Top 10 Reasons Why Death Metal is a Terrible Music Genre

Death Metal like Black Metal is godawful. Here's things that I consider atrocious about it.

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1 The vocals are annoying and irritating

Jeff, I like you but this is a bad-day list. I don't wanna add fuel to the flame because I hate pointless wars and heated arguments. But I'll try to explain why your items and comments have serious flaws. It's fine if you don't like death metal - it's an extreme subgenre that isn't for everyone. But millions of people like it, including Amy Lee, Stephen King, Dave Grohl, Kurt Cobain, Jim Carrey, Beck, Kenny G., many jazz and classical musicians. And there's a reason for that but you can't see it at this point.

I think you made a list about a genre you have little knowledge about. I guess you based your list mainly on Cannibal Corpse but making conclusions based on a limited sample is very risky because it isn't a representative sample. Your list is based on stereotypes and not on detailed quality analysis. This disappoints me because not long ago you were the one who made lists about why stereotypes are bad.

You should have titled this list Reasons Why I Don't Like ...more - Metal_Treasure

Unless you're Joe Duplantier from Gojira, his growls are really good with a sense of melodic singing in it. - cjWriter1997

Especially if it's from a band like Cannibal Corpse.

The lack of clean vocals gets dull after a while in my opinion

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2 The growling is terrible

This is exactly what I thought when was a new metal fan and heard death growls for the first time - I didn't like the growls. I described my experience here - Top 10 Death Metal Songs for Beginners. I also described how and why I started liking death metal.
Liking harsh vocals is an acquired taste - you just get used to it. It's too challenging and isn't for everyone. Just to remind you, death metal target group isn't composed of fans of mainstream music. Death Metal and all extreme metal, and even all metal in general, are for people who are looking for something different, more challenging and more interesting than mainstream music. - Metal_Treasure

I like you Jeff, but this list is bad, I voted this reason because this one I can understand why people wouldn't like Death Growls - christangrant

Especially considering how they sound like they're choking on syrup when they growl.

Growling is so annoying.If you use it a few times I guess I can handle it but when you use it to the point where there is very little singing it just sounds like a lion is singing.-LitSavage

3 It's obnoxious and horrible to listen to

Cannibal Corpse. - Userguy44

This item is very subjective and doesn't say anything about the genre of death metal - the item contains only the personal preference of the author. But I can say "obnoxious and horrible" about any genre I don't like that may be the favorite genre of somebody else. This item (reason) just doesn't work.
Now, I can understand why people with more conformist taste don't like death metal. But you have to understand that there's a reason many people like death metal. And these people aren't serial killers, aren't dumb, aren't deaf, aren't mentally ill, and so on. I already mentioned some famous fans of death metal but again - Amy Lee, Stephen King, Dave Grohl, Kurt Cobain, Jim Carrey, Beck, Kenny G., and many more. Oh, and me! - Metal_Treasure

I like melodic death metal most because it's well more melodic and nicer to listen to in my opinion

I'd rather listen to a entire Limp Bizkit album then a entire Death Metal album anyway.

4 It lacks creativity

What about Opeth? they are very creative they combine Progressive Rock/Metal with Death Metal and use both growls and clean vocals they also don't sing about gore and stuff that's simular. - christangrant

If you don't listen carefully it will all sound the same

It doesn't have any to begin with.

No Jeff, death metal doesn't lack creativity. Death metal is more creative than many other genres.
"It doesn't have any to begin with." Wow... But you didn't provide any reasoning and details. This item is just a cliched generalized statement that is too vague to be convincing.
Unlike you, I'll provide some details proving that death metal doesn't lack creativity:
1) Death metal has about 10 big subgenres - this is a result of creativity
2) Nile, a brutal technical death metal band, use bağlama, saz and bouzouki in their songs. You don't even know what are these things? Judge for yourself who is more creative - Nile or this list.
3) Many death metal bands combine growls with clean vocals - this is also very creative
4) Death metal drummers invented drumming techniques that are currently used even outside metal
5) Fleshgod Apocalypse combine death metal with symphonic orchestration and often use real piano in their songs. Before mid-2000s nobody thought it was ...more - Metal_Treasure

5 You can barely understand the vocalists at all

This is true. But this reason is really old, overused and doesn't make much sense as of today - you can read the lyrics. Not understanding the lyrics is also true for the opera genre - almost all famous operas are in Italian but opera fans don't complain about it. They just read the lyrics. Opera isn't about the lyrics. It's about music and its performance. But if you hate opera you can always use the "lyrics argument" instead of admitting you just don't like classical music. It's kinda hypocritical.

My point here is: music is more important than lyrics in both classical and metal music. This is typical for the genres from the group of Art music. The opposite is the group of Popular music. To learn more about it, consult 2 lists made by the user zxm - Top 10 Music Genres of "Art" Music; Top 10 Best Genres of "Popular" Music.

One of the goals of extreme metal is to be less accessible - as I said, it isn't meant for fans of mainstream / ...more - Metal_Treasure

I think that depends on the vocalist. - Userguy44

That goes for every genre of metal music. When I want to listen to rock I will listen to The Beatles, Queen, The Rolling Stones, The Byrds, Wizzard. I want to understand the vocalists thank you.

Most of them are hard to even understand at all.

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6 The lyrics are always awful

I have yet to find a Death Metal song I don't HATE that isn't a instrumental that's how bad the lyrics get overall.

No Jeff, some of the best metal lyrics are actually in death metal. Some lyrics are even pure poetry but you obviously don't know these bands. As I said, you made conclusions based on a very limited sample and your list looks lame.
Lyric from a death metal song:
"Behold the star shining,
Bright behind the Universe Gate.
Cool waters sifting
Bitter memories away" - Infinite Rotation by Obscura - Metal_Treasure

7 Too much Satanic imagery

Gets boring.

Yes it’s true!

8 The instrumentation is decent but is ruined by the vocals

This is the biggest reason I can't get into Death Metal.

Growls- well semi growls like that of Corey Taylor I can actually find myself enjoying. Or mid screams, as put put by Jared Dines. But Cannibal Corpse, Six Feet Under, and (*schocker*) Death are not vocally good in my opinion. - SoldierOfFortune

That's how some people feel about Megadeth

It's like saying opera instrumentation is decent but is ruined by those boring operatic vocals, if you don't like such vocals. But every music genre has its music paradigm and all elements must be matched.
1) instrumentation in death metal is often excellent and not only decent - especially in progressive, melodic and technical death metal.
2) no, it isn't ruined by the vocals because death metal vocals are supposed to be death growls. Why do you expect, say, yodeling from a genre called death metal? Death growls differentiate death metal from other music genres. If you don't like growls, death metal just isn't for you. That's all. - Metal_Treasure

9 All of the songs are the same crap about murder and death

No Jeff, lyrics of some of the best death metal bands aren't about such things at all - Amon Amarth lyrics are about the Vikings, Obscura lyrics are pure poetry and philosophy about the Universe and life, Nile lyrics are about Egypt (band members studied Egyptian history at the University), Cattle Decapitation lyrics are about animal rights and preventing the environment (band members are vegetarians), Opeth lyrics are about nature and relationships, Ne Obliviscaris lyrics aren't about what you say, either, etc. I can go on but my comment is gonna get too long. And this comment isn't supposed to fully educate people after all. - Metal_Treasure

Many non-metal lyrics would put Cannibal Corpse and all death metal to shame - go see some lyrics on my list Top 10 Non-Metal Songs with the Most Violent Lyrics. - Metal_Treasure

Which gets old fast.


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10 Not being able to understand what they're singing.

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11 The bands like Black Metal don't stand out

Jeff, I honestly don't understand this item... why is this Black Metal reference on here? - Metal_Treasure

Not to mention nearly all of them sound identical.

12 It's bland and dull

Again, a very subjective generalization - I can say this about any genre I personally don't like. - Metal_Treasure

So dull that listening to Lulu would be far more entertaining.

When you get to know it it sounds less generic

13 It puts a bad name on metal.
14 It's too generic
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