Top 10 Reasons Why Alice in Chains is Better Than Nirvana

This will be the last better than list I`ll make now let's get started.

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1 Layne Staley was a much better vocalist

Layne Staley unlike Kurt actually had a high range and could sing with power.

This is so true - christangrant

Kurt just kinda always sounded tired or stoned

Layne voice is unrivalled

2 Alice in Chains is more talented

Yes way more creative sound

Not just lyrically but musically to.


3 They wrote better lyrics

Alice in Chains lyrics: "I'm man in the box buried in my S***, won't you come and save me (save me)"
Nirvana lyrics: "A mosquito, a lapido, yeah! "
You tell me which lyrics are better.

€”Know me broken by my master
Teach thee on child of love hereafter”

-Would? - Alice In Chains

“Hello, hello, hello, how low
Hello, hello, hello, how low
Hello, hello, hello, how low
Hello, hello, hello”
-Mediocre Overplayed Song #5,453 - Nirvana - NightmareCinema

That's debatable

4 Alice in Chains have better songs

That's a matter of opinion but I agree

Good Alice in Chains songs: Man in the Box, No Excuses, Rooster, Down in a Hole, Them Bones, Heaven Beside You, Nutshell, Would? , I Stay Away, Angry Chair, Again, Grind, So Close, Sludge Factory, Bleed the Freak, Confusion, We Die Young, Brother, Got Me Wrong, Right Turn, and etc.
Good Nirvana songs: Smells Like Overrated Song, Come As You Are, Heart- Shaped Box, Lithium, Dumb, About A Girl, Been a Son, You Know You're Right

5 Alice in Chains was more influential to Grunge

Nirvana was more mainstream while AIC was more creative, but Nirvana helped the grunge movement a lot more with the popularity of Nevermind so I don’t know about this one.

Like 10x more influential!

And bmetal

Alice in Chains was not influential for Black Metal, Venom was to a extent but not Alice in Chains. Alice in Chains was mainly influential for: Grunge, Sludge Metal (Maybe), and Alternative Metal.

6 Alice in Chains is complex while Nirvana is simple

It depends if you prefer simplicity in songs but objectively that makes it better

Complexity is better than Simplicity.

7 Layne Staley is better at screaming

Unlike Kurt Layne can actually scream and not sound bad!

8 Jerry Cantrell is a much better guitar player.

This one is definitely true. Same goes for Mike McCready and Kim Thayil. - Gg2000


9 Alice in Chains' songs had a message behind them, Nirvana's songs had no message behind them
10 Alice in Chains still continued without Staley Nirvana just fell apart after Kurt died

This is actually a really valid reason because Nirvana really had one person running everything while AIC had both Staley and Cantrell with a bit of Kinney and Inez.

Alice in Chains was actually able to move on and find a replacement singer for them to continue on Nirvana just stopped after Kurt died do I need to go on?

Not so much of a reason, that's just unfortunate. Also I'm pretty sure Foo Fighters had the remaining members in it?

Not Krist. He appeared on a few of their records and shows but never joined the band. - Gg2000

The Contenders

11 Every Alice in Chains Album is Better than Nirvana's Best Album
12 Alice in Chains sounds better in comparison

Not a big reason but still a reason regardless.

They are very different band though

13 Alice in Chains released more albums

Eh not really a reason.

14 Alice In Chains isn't as overrated
15 Alice in Chains is a much more dynamic band

Alice In chains can do ballads as they can do ear smashing music with crazy guitars
Nirvana was just Kurt saying RAPE ME RAPE ME RAPE ME RAPE ME and it makes no sense

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