Top Ten Reasons to Play Video Games While Listening to Eminem


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1 Eminem and Video Games Are Awesome V 2 Comments
2 Slim Shady Makes You Feel Invincible

Need to play as an abusive husband whiles listening to Kim to make me feel manly! - SuperHyperdude

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3 The Two Combine Perfectly V 2 Comments
4 Hardcore Rap Makes You Hardcore In Video Games

Yes, I got crazy in video games every time I'm listening to Eminem - YanRocky

I find hardcore metal more awesome to be honest. Just pop on some Slayer and kick some @$$!

5 Eminem Is the Best Rapper Alive

Is true, who are you going to listen if it is not Eminem - YanRocky

6 The Lyrics Get You Involved In Video Games

Yes Saying things you can do in video games - YanRocky can I get Mario to kill his mom?

In what song does he kill his mom? - MLGPoossySlayer6969

7 He Is the Rap God and You Can Be the Game God

You beggining to feel like the Game God, I play Call of Duty, play Call of Duty

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8 The Songs Make You React Quickly

The songs make me not able to concentrate!

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9 You Always Win

For sure with Eminem on your side you're invincible - YanRocky

What if Eminem is horrible, which he is, then you lose?

10 Complete the Game Quickly

With Eminem and video games, you become very addictive - YanRocky

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11 Without Me Sounds Awesome While Playing Grand Theft Auto V
12 The Sound of His Music Pumps You Up
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