Top Ten Reasons Why Bringing a Lunch from Home to School Is Better Than Buying School Lunch


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1 Lunch from home is better tasting

True that - B1ueNew

2 You actually know what you are eating for lunch

True, you always know what is in your lunch, if you buy lunch, you may not know what in some of the food

Yeah. My school serves good lunch, but sometimes looks like fast food. Chicken nuggets. I'm not kidding.

This one made me laugh.

Sometimes the people serving food serve food that is (way) past its date. Sometimes they say it does not contain something (e.G. nuts or bacon) and then it does...

3 Taste difference
4 Lunch from home is guaranteed to not be expired

The school would not give you expired food - lbelle0527

True story: I was sitting near some kids at lunch,thankfully with a packed lunch instead of their school ones,and one of them opened their yogurt and found literally MOULD. Yes,GREEN MOULD. When he gave it to the teacher,she acted like it was no big deal and have him another. I was THIS close to calling an inspector...

5 Lunch from home is cheaper

My family saves over $2000 by bringing lunch from home each year

Yep. Back in my elementary school, it would cost 10$ per meal. - Excited

I used to get free and reduced (40 cent) lunches

6 More options at home
7 You can pack as much as you want from home

Yeah! But if you're in k-5 then I heard the teachers will tell you to stop eating at some point. It's sad, but in middle school you can eat as much as you want with no one to bother you! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

8 You can pack what you want from home

I had some nasty expired Dominos pizza for lunch. The guy across the table had Subway. I was so jealous.

Usally at school you have to pick out of like 3 choices
but home u can just throw anyth
ing in there

9 School lunch just wants to make you barf

Once, my Mac and cheese was completely COLD AND OILY! Yes, it was oily. The cheese sauce gathered on the bottom of the cup in clumps. I swore never again to buy the mac and cheese - Haumea

Agreed. They just grab pizza that was in the fridge for two weeks, then throw it in the microwave, and then they just slap it on the tray with some tiny milk jug. - Excited

I used to love the nachos they served but now they did something to it that just tastes awful - PatrickStar

Every time the lunch people make maccoroni, it just makes me wanna throw up - MeaganSaysHI

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10 Lunch from home is less likely to get you sick

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11 You don't need lunch money, less chance of bullying.

Less chance of bullying from home lunch? In your dreams! I am Asian, so my mom usually packs Asian food in my lunches. In either 6th or 7th grade, my mom packed me a lychee drink with my lunch, and all the other kids teased me for it!

I have lunch from home, but to the people who buy lunch:Have you met any bullies yet?

12 It's Usually Healthy

My school has salads - lbelle0527

13 You don't vomit from home lunch

Once I packed an overripe banana and when I ate it I gagged and retched in front of the entire cafeteria. Thank my lucky stars that I did not vomit. NEVER AGAIN WILL I PACK BANANAS FOR LUNCH!

14 You can finish your lunch faster

I know, right? Some kids in my lunch line think they can get their lunch for free when you have an ID card. This holds up the line.

Best part of lunch is the dessert

Where does this come from - lbelle0527

15 You can pack sweets

My school sells the sweets - lbelle0527

That's unhealthy - lbelle0527

16 You don't have to wait in line for lunch

Some kids in my lunch line have no idea what they're doing, so I have to wait forever!

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