fun of them

Yall name your kids gary and I don't freak out about that

I met a guy named Dick yesterday...

Why couldn’t Kanye just name his kids common names like Kenneth, Kevin, Katelyn, or Kendra?

14 He Likes Donald Trump

No he doesn't. It is just his ego trying to get attention, it is what he does best.
Trump hates him!

He calculates every act he does...he is like a politician.

Kanye west should be shot. period.

15 He Dissed Taylor Swift in His Single "Famous"

He has no right to say that he made her famous! She was already famous before the 2009 VMAs and she definitely did not need you, Kanye. She is famous for her incredible music, not because of a stupid interruption.

Just when I thought I couldn't hate that prick more he made that song. Taylor is 100 the artist he is. She inspirational and influential unlike his untalented ass.

It's incredibly misogynistic and self absorbed

Taylor made the joke first

16 He Thinks Aids is a Man Made Disease

Maybe he will get it.

He is very wise then

Sheer idiocy


17 He Slut Shamed Amber Rose
18 He Tried to Call Himself the Black Jesus.

Yes I agree -- I am a Christian and got offended because Jesus would never act like him.

He will have to pay for his remarks. I'm sure he's pissed a lot of people off with that remark.


19 He Likes Justin Bieber

I like justin, but not kayne!

20 He Said Slavery Was a Choice.


21 He Acts Like an Uneducated School Dropout

He should be homeless

22 He's Dumb
23 He Doesn't Care
24 He Called Himself the New King of Pop

Well he didn't compare himself to the beatles at least because we all know where that will lead to...but still, MJ's always going to keep the title king of pop

I'm sorry, that title belongs to Michael Jackson

25 He's Ugly

Not only is he stupid but the man looks like a monkey... he has a snout... he belongs at the zoo spouting his stupidities in animal talk... fortunately for him the Kardashian Zoo adopted him so that he could live out
his days at their compound. with that kind of a snout... how many bananas does that ugly bastard eat per day? Well I am sure Kim keeps his snout quiet... but his snout came out and about again recently... have him fixed Kim.

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