Top Ten Reasons Why Baby by Justin Bieber is Not the Worst Song Ever

This song (and the angry preteens who voted for it) are the reason my last list went to absolute irredeemability. It was meant to pick on songs worse than Baby, but look where it is now. So instead of picking songs that are worse than Baby, I'm picking reasons why Baby is not worse than those songs. This is gonna be easy.

The Top Ten Reasons Why Baby by Justin Bieber is Not the Worst Song Ever

The lyrics, while repetitive, are harmless

I may not like Baby, but I would rather listen to that song over Nicki Minaj's Stupid Hoe song. I can tolerate Baby, but I would literally turn into a Wretched Egg like Shiro from Deadman Wonderland if I had to listen to Stupid Hoe for even 30 seconds! I'm glad I haven't heard the full song to Stupid Hoe! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Stupid Hoe is not as bad as FACK. Try listening to FACK if you want a seizure. - AlphaQ

Baby isn't bad. It's just a pop song about teenage love. I don't like it, but I don't blindly hate on it due to Justin's personality. - SwagFlicks

Stupid Hoe is SO bad it makes Baby look like Smells Like Teen Spirit - Neonco31

I kinda like Baby, it isn't that bad, it's better than Sorry, What do you Mean and meaningless crap he is singing

People who hate Justin Bieber usually hate him for his personality, not his music

Not absolutely true. I don't like this song purely on the babyish sound it has. But I agree, this is not the worst song any of us will ever hear...
"Oh my God. Look at her butt..." Ah, now you see... - Britgirl

I agree with this - Neonco31

Kanye West has an EVEN WORSE personality but people like him. WHYYY? - AlphaQ

Yea I agree that Kanye is awesome at rapping but his ego is kind of a problem - AlphaQ

Dahvie Vanity, Jayy Von Monroe, Chris Brown, Varg Vikernes, and Fred Durst have worse personalities - DCfnaf

There is simply worse

If you think this is the worst ever made...
Go listen to Stimulated or 7 Rings now. Those songs make Baby look like Natural and I’m not kidding. - Bammer73

Blood on the dance floor as a whole is worse than Baby

Stupid Hoe is worse

Stupid Hoe, Anaconda, Watch Me, Stimulated, any Rae Sremmurd song, Wiggle, most LMFAO songs, etc. - allamassal

Even Bieber himself has made worse

One Time? That was his first song. It wasn't even a number 1. I didn't even expect Justin to become famous after One Time and Baby because its luck for teens to become famous.

As Long As You Love, Ernie Menie. FACK-never mind. - AlphaQ

The production is passable

While still terrible, the actual production is still a bit more tuneful than many of today's chart hits that are just repetitive beats and moombahton-infused rubbish. Don't thank Bieber himself for any of the instrumental - he only contributed a tiny bit of the bland writing at most. - Entranced98

I like it too - Hotheart123

Ludacris' rap verse is solid

The rap actually saved the song. If not for this, Baby would have been as bad as Stupid Hoe and Anaconda.

He made it better by a few inches at least - Neonco31

Ludac actually was a plus. Without him I would've given this a 0/5 instead if a 1.5/5 - AlphaQ

You're kidding right. Luda ight have been worse than Bieber - ProPanda

Justin Bieber stayed on-beat
Justin Bieber stayed on-key

There’s Lolly, One Time Eenie Meenie and Boyfriend that are worse than baby

If you want a horrendous song where the singer is constantly off-key look up "Pop Champagne" by Ron Browz and Jim Jones. I would rather listen to a 24-hour marathon of baby than 10 seconds of "Pop Champagne."

The subject matter is alright
An endearing, albeit generic heartthrob song from a C-list teenager doesn't seem to fit the "worst song ever" mold

JB is probably A-lost. Besides if you want something really bad listen to FACK, BINGO or I fonk u freeky. - AlphaQ

The Contenders

Justin Bieber's vocals get cute after a few listens


...No. - Swellow

Yeah - Neonco31

NaH - AlphaQ

The song doesn't offend anyone

And people have the guts to keep saying it's offensive to babies? Kinda laughable - Neonco31

It honestly does offend me. - ProPanda

Justin's Flow Was Decent
It doesn't have any cursing

That means it's bad.A song has to have swearing in order to be good.-Hippocrite

Are you serious? That's a good reason to think a song is ok?

So...? - AlphaQ

It's not heavily narcissistic
It's Shorter Than Most Songs
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