Top Ten Reasons Little Bill Is Better Than Star vs the Forces of Evil, Wander Over Yonder, Avatar, and Total Drama

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1 Little Bill Has Better Plots

How is Little Bill better than SVTFOE Wander over Yonder Avatar and Total Drama? RE

I remember this show from my childhood. - Fandomstuck

2 Little Bill Is Cuter

Nothing is more adorable than a furry alien with a living hat. Hush your face

3 Hector and Marco Are Annoying

Marco isn't annoying ever! And is there a Hector in any of these shows?

4 More People Like Little Bill

More people like Gwen heather and Lindsay than stupid little bill

What but total drama is the most liked out of all these shows - TheKirbyCreeper999

I like Pepa Pig. Does that mean it's the best?

5 Little Bill Is Funny. Star Alajandro and Wander Aren't.

So basically you're saying that a baby show is better than 4 awesome shows?

I hate all these shows except for Star and Wander.

This is the the worst list ever.

Whoever made this list is a 13-year-old autistic EDCP member. Thank god this kid is retarded. - DynastiNoble

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6 Micheal Riley Was a Better Bully Than Brittney Wong

Actually, Brittney Wong is one of the only flaws Star vs. the Forces of Evil has. Besides being the one-dimensional bully, Brittney Wong is a mean girl. Both negativities can be said about Lucy Van Pelt. However, Michael Riley is too one-dimensional, kiddie and hard to look at. U mad about ALL my opinions, Thiti2000 and the EDCP?! >8(

7 Ludo Is the Worst Villain Ever

In my opinion that honor goes to Hit The Target - TheKirbyCreeper999

8 Star Aang TD Contestants and Wander Can't Sing

Wander's songs are awesome

But little bill sings annoying songs - TheKirbyCreeper999

Wander can sing. Why, just look at the Annie he won for "Take A Step Inside Your Mind". - TheReviewer20

I beg to differ. Especially in world tour.

9 Svtfoe Wander Avatar and TD Are for Toddlers and Infants

Svtfoe fan are adult and teen little bill is for baby’s - Svtfoefanboy2017

Either you haven't watched wander over yonder, or we aren't watching the same show because there's an entire episode where Hater plans Wander's destruction like a wedding

Please. Wander Over Yonder had an episode about the horrible life of a black cube with a touch of depression in it. - TheReviewer20

Star vs the Forces of Evil and Total Drama Are Inappropriate Kids Shows - TheKirbyCreeper999

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10 Hater Is Fat

What he's a skeleton for christ's sake

Uh he isn't fat, he is just a big skeleton.

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11 There is no fetish art of Little Bill

Sadly, there is. look up "little bill porn" if you don't believe me. - ConorDooley

12 Star is Cuter Than Little Bill

Leave star vs the forces of evil alone stop hating on it

13 Svtfoe has Action

Svtfoe is awesome little bill doesn't do crap - Svtfoefanboy2017

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