Top Ten Reasons Why the Beatles are Better Than Justin Bieber

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The Beatles are legendary

One of the most laughable comparisons I've ever seen. All the reasonings on this list are pathetic and intentionally made to humiliate Bieber while applauding the Beatles simultaneously. All of the items here are subjective and made from a Beatles' fans point-of-view.
...And for the record, I like the Beatles better, by miles. Doesn't mean I'm gonna praise them at every point and won't call out BS when I see one, unlike you childish fan-girls.

This is so true people are only gonna remember Justin Bieber as is a jerk that used to spit on fans and the Beatles are known as one of the best boy bands there ever was

Do we really need this list. (sarcasm) I mean, the Beatles being better than Justin Bieber is common knowledge.

This list is absolutely correct.

Justin Bieber is a disgrace to music

At least The Beatles members write their own materials. John Lennon wrote many deep substantive with interesting lyrics. Paul McCartney wrote many melodious songs with beautiful melodies and charming lyrics. George Harrison started as an average songwriter, but as time goes by, George Harrison was finally capable to write many good quality songs on par with Lennon-McCartney quality-wise. How about Justin Bieber? He doesn't write his own songs and he always performs the same type of songs oeuvre and over again.

The only thing this list proves is that the Beatles' fan-base is much more childish than Bieber's fan-base, despite the grandiose generation gap, which is evident from reading all these Beatle fanboy comments. Smh... one would think the case would be opposite considering most of Beatles' fan-base decades older than Bieber fans.

This is one of the best reasons on the whole list. Justin Bieber's so called 'music' is trash (Baby is the worst), he's proven a million times over that he's a complete and total douchebag, even towards his own fans, and he's not as cute as his dumbass fan girls try to make him out to be. I can't believe that this jackass even has any fans. He's ruining the music industry with his crap music and equally disgusting personality. He doesn't deserve to be famous. He's a joke!

Justin Bieber is just a bad person who was late for a concert, peed in a mop bucket, called the Beatles the crap band, called a fan a whale, and much more.

Their songs are better

So true! The thing is, Justin's songs won't last. His music is filled with auto tune and requires technology. The Beatles didn't have or need any of this to show put their talent into great music! For example, the song "baby" by Justin Bieber - it may have been popular for a few months but I haven't heard about it for years. His music now won't even be heard of in a couple years time. The Beatles music is still being played to this day, and it's almost been 60 years for some of their earliest stuff! This just shows how good their music is. It never gets boring, unlike Justin's songs which get annoying after the third time listening to them.

I'd listen A Day in the Life 100 times instead of having to listen to Mistletoe one time. - MontyPython

Justin's songs are so annoying! At least the Beatles made memorable music. - Wereweegee

The Beatles will live on forever, unlike Bieber who won't last long - VenomxShocker

Justin Bieber's songs are annoying

'Baby is the worst of them all. All he says is "Baby, baby, baby, ooh! '' over and over again. It's not even a song. It's just one really stupid and really annoying line being repeated again and again. I hate how all the real musicians are leaving us and they're being replaced by Justin Bieber and a lot of these other crap musicians of today who are poisoning the music industry with their trash music and equally disgusting personalities.

Yup. This is true. Sure, some may be catchy, but they're annoyingly catchy.

My ears hurt from his crappy songs!

Guys there's a list called Reasons Why Justin Bieber is Better Than The Rolling Stones! Check it Out and comment on it!

They make their own songs

This is true. They don't steal songs. - EpicJake

They only had 34 cover songs from 1963-1965, after that they wrote every song. So 34 out of 215 ain't bad. 250 if you count they songs they wrote and never released and songs they gave away. They gave away 2 #1 hits - westofohio

Yes but they also did really good cover tracks - jmepa1234

Exactly, almost 100% of all Beatles music was completely original. They didn't need to have other artist "feated" in their music so people would like it.

Justin Bieber was labelled as "2014's most annoying celebrity"

It's true. I saw it at the news. - Finn-Mordecai-Gumball

He deserves the hate he gets. He's a sorry excuse for a musician and he's a huge jackass! He's destroying the music industry. He doesn't deserve to be famous.

Yay! He deserved this! - TwilightKitsune

Lol! If he was labelled as "most annoying celebrity of all time", I'd die of happiness.

People only like Justin Bieber because they think he's hot

The Beatles are very good looking. And I mean, VERY GOOD LOOKING. Sgt. Peppers or A Hard Day's Night, they were always good looking. But of course, looks don't matter. It's the talent and respect they have. Justin has 0 of those qualities. He doesn't look good, I mean, his baby face... I can't take that seriously. Sure, Paul had a bit of a baby face, but he could still look serious. Justin tries too hard. But then again, Justin doesn't look uglier than the fiery pits of hell, right? - MontyPython

The Beatles were also good looking not just Justin I mean when George Harrison was young he was pretty good looking

So... That means that his only fans are blind? - AnonymousChick

Paul McCartney was a good looking when he was young, so I don't think that Justin Bieber looks "hotter" than any of the Beatles members.

Justin Bieber hates his fans

He spits at his fans. The Beatles never did that.

The Beatles appreciated their fans, unlike someone who cares about himself - VenomxShocker

I can't believe this jackass even has fans! He doesn't deserve to!

The Beatles never spat on their fans or called them whales

The Beatles have talent

They all had amazing talents in the movie industry. Paul McCartney is extremely talented when it comes to writing songs. Plus, they are so meaningful and heartwarming.

Especially since they can play instruments.

Both operated though so what

Yeah, Justin is talentless.

The Beatles have more fans than Justin Bieber

Screaming fangirls chasing Bieber? Oh please. The Beatles had to go on stage from a HELICOPTER once, then couldn't even hear themselves sing! So... Who wins here? I think The Fab Four themselves. - MontyPython

It doesn't mean they're better, but it's DAMN TRUE. They were just... Massively popular. Rolling on money from those record sales, Seven songs in the top 40 at once... - JoLeKosovo

The Beatles had to disguise themselves on trains, planes, on the street, etc. Does Bieber have too? No. I think the Beatles win here. No one can beat the Beatles

Probably 100 times more fans than Justin Bieber. - nko32

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Even if you were just comparing Ringo alone to JB, Ringo would still win

And Ringo is the most happy-go lucky of The Beatles! - Pony

Thomas the train was one of my favorite shows when I was 2-6 Ringo is awesome - MrQuaz680

Ringo is a cool ass dude who can at least joke about himself and doesn't take himself too seriously, unlike Justin Bieber. Besides, Ringo was not only the "beat" part of "The Beatles", he had a rather successful solo career.

Ringo's not even bad! RINGO STARR IS BADASS! - MontyPython

The Beatles are a group

Not the best reason but ok. - Userguy44

The Beatles have more albums than Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber made only 3 albums in 5 years. The Beatles made 10 in the same time. - SammySpore

Justin's relatively new compared to the Beatles. You're acting like he should put out three albums every year. - SwagFlicks

The Beatles didn't post nude pictures of themselves on the internet

I bet a million dollars that even if they had internet that won't do THAT. I really hate Justin beiber.

Because in The Beatles era Internet didn't exist yet. - malamJONES

I can't picture the beatles nude

Well, John did get nude with Yoko Ono on one album cover... - Hotheart123

The Beatles aren't douchebags

The Beatles are not only better musicians, but they're better people too. Justin Beiber is the definition of a jackass!

Indeed. - JoLeKosovo

The Beatles don't treat their fans like trash
The Beatles have their own movie

Well, Justin Bieber does have a movie. But it's a documentary! Yes, the Beatles did have Let it Be, which was a ROCKumentary, but all the other Beatles movies were AMAZING! Every single one!

JB has a documentary...The Beatles have a GOOD movie...i can't imagine watching a movie about a Justin Beiber! Id probably kill myself before it ended!

Yellow Submarine, Help, Magical Mystery Tour, Let It Be, A Hard Day's Night.

A Hard Days Night was voted the third best movie of all time by one credit.

The Beatles wrote better lyrics than Bieber

At least The Beatles moved on from pop songs, and became an amazing band, while Justin is just staying with insipid pop.

Justin Bieber's music isn't even music

Comparing justin beaver's "music" to nails on a chalkboard is a blatant insult to chalkboards!
Justin Bieber: Ruining everything to do with music since 1994

The Beatles are bigger than Jesus, Justin Bieber is not

And they are real unlike Jesus and Bieber

I wish Justin Bieber were boycotted the same way The Beatles were when they literally compared themselves to God!

Only because John Lennon said so. - Metalhead1997

The person who side and they are real unlike Jesus and beiber has a jay z percent of atheism but you are right about Bieber

The Beatles's music is real and Justin Bieber's music is fake

I'm not much for the Beatles myself, but they're definitely a lot better than this ass. If these were the only musicians left on the planet, I would take the Beatles over this jackass any day!

This is a big one and the reason I hate music nowadays. - Doom

The Beatles are still timeless, Bieber will probably be some forgotten pop star in fifty years

You mean a month? Just kidding, considering Sorry still plays on the radio every 10 minutes, but definitely less than 50 years!

He is already forgettable! - westofohio

Hopefully maybe he will.

You mean like right now? - Metalhead1997

The Beatles can play all of their own instruments

I agree with this one. I bet the only thing Justin can play is a DJ booth so he can auto tune his music, while The Beatles were playing pretty much every instrument in existence

Paul McCartney can play almost any instrument.



They put much more effort into their songs
The Beatles don't need to dance to be popular

Nobody needed dance in those times to be popular.

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