Top Ten Reasons to Like Kidz Bop

Lots of people hate Kidz Bop, but I decided to stand up for what I believe in. In my opinion, Kidz Bop is an awesome children band and these are my reasons why:

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1 They Are A Band For Kids

I'm a kid (12 years old) and they drive me insane.

They are awesome and they are for CHILDREN. Most of the rants I have seen about Kidz Bop are made by ADULTS. I mean come on already!

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2 They Have Awesome Kids

As of right now, the Kidz Bop members are Ashlyn Chong, Bredia Santoro, Grant Knoche, and Matt Martinez. They are all awesome singers, and put effort into the songs. And I am proud of them.

3 They Make Awesome Covers

Kidz Bop 29 is the most recent album, and they did very awesome on it. Anyone who thinks Kidz Bop is horrible needs to go see an ear doctor.

4 They Change Inappropriate Lyrics Into Appropriate Lyrics

I have heard my 5 year old cousin say bad words from Thrift Shop, and once she heard Kidz Bop, she stopped saying bad words. At least give Kidz Bop credit for changing the lyrics and not cursing.

I love the My house lyric changes, because in the beginning, instead of "open up the champaign, pop! " It turns to "This is how we do, Kidz Bop! " - Btd

5 They Don't Use A Lot Of Auto-Tune Like Most Other Child Singers

The only time they use auto-tune, is when they sing Maroon 5 and Ellie Goulding songs. (Not hating on Maroon 5 or Ellie Goulding by the way).

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6 They Are Still Making Albums

They have been around for 14 years now, made 29 albums, and it is impressive how long they have been around unlike most singers.

7 They Don't Sound Like Justin Bieber

To all of you Kidz Bop haters, be glad that they don't sound like Justin Bieber. (Even if they sing Justin Birber songs, they still sing the song better than him).

8 They Have Improved Ever Since The First Album

Everyone has to agree that they have improved ever since Kidz Bop 1, and to be honest, Kidz Bop 1- 10 was bad but they started improving on their singing by having different kids in every 5 albums. (At least I think it is every 5 albums).

9 They Work Really Hard

I can tell they work very hard. The way I can tell is because of how great they sing. And that is a huge reason to not hate on them/like them.

10 They Had People Who Are Famous By Now

They had Ross Lynch, CoCo Jones, Megan Lee and Kiki Palmer in Kidz Bop and that is very awesome. At Make Some Noise, JoJo Siwa from Dance Moms was there.

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11 They Are Good Singers
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