Top 10 Reasons Why David Bowie Was Great

David Bowie died aged 69 today because of cancer. Another legend has died, and here is why he was great. RIP David Bowie.

The Top Ten

1 He made good music

He was great with many unique styles RIP! - htoutlaws2012

He...died? Another example of the good artists dying and the bad ones staying alive. - RiverClanRocks

RIP David Bowie. Your legacy shall never be forgotten - bobbythebrony

2 He inspired countless artists, and will inspire more

David's gone, but his music remains. I'm merely lucky to have had the privilege of experiencing them. - keycha1n

3 His music had meaning

"Look up here, I'm in heaven." -Lazarus, David Bowie - keycha1n

4 He could manage various musical styles

Many people associate him with rock but he managed all types - including Jazz. - Britgirl

5 He was the best at glam rock
6 His music lasted for decades, and will still be remembered
7 He had always been making music

He had just released an album before death. - Martinglez

8 He never made bad mucic

Granted, some albums were better than others, but he never sacrificed his artistic integrity. - PetSounds

9 He had an awesome personality

Surprising, just after his birthday and album release, and not a lot of word that he was struggling. It's good that he and his family had privacy though.

My experience has been that people often hold on through important dates or goals; he may have fought for that and then decided it was time to let go.

He's free of pain. He's free - Billyv

10 He was good at acting

The Man Who Fell To Earth was strangely good. - Britgirl

The Contenders

11 He was a human
12 He embodied "cool"
13 He was in Labyrinth
14 He was humble
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