Top 10 Reasons Selena Gomez is Better Than Ariana Grande

Now I LOVE Ariana to the core!! But I think Selena is over her AT THE MOMENT!

The Top Ten

1 Selena is a Better Role Model

Absolutely - 24wangc

Ariana is also sweet but Selena is more sweet she is really very clever!

Everything people say Selena better actress n Ariana better singer - vettel7

If you haven't noticed, Selena has always been careful and sweet. A perfect role model. Don't jump up to me and remind me about Spring Breakers. (That's not a kids movie) Ariana can be a great role model for girl power and embracing inner beauty, however, sometimes not so much. Seriously? Licking donuts? - sscon123

2 Passion in Voice

"Oh Ariana hits higher notes so she must be a better singer! " This is not true. First of all, Selena does not lip sync as much as her haters make it seem like. And she doesn't whisper. Ever heard of a low voice? And when Selena sings, I hear passion and EMOTION! I can't say the same for Ariana. However, I AM NOT CONDEMNING THE FACT THAT ARIANA IS A BAD SINGER. She is a good singer. - sscon123

People really think that Selena is an overrated singer and sings badly and can't hit high notes like other singers but that doesn't mean that she's a bad singer. She can hit the low notes better than others, her voice has got a lot of debth and her voice sounds aesthetic.

Selena is so bad voice - vettel7

Ariana has more passion but ok - Luckys

3 Natural Beauty

Selena gomez is so beautiful but ariana is meh, ariana looks like Arabic and selena is much prettier

Now there is no doubt that these two woman are the amazingly stunning! I am not in any way saying that Ariana is ugly. However when it comes to natural beauty, Selena takes the lead. Selena barely has any makeup on and looks good in almost everything. I feel like Ariana cakes her makeup too much. - sscon123


4 Better Personality

When you look at the difference in personality between these two, there is a huge one. Ariana is the biggest diva I've seen! - sscon123

Oh, Ariana is the biggest diva you've ever seen? Have you ever heard of Mariah Carey, Madonna and Wendy Williams.
Also, Ariana is not a diva... If you will search Ariana Grande shades diva moments, All you will see is she is protecting herself. Selena has shaded Justin multiple times. You can search it. - Nandani

Ariana Grande is such a DIVA - 24wangc

5 More Likeable

Selena is goofy, funny, sweet and intelligent. As soon as you see her, it is automatically easy to like her. Ariana takes time to catch onto. Besides, most of Selena's haters are butt hurt Arianators or Beliebers. (Even if jelena Is Awesome) - sscon123

6 Ariana is Easier to Hate

I honestly don’t think a rana sounds like Selena G. Selena sounds lovely

A ton of Ariana fans aren't fond of Selena. And they all have the same reason to hate her. "Her voice stinks! " "She sounds like a frog! " (Even if her Revival vocals slayed) To be honest, Ariana is easier to hate. - sscon123

This list is hypocritical

7 Ariana is Cringe Worthy

If you take a look at iconic Ariana moments, you'll notice a lot of them are cringe worthy. They make me personally wonder what she is doing with her image. However, for Selena, its impossible to find a moment like that. This is probably because of Selena's goofy, adorable, dorky image. - sscon123

Imagine thinking selena is better than ariana I-

8 Selena is More Well Known

I heard of Ariana Grande 2 years ago. I heard of Selena Gomez 7 years ago.

First shouldn't be a reason. Second Ariana is more well know just saying

Sure, if you ask anybody about Ariana Grande, they will recognize the Dangerous Woman singer. However, name Selena Gomez, you will find people addressing her as a pop singer, Disney star, and an ambassador.

9 Selena Treats Her Fans Better

I AM IN NO WAY SAYING ARIANA DOESN'T LIKE HER FANS. But when it comes to best supporter for fans, it's Selena. Selena wants to take pictures and talk with her fans. Ariana does that too, but not as much. There also has been an unconfirmed rumor that claimed that Ariana wished death on her fans. - sscon123

10 Selena's Interviews are Much Better

I don't know what it is about Ariana Grande interviews and show appearances, but they're just odd. She seems unhappy and private. However, Selena is always smiling and friendly. She even poses a confident personality. - sscon123

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